Quick Fall Rice

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Quick Rice with Mushrooms and Pumpkin

Do you like Mushrooms? Where do you get them? Do you buy them at the Supermarket or at the local Market? Are they canned or are they fresh? Maybe dehydrated?  Fall is the perfect time for all dishes involving mushrooms! Here in Catalonia, it’s so common to go Mushroom Hunting, yes! We say hunting! Same thing with snails, funny, ugh? I live here and still wonder why… Hunting? But, poor things, they don’t move… well, at least mushrooms don’t move. We take our typical basket, and a mushroom hunting knife and we go off the woods!!!

Quick Fall Rice

It’s been years since I don’t practice, but today you can find the best mushrooms at the city/village Markets. I just felt in the mood… so I got some fresh ones… from the nearby mountains… gorgeous places where smurfs would love to live ;D. Being a kid, the whole family would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning! A Sunday!!!! And would live the whole adventure: dessert roads, grand mom snoring inside the tinny vehicle, my brother and I singing kids songs to make the journey shorter, wonderful forest humid early morning fragances, Ahahhhhahah… What a great childhood I had!

Quick Fall Rice

This is a Quick Rice with Mushrooms and Pumpkin, really easy to cook with fresh, delicious mushrooms, some bacon strips and pumpkin dices. You can easily find the ingredients now in the Markets and the result is really good :D. The advantages to cook with seasonal ingredients and Slow Food mentality are enormous: great for you because it’s cheaper and the products’ quality is higher; and great for farmers and for the land because they keep it productive and working.

Quick Fall Rice



Ingredients for 4 servings: 400 grs of rice (I chose the Extra type this time), enough chicken stock to boil it and some salt. 300 grs of pumpkin dices, 1 medium onion, 1 garlic clove, 100 grs of fresh clean seasonal mushrooms ( I used chanterelles), 50 grs of bacon, some olive oil and salt.

  • Boil the rice for the recommended minutes (see package instructions) in the chicken stock. Drain and reserve when it is still al dente.
  • Clean the mushrooms with a brush or a clean cloth. Never under tap water!
  • Pour a bit of olive oil on a big skillet and when hot, add the bacon cut in strips, when colored reserve.
  • In the same oil place the onion peeled and cut in dices, when transparent add the pumpkin. When it starts getting soft reserve.
  • In a small skillet, pour a bit of olive oil (one tablespoon)  and carefully fry the mushrooms, when done add the garlic clove peeled and cut in small dices. When fragrant, reserve.
  • Add the rice to the big skillet and warm for 30 seconds while you carefully stir everything together. Add the mushrooms in the last seconds and mix.
  • Serve warm. Enjoy!!!


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10/21/2013 · 9:38 h by Rumana

Delicious one pot meal..

10/21/2013 · 11:26 h by bellini

Looks like we both created rice dishes with mushrooms today my friend. I had wanted to go mushroom hunting today with a group but that fell through…maybe in the next few weeks if the weather holds out.

10/21/2013 · 14:00 h by Núria Farregut

Hi Rumana! Thanks :D. You are free to try it ;D

Hi Val! I’m running to your place right now!!!! Thanks beautiful friend!

10/22/2013 · 15:33 h by Mushrooms Canada

This rice bowl is a beautiful meal for the fall season. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I can’t wait to try it…


10/22/2013 · 20:52 h by Katie

I love mushrooms and winter squashes…. But I would never hunt them. Well, I did when we lived in Andorra but with a local expert. I can find wonderful mushrooms in the market. Great recipe.

10/27/2013 · 23:44 h by Cinta

Hola Nuria! T’acabo de conèixer!! Sóc la cinta, del trossets de cuina. El meu blog també és bilingüe en anglès i català. Et seguiré de prop. Petons!

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