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Street Market and Season Veggies – Event

Special dressing: Fool’s garden

Friday is my street market day. So today is a good day to post about markets and season veggies & fruits.I love to buy fresh products here because fresh, DOES MEAN FRESH! Here in Spain, probably due to the climate (see what a wonderful sunny day we have. Between 15 and 20ºC) people has an open and happy attitude towards life (not all of us, I’m just generally speaking), and the owners/farmers of the fruits&veggies stands sometimes sing outlout, or shout to the beautiful ladies some nice words, or just maintain a happy and very kind attitude with the customers.

This is my entry for Market to Market from A Scientist in the Kitchen. If you are curious about season products and market smells from all around the world, please take a look at his Blog! If you want to participate, please check the blog, posts are admitted until March 1st.

Meeta from What’s for Lunch Honey is also hosting an event Eat Fresh with seasonal veggies and so. If you want to participate there’s still time until 31st of March. I am using this post for both events since they have similar functions.

Valencia is a Spanish region famous world around for its citrics: oranges, tangerines and lemons. They have been exporting oranges for ages now! These are late season ones, but they are still good for juices and for preventing colds, full of C vitamin.

Lepe, an Andalucian village (Granada, Sevilla, Málaga also belong to Andalucía) bases its economy on the harvest of the large strawberry. Now you can find them anywhere, so rich in fiber, minerals and C and P vitamins. A nice way to eat them is: clean and wash, take the green little leaves, cut in pieces, put them in a bowl, add some good vinegar (a spurt), mix, add some sugar (3 tablespoons) and some fresh black ground pepper. Leave in the fridge and have after 4-5 hours…. delicious!

And the market backstage with lots of calçots waiting for a barbaque and romesco sauce!

I have always thought that eating good is soooooo important! This is one of the principles my mother has followed all her life, she is 73 and looks still so good!. I remember being a kid and having for lunch all kind of veggies and grilled meat/fish. Only few times we had stews or frieds or grease food. Dinners always consisted on a soup and again meat/fish/eggs. The better we eat the better we feel. I’m for a variated diet and always with fresh food, if I can afford it. But if you get used to buy season food, then it’s usually the cheapest.

Today I bought artichokes… I love them, love them, love them! Just boiled with some salt and extra virgin olive oil on top are Yummy! They are good for your liver. Also bought some strawberries that I want to make with mango, a white couliflower and some tangerines. I’m crazy about legumes too and I’ve recently discovered how to cook them properly. So, for the moment, no more tinned ones. Here you see two different kind of beans: pinta on the right hand and fessolets on the left. Both need overnight water rest. Recipes on these will soon be posted.


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02/15/2008 · 14:58 h by A scientist in the kitchen

Thanks for joining, I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Those strawberries are really big!

02/15/2008 · 15:10 h by Ivy

Lovely post Nuria. I love street markets, although I was feeling a bit silly last Tuesday when I was taking pictures. What we should have done is photograph the prices as well and compare. I haven’t found time yet to prepare my entry.

02/15/2008 · 15:12 h by Peter M

Hola chica!

In Greece, they also have these markets and despite my late night, I would still get up early on Tuesday morning to go to the Laiki Agora.

02/15/2008 · 15:33 h by Bellini Valli

Look at those strawberries Nuria. Our farmer’s market will not open until the end of March or beginning of April…so long to wait for fresh veggies!!!!!!! I would like to know what a calcot is? Perhaps it is a leek or an onion? Perhaps you will post a recipe some day…hint…hint :D

02/15/2008 · 15:41 h by Ivy

Nuria, I am back. Go and check on Jenn’s site. Congratulations, you deserve it as well as Val.

02/15/2008 · 19:49 h by Pixie

Wonderful veg and fruits at your market! And I am a lover of artichokes too, I must one day share my Mum’s recipe for stuffed artichokes.

I’ve recently taken photos of my market so think I will check out the mentioned events. Thanks for sharing!

02/15/2008 · 20:03 h by Meeta

absolutely lovely and colorful. this is a wonderful selection of fresh produce. thanks for joining Nuria!

02/15/2008 · 21:06 h by Núria

Hola Scientist! So happy to participate in your event. Thanks! Can’t wait to eat them with mango, the mixture is spectacular!

Hola Ivy. I felt a bit silly too!!! The idea of photographing the prices is so good… I didn’t think of it… if I have the time I could add a list price… we’ll see. Can’t wait to see your entry on it :D

Hola guapo! That is something I admire!!! I would not get up early after a Fiesta NIght! I enjoy sleeping when I can.

Good night Val :D. Do you mean that you don’t have any fresh veggies now? But you do have fresh spinachs, where do they come from? Don’t you even have couliflowers?

Calçots belong to the onions family, at this time of year it’s a tradition to buy them and barbaque them and eat with romesco. I posted a season veggies entry and I talked a bit about them there.

You are so sweet Ivy! I’m going now.

Hi Pixie!!! Please share that recipe on artichokes, I would love to try it!

Thank you Meeta for hosting the event and for your kind words!

02/15/2008 · 21:48 h by Peter G

Oohh! lovely pics of the fruit and veg Nuria. Here in Sydney we have about 5 diff farmers markets operating. Te gusto naranjas de Valencia. Muy bien (sorry about the bad espanol!)

02/16/2008 · 9:48 h by Emiline

Beautiful produce! You are so lucky!
I love artichokes, too. I think everyone’s liver could use some healthy artichokes.

02/16/2008 · 10:00 h by Laurie Constantino

Since our farmer’s market won’t open until June, I was wistfully eying your lovely produce and outdoor market. These are wonderful photographs.

02/16/2008 · 10:56 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Your spanish efforts are so sweet, thanks! A mi tambien me gustan las naranjas!!!

Hola sweet Emiline. Thanks! Have a good weekend!

Thanks Laurie. I wonder so much how your everyday life is. I feel really curious about Alaska… Do you mean that winter months you are kind of “closed” inside your house?

02/16/2008 · 13:54 h by Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm)

I want to so badly visit a market like that…you are so lucky…

02/16/2008 · 17:37 h by Núria

Thanks Nina (in catalan, nina means doll)! I have it 100 meters from my house… I guess I’m lucky!

02/16/2008 · 18:11 h by Mallory Elise

HI! im on my way to Barcelona on monday morning, and I know you already gave me some amazing restaurant tips, but in the field of CHOCOLATE whats Barcelona known for? gracias!

02/16/2008 · 20:45 h by Núria

Hola Mallory! I meant to do another post on Barcelona’s places to see/go, but I’m short on time. I’ll send you an email with some must places concerning Chocolate and tapas, Ok?
Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great stay!!!

02/16/2008 · 21:50 h by Heather

WE do not have artichokes and berries yet – yours look beautiful! I love your new picture! It always makes me giggle when you change it. :)

02/17/2008 · 9:07 h by Núria

Good morning Heather! I saw that you also participated in Meeta’s Eat fresh Event… that picture of yours was really colorful and beautiful!!!
About my changing pic. I wonder… will I one day run out of ideas? That scares me… hope not :D

02/18/2008 · 8:38 h by Laurie Constantino

Nuria, we certainly spend more time indoors in the winter, that’s for sure! But I also walk regularly with my friends – we just bundle up really well with heavy jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves. It’s only a few days that are too cold to walk – if it’s colder than -20 centigrade we forego our exercise.

More what I meant is that we generally have snow on the ground from October to late March or April. The ground is too cold for us to plant outside until the middle of May, so it isn’t until June that the crops are big enough to be sold at the farmer’s market.

02/18/2008 · 10:55 h by Núria

Laurie, thanks so much for telling me a little about your daily life!!! I had a picture in my mind of how it could be but now it’s in colours and 3 dimensions he, he!

I’ve read books (as I told you) about Alaska and seen all this tv documentals on bears and salmons and so… I think it’s a beautiful wild land, but it also must be hard to live under those climate conditions.
I don’t think I’ve ever been under -5ºC… my brain would freeze, lol! :D

02/22/2008 · 1:03 h by katiez

I love the street markets in Spain. We always went into Spain from Andorra to markets.
In France they are almost always indoors; it’s just not the same!

02/22/2008 · 8:16 h by Núria

Hola Katie! One day, if you travel to Barcelona, we could go together to La Boqueria (not a street market) but I bet, we would have fun!!!

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