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PIZZA in capital letters and The Sopranos

I just discovered The Sopranos… and I keep on wondering how can a man like Tony Soprano turn me on? He is not my type at all, but the way he behaves: so tender sometimes, so tough and powerful others, so fragile and yet so strong. A man full of contradictions with a deep love for animals and innocence… a man who can kill others… the father that cares for his kids… He just moves me so!
Take this pizza for example, it’s not the way it looks, it’s what it has! The ingredients and the way they are cooked and baked is what makes it delicious: Roasted eggplant, minced pork meat, tomatoe, cheese, roasted red pepper and the basics: flour, olive oil, water, yeast and salt.

Bravo to the screenwriters and bravo to Italian Pizza! Want to spend the best evening? Take some Sopranos DVD chapters in your player, bake this pizza and enjoy both at the same time :D

Please notice that if you knead the dough at home the resulting pizza will improve 100%! Is this your first time? No worries, just follow the steps and you’ll see how easy it is :D

Enjoy your Italian evening :D

I’m sending the Butifarras and Eggplant Pizza to Ruth from Once upon a Feast and her Presto Pasta Nights which has just become 2 years old!!!! Congratulations Ruth :D :D :D. This week the host is my dear friend Ben from What’s cooking. Please visit both blogs and you will be glad you followed my advise ;D

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Ingredients for 4 pizzas: 10 grs of fresh yeast (can be found in the supermarket. Packs of 25 grs), 1/4 of a liter of warm water, 1/2 kilo of wheat flour, 1 spoon table of salt, 3 spoon table of extra virgin olive oil, 300 grs of grated ripe tomatoes (I used canned this time), salt and black ground pepper, 300 grs of grated mozzarella, 400 grs of minced pork meat (I used the meat of some pork butifarras here), 3 roasted eggplants and 1 roasted red pepper.

  • To prepare the dough: in a small glass bowl dissolve the yeast in some of the warm water.
  • In a big bowl, mix the flour with the salt. Make a whole in the middle and pour the warm water with the yeast and the extra virgin olive oil.
  • With a wooden spoon, take the flour to the middle little by little and stir. Add some of the rest of warm water and stir gently, add some more and stir... until you have pour it all in.
  • If the water is too hot it can counteract in the effect of the yeast. If it's too cold the yeast won't dissolve as it should. Therefore, the water should be at 30 - 32 ºC aprox.
  • Knead the dough inside the bowl and when it starts getting some consistency add some extra flour in a clean surface and knead for 10 minutes. Press with the palm of your hand and turn the dough towards you and knead again.
  • When the 10 minutes are over, place inside a bowl and cover with kitchen transparent film for 1 or 2 hours. It should double its size.
  • Then cut in 4 pieces, make balls out of them and leave over a clean surface (with some flour on) with a damp clean cloth on them. Let them rest for 1 more hour.
  • To prepare the ingredients: dress your grated tomatoes with olive oil, salt and black pepper or just get the canned one ready. Get your roasted eggplants and red pepper cut into strips and the cheese handy.
  • Saute the pork meat in a skillet with some olive oil and reserve.
  • Get your pizza done: Preheat oven at 250ºC. Have some flour in a clean working surface. Take one of the dough balls and with your hands and a wooden roller get a thin round dough. Place in a pizza oven recipient and press with your fingers to fit in.
  • Pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil over the dough, place the tomatoe sauce first, then the grated cheese, place the eggplant and pepper strips and the minced meat. Add a pinch of salt and ground black pepper on top and some drops of olive oil too.
  • Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Depending on the oven, the dough, the water, the thickness of the pizza, the timing can change a bit. Just keep an eye on it!


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03/12/2009 · 12:26 h by Bellini Valli

Your pizza does sound tasty and inviting Nuria. Pizza is in a food group of its own!!

03/12/2009 · 12:59 h by Ruth Daniels

Not a pasta…but I bet the toppings would make awonderful one. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

I’ll be making this one as is on the weekend.

03/12/2009 · 13:38 h by Núria

Hola girls! Isn’t the dough of the Pizza pasta itself?… it has the yeast and no egg… maybe I shouldn’t have sent this one to PPN. Sorry about that!

03/12/2009 · 14:12 h by Passionate About Baking

That pizza is absolutely singing to me Nuria. It’s gorgeous!!

03/12/2009 · 14:51 h by Joan Nova

That’s a mighty tasty looking pizza…bada bing!

03/12/2009 · 15:04 h by Maria

Nuria, you have me drooling! I don’t care what nutritionists say about pizza–it’s delicious and even more so if you make it at home!!

I have watched yet another travel show on Spain and am completely captivated by this amazing country and it’s beautiful food. My sister-in-law was just in Madrid for a week and I am so envious. I must get to Spain soon!!

03/12/2009 · 18:28 h by Núria

Hola Deeba! Yeah it’s singing… O sole mio… ;D

Hola Joan, I see that you know what I’m talking about ;D.

Maria, if you come over to Barcelona you’ll be treated like a princess!!!!!

03/12/2009 · 23:57 h by we are never full

nuria, you’re not nuts. i had a crush on tony s. for all of the seasons it was on. it’s an excellent show. in fact i still get chills when i hear the theme song.

love how you ‘spanished’ this pizza up with the piquillos! way to go…

03/13/2009 · 1:48 h by Susan from Food Blogga

You just discovered The Sopranos? Be prepared to get completely and utterly addicted!

And that is one FaBulOus looking pizza!

03/13/2009 · 5:20 h by Peter G

Nuria, your pizza does look very tasty! As for the Sopranos, yes it is a very interesting show…your enthusiasm is always so sweet!

03/13/2009 · 6:24 h by Ivy

It sounds delicious. I love all the ingredients in your pizza Nuria.

03/13/2009 · 20:16 h by farida

Pizza any time of day – I am in:) Yours look so yummy!

03/13/2009 · 21:02 h by aprendizdepanadera

qué buena pinta tiene esta pizza, justo hoy he preparado una pero la próxima vez intentaré preparar tu receta.

te he añadido a mi blogroll porque creo que tu blog está plagado de buenas recetas

saludos desde Mallorca,

03/15/2009 · 12:58 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

I am so glad you love the Sopranos! Tony is the stereotypical Italian man and I love mine! And that pizza??? Yummmmmm! Homemade pizza is THE best!

03/15/2009 · 18:03 h by elly

That’s one beautiful looking pizza, Nuria! The toppings sound delicious and the crust looks so thin and crispy and delicious!

03/16/2009 · 0:45 h by Lori Lynn

The pizza looks great, the crust amazing!

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