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Meat Stew with Potatoes

Special dressing: Tina Turner (turn player on)

It tasted as good as it looks, … mmmmm. One of the kitchen smells I like the most is the Stew one, it stays in the air and it reminds me of winter days, steamy windows, and cold outside. It’s a lovely sensation smelling and eating such tender meat and of course the potatoes… It’s so easy to perform, you can do it this way or simply puting all ingredients inside a casserole and adding the potatoes at the end will also be a great dish!

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•Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 Kilo of veal meat cut in dices, 2 onions, 2 carrots, 1 garlic head, 4 ripe tomatoes, 25 grs. of flour, 1 glass of white dry young wine, 3 big potatoes, 200 grs. of green peas, a bunch of herbs: bay leaf, thyme, oregano, salt and olive oil.

•Fry the meat (previously add salt and pepper) in a pot with 1 finger of olive oil. Once fried, reserve the meat.
•Have the onion and carrot chopped and add to the pot together with the garlic head, have it cooking at low heat until the onion gets transparent.
•Add the peeled tomatoes and the herbs. Stir and let it cook until the tomatoe is done.

•You will see that the sauce is thicker and more homogeneous. It’s time to add the glass of wine. Stir and cook for 5 minutes .
•Add the flour to thicken a bit more the sauce.

•Let it cook for a while (5 more minutes) and
•Add enough water to cover all ingredients. Let it cook for 2 hours or until the meat is tender with the pot covered at low heat.

•After that time, take the meat aside and convert all veggies into a thick sauce. Use some of the garlic cloves too.
•Use the electric mixer and add back to the pot with the meat.

•Peal, wash and cut the potatoes and add them to the stew.
•5 minutes before the potatoes are cooked, throw the green peas inside and let them cook for another 10 minutes. Add more salt if necessary.

•My daugther loves to smash all ingredients and eat as a “purée”.


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11/29/2007 · 15:11 h by Peter M

Nuria, the photo really captures the comfortness of the stew. Also, is it read or white wine for this stew?

11/29/2007 · 15:38 h by Ara

Núria, qué buena pinta tiene tu estofado. Además, casualmente, estaba pensando que ya apetecía un estofado :-) Si la subes a OSF, te lo agradecería; me estoy acostumbrando a utilizar su función de “Favorites” para tener una lista de recetas que tengo ganas de probar :-)

Ara (Areta en OSF)

11/29/2007 · 21:01 h by Núria

Sorry Peter, I forgot to mention, it’s white. Thanks for getting my attention on that!!!

Hola Ara! Lo subiré en 2 o 3 días, ok? ¡¡¡Espero que te guste!!! Gracias.

11/29/2007 · 21:41 h by Miss♥

That looks delicious. I’m *so* looking forward to casseroles, stews and thick soups with lots of soda bread & Kerrygold butter!

11/29/2007 · 23:04 h by Núria

Yes, I’m also looking forward for all the Xmas “Jaleo” I will have here at home. This year it’s on me!!!

10/05/2008 · 14:43 h by jollygreengiant

I’m sure this must have been asked and answered before, otherwise I’m missing something and it’s a very silly question, but….why are there no lamb recipes on here?


01/19/2010 · 6:40 h by Nathan

Nuria prepare este estofado y me quedo delicioso, bueno lo ise tantito differente pero de todos modos la receta y la guilla eras tu :)

03/22/2010 · 21:56 h by Eva

Nuria, menudo lujo de estofado!! me encanta, se ve buenisimo en la foto, y me imagino como debe saber…buenisimo, muy buena aportacion a mi pequeño reto. Te lo agradezco muchisimo.
Un besote guapa

03/30/2010 · 13:09 h by Eva

Muchisimas gracias de nuevo por llevarme tu receta a mi cocina, ya esta publicada en el especial que anuncié, me ha encantado contar contigo.
Un besote

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