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Carnival Macaroni

Special dressing: Terence Trent D’Arby. (Get up from your rocken chair and head to the kitchen!)

Yesterday, finally, after months without rain, we’ve had some!!! I can hear plants and trees shouting thank youuuuuuu! It was all so dry… forests didn’t have a great production of mushrooms because they were not wet enough during this fall, our water reservoirs are under minimum desired, most probably this summer, if it keeps the low frequency on rains, we will need to import water from other places.

It was great to hear the rain after all this time, beating on my window glass and splashing on the iron veranda… I didn’t care it woke me up in the middle of the night. Please keep on visiting us rain! However, this is not one of the coldest winters. Fall was cold, but winter looks a bit like spring, all almond trees show their flowers already in white and pink and my orchid has all this new branches full of flowers ready to bloom by the end of February, beggining of March. Do we have to leave our coats in the wardrobe already?

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•Ingredients for 4 servings: 400 grs. Tri-coloured macaroni pasta, 2 spoon table of olive oil, 50 grs. of butter, 350 grs of bull negre (black blood-pork sausauge), 100 grs pork belly, 1 onion, 310 grs grated Emmental cheese , 50 grs of iberian ham or cured ham and salt.
•Beixamel ingredients: 100 grs of flour, 100 grs of butter and 1 liter hot milk.

•Start frying the choped onion in the butter and oil until golden.

•Meanwhile boil the macaroni. Follow the package instructions and once rinsed drop some oil on top to avoid they get all stucked.
•Mince the blood sausage, cut the pork belly and add it to the golden onion. Cook it for 10 minutes at low/medium heat.
•Preheat oven at 180 gratin position.

•Meanwhile prepare the beixamel. Disolve the butter at low heat, add the flour till gets consistent and slowly add the hot milk while you keep on stirring until you get the texture you wish. Add salt.
•Add 1/3 of the beixamel to the onion and pork mixture.
•In a oven tray place all the previous mixture together with the macaroni, add the rest of the beixamel on top and the emmental cheese.

•Place in the oven and gratin until golden.
•When preparing the dish, have some macaroni in the center and then place the pieces of the ham you have heated in a sauce pan, standing among the macaroni.
•Enjoy it!!!

You can always use any other sausage to do the recipe if you don’t find this one.


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02/04/2008 · 17:23 h by Heather

I can’t tell what is more beautiful – the orchid or the porky goodness on the macaroni! That really looks just divine.

02/04/2008 · 17:31 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Did you say BRANCHES when referring to your orchids? How on earth can I get my sad one-stemmed orchid to flower????

02/04/2008 · 18:03 h by Pixie

This looks delicious, among all your other fabulous Spanish recipes! Now I know where to visit when I have a craving for good authentic Spanish food. :)

02/04/2008 · 18:18 h by Peter G

Delicious Nuria! I love the combination of pasta with ham, sausage, butter and oil! Nice and rich!

02/04/2008 · 18:33 h by Ben

That is one beautiful picture. It’s just sad, and scary, that the weather everywhere is acting up. I don’t care if you believe in climate change or not, we are up for something big.

I have never had blood sausage before. My parents never ate it because it was against their religious believes and now it is not very appealing to me. But I can try this recipe with some other kind of sausage, maybe chorizo? I know there is something called chorizo in Spain, but I believe it is different than the Mexican chorizo. Enlighten me dear Núria :D

02/05/2008 · 2:46 h by Bellini Valli

This pasta dish sounds delicious Nuria, but, I would be unfamiliar with blood sausage. Is it spicy?

02/05/2008 · 4:52 h by Emiline

Did you do a little rain dance?
We’re having thunderstorms and tornados, here. Nothing unusual for this area.

Carnival maracroni does sound festive. It’s really meaty, and it gives you lots of protein.

02/05/2008 · 8:20 h by Núria

Thank you Heather!

Yes Jenn, branches… there’s more than 8! This type of orchid I have is outside the terrace oriented to south and with a wall behind. It has gone through night frosts during winter… and it doesn’t affect it! No watering during winter also.
Try a very lighten place with yours, not direct sunlight, water it but don’t soak it… these 3 things should work. For flowers there’s a special fertilizer for orchids.

Thanks a lot Pixie! Nice to see you around ;-) So glad you like my recipes. I’ll pay a visit to your blog, haven’t been there yet.

Thanks Peter, pork elements are always a big help!

Hola Ben, yes the weather also worries me… but I also think there’s lots of lies and interests moving all this climate change politics… For example here in Barcelona, citizens are called to be careful with tap water and soon there will be restrictions, while, on the other hand we all know that the piping transporting water from rivers and water purifiers is soooooo old fashioned that is loosing more water in its way to houses than the quantity we can spend in a year (don’t know exact percentage). Instead they spend our taxes money in some other things…. It gets me so angry!!!!!

Also, Ben, I wouldn’t use chorizo here, maybe some other pork sausage, quizás spicy or a bit hot would be nice.

Hola Val, no it’s not spicy, take a look at the post picture to get a bit oriented, is made out of the pork tongue and some of its meat… and its blood too, very tasty but not spicy.

Hola Emiline! Could you send us some of your rain? Not the tornados, please… I would shit on my pants if we had a tornado here (sorry about that)! I wish I knew a rain dance!!!!

02/05/2008 · 20:57 h by katiez

Ooooh, that looks good! All of the wonderful porky meats!

02/06/2008 · 8:21 h by Núria

Thanks Katie, what would we do without pork?

02/06/2008 · 11:44 h by Ivy

Nuria sorry I am commenting so late, although I was checking your site all the time yesterday was a full day for me and Wednesdays as well. Never heard of blood sausages as well but your dish is really one of those my kids would love. We have the same problems with rain in Athens, in Cyprus again they are planning to import water and today I was speaking with my son in Brisbane and it was raining cats, I could hear the rain pouring. My son said “I’ve never seen something like this before in my life”.

02/06/2008 · 13:23 h by Núria

Please Ivy don’t say you are sorry! We all have our real life going on and there’s sometimes when we just cannot get connected. It happens to me all the time. I sometimes think somebody can get angry at me because I don’t comment, but then I think that this is something I use to amuse myself, know good people and upload my recipes and know other’s recipes, so there’s no space for bad vibrations!!!
Concerning the weather… It’s kind of scary… hope we can still do something to prevent whatever may happen!

02/06/2008 · 16:06 h by Peter M

How can this dish not be so delicious with all the charcuterie in it?

Nuria, I see cheese in the recipe…see you do eat cheese!

02/06/2008 · 19:15 h by Núria

Yes Peter, I eat cheese… but… only mozarella and this soft ones and only when they are half burnt half crunchy!!!

02/07/2008 · 1:56 h by Cakelaw

Hi Nuria, this looks like a delicious dish.

02/07/2008 · 13:28 h by Núria

Thank you cakelaws, it was a good dish, and as Peter says… with all that charcuturie, whow could’t it be?

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