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Meat & poultry

Baked Chicken-Little with Apples

Is the sky falling? Or is this just another easy recipe? How do you call these lil' chickens? Here we call them Picantones and they are extremely tender and tasty. Try this recipe and let the oven do all the work ;D. If ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish

Sole Meunière Style – A Traditional French dish

If you still haven't been to Paris, I would highly recomend you that you travel there with your lover in Spring time... yes it might sound a bit of a topic... but, oh la la! what a precious city and if on top, you are in love, then is the ...



A glamorous Classic: Fried egg & Chips… with Foie and Truffle!

Does this dish need a description? Wouldn't you just run for the bread? Is there any other dish as popular as Fried eggs with chips? I bet every country in the world has its version. Raise your hand if ...

Olleta de Music


Legumes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Beans Porridge and 10 Tips to Cook your Beans well.

Let's forget about sophisticated and festive dishes for a while and land our feet on earth... Are you familiar with morcilla de cebolla, with chorizo, with pigs feet? No? Well, then let me introduce you to Potaje de judías-Olleta de music or Beans Porridge. This is a typical dish ...


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Goulash Soup

Ok, here you have it: Goulash Soup... for those of you who are cold, for those of you who are hungry, for those of you who only have some potatoes, spices and a little piece of meat, for those of you who enjoy a simple traditional ...


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Just for Fun!!! ☺☺☺

Girls and Boys... I'm happy to introduce you to Mr. CyberPotato!!! Run to your kitchen, ask your mom or dad to help you and do your own!There's few ingredients involved and this could turn a boring rainy afternoon into a funny game!It all started when I went ...


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Stuffed PotatO with Allioli Gratin & I’m the winner of the O FOODS Contest!!!!

Wooooooweeeeeee!!! Hey everybody! I won! I won! I won the O Foods Event :D :D! I feel like a balloon right now... I'm floating and flying to the moon... pull that string down or I will just dissappear :D.You don't know what I'm talking about? Really? ...


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Octopus in a Stew – O foods.

♫ Put your head on my shoulder ♪, hold me in your arms ♪.... ♫ Octopus ♪! Specially dressed by Paul Anka (turn the player on to get the real feeling). Could a potatO ask for more? A love story of hugs and hOt desire! ...


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Red Mullet stuffed with Trumpets of Death and wraped in Ham… on a bed of Romesco and Potatoes.

Have you ever thought: After this experience, I'm ready to die! It has happened to me a few times in my life... : Fleetwood Mac on the car radio, my beloved driving through the bends of Costa Brava, the scent of the pines and the sea... ...


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Pulpo a Feira – Octopus Galician-Style

Mind if I start eating my Octopus without waiting for you to have your napkin on your lap? Are you an Octopus fan? Or are you an Octopus detractor?If you are a fan, then copy and paste this recipe instructions because you will just love ...

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