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Spaguetti with shrimps and pinenuts

•Ingredients for 4 servings: 400 grs. aprox. of spaguetti, ½ of fresh shrimps, 2 garlic cloves, 50 grs. of pinenuts, ¼ liter of fried tomatoe sauce, water, olive oil, salt and parsley.

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•Fill a pot with water and when it starts boiling add some olive oil and some salt. Put the pasta inside and let it cook for the time it says in the pasta package and rinse.

•Add some olive oil to a pan and when it gets hot, add the pinenuts. Toast them a little.
•Add the fried tomatoe sauce and stir.
•Mix the pasta with the pinenuts/tomatoe sauce.

•Take the skin off the shrimps.
•In a different pan, pour some olive oil and fry the garlics.
•When they start smelling strong, add the shrimps which have been previously salted. Cook them for 1 minute aprox. The less cooked the better!
•Add them to the pasta bowl. Mix it and

•This recipe can also be made with ½ a glass of brandy: once you have cooked the shrimps, add the brandy to the pan and “flambea” (don’t have translation for that word) means that you should burn the alcohol, and when it gets evaporated, shrimps are done! I don’t do that because it scares me!!!


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