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Budapest’s Central Market

Budapest's Central Market is located at the end of a pedestrian touristic street called Váci Utca. It's a beautiful walk parallel to the river, full of restaurants and souvenirs' shops.The Market's building is so impressive, lightful and not very noisy. It's divided in three levels: downstairs ...


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Some Hot Stuff ;D

When I say Hot Stuff this time, I'm not talking about soups, nor stews nor hot wine... take a look at the picture and see what I mean :D.After having goulash soup... I mutated into Eve's perfect shaped body!!!! This is one of the souvenirs I ...


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Gulyás Hungarian’s Soup and a Restaurant recommendation.

Here we are in Budapest, Hungary. The hotel is nice, the city is yet a mistery and the sky is covered with clouds. It's not winter time, but the cold cold wind cuts our skin... that's why I took a couple of wool hats, gloves and ...

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