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Artichokes Nest with Foie & Quail egg

This is my last post on Budapest and there will be some Goose liver involved… a delish! I should have bought more cans!!! Budapest was a beautiful city to visit and I had great fun discovering its food, the market, the streets, buildings and parks; but what I enjoyed the most was the company of my husband and his colleague: Ismael Nafría.
The main reason for the trip was to enjoy some days with my husband in the City. He would work during the day – I would walk the streets – and in the afternoon we would meet and have a coffee together and talk and walk a bit more. He introduced me to his colleague Ismael, and I must say that I enjoyed his company and conversation soooooo much!!!!

Ismael Nafría is a Journalist, a writer, a consultant and a lecturer specialized in Internet. But most of all he is a wonderful person. Thanks again Ismael for your great recommendations and suggestions, thanks for your patience when answering my questions and thanks for getting my neurons excited ;D.

His last book Internet es útil – Internet is useful has been and it’s being a great success. Go and check his web too, I’m sure you will find it really interesting and helpful ;D. No english version yet… but that’s why we have google translator, don’t we? Want to prepare a simple dish that tastes like heaven? (Hey, I’m an artichoke lover, what can I say?). See? there’s only 3 ingredients involved and the taste is stratospheric… I really liked it. I highly recommend that you try it! Get some fresh season artichokes, some quail eggs and a bit of goose liver or foie. Ready?
Ingredients for 4 servings: 12 fresh artichokes (not canned please), 12 quail eggs, some foie or goose liver, olive oil (0,4º), thick sea salt or maldon salt and black ground pepper.

  • Peel and clean the artichokes: discard the big green leaves, cut them and rub with a lemon to avoid oxidation. Clean their hair inside. Open a bit and reserve. Take a pot, put the artichokes inside and half cover them with water, add some salt inside every artichoke and a bit of olive oil. Bring to a boil and simmer with the lid on until they are tender. Aprox 30 to 45 minutes. Depending on the size it will take more or less.
  • Preheat the oven at 180ºC.
  • When the artichokes are ready, place over a strainer so that they leave all the water. Now prepare an oven recipient and put the artichokes in.
  • Take the quail eggs and with a knife’s saw cut them to open and pour inside the artichoke.
  • Place in the oven until the eggs are done.
  • Take out of the oven and cut a bit of foie, sprinkle on top. Sprinkle also some salt and ground black pepper and serve hot.
  • You can roast your artichokes instead of boiling if you prefer so.

I’m sending the recipe over to Ivy’s blog: Kopiaste. She is the hostess this week for the Weekend Herb Blogging Event #161. Head over her blog to get inspired… best recipes showing in the round up! The Weekend Herb Blogging event is 3 years old now… participate and help make it older ;D.

The most remarkable thing of the composition of the artichoke are a number of substances that do not stand out for their quantity, but for the remarkable physiological effects that cause:

Cinarina and cinaropicrina: aromatic compounds responsible for the bitter taste of the artichoke. The cinarina is known for its diuretic effect and colerética. Lines of current research focus on the potential preventive role of the cinaropicrina in tumor diseases.

Chlorogenic acid: phenolic compound with antioxidant capacity.

Sterols are substances with similar chemical plant to animal cholesterol, with the ability to limit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

Cinar: flavonoid anti-inflammatory action.

Organic acids (malic and citric, among others) are known to enhance the action of the cinarina and cooking, among many other features. (Source Eroski).

If you want to see more Budapest pictures, click here.

For those of you joining today, if you want to read and watch more photos on Budapest see my posts: Goulash Soup, Budapest’s Central Market, Gulyás Hungarian soup and a restaurant recommendation


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12/05/2008 · 18:58 h by Ivy

This is really gourmet food Nuria, a few ingredients but really delish. I was planning to buy some foie gras when I went to France but I found it quite expensive, so I passed. I can get foie gras in Greece, so I preferred to get the chorizo, he,he,he,

12/05/2008 · 21:02 h by Bellini Valli

This is a wonderful entry to WHB Nuria. The artichokes make beautiful little nests for these fillings:D

12/05/2008 · 21:10 h by Peter M

Nuria, one of food’s simple joys is dipping into a soft egg yolk but using foie as the instrument…devilish, Satana!

12/05/2008 · 21:23 h by Peter G

A very decadent dish Nuria! This could easily feature on any gourmet restaurant menu…just beautiful!

12/05/2008 · 23:43 h by We Are Never Full

whoa, nuria!!! this dish is inspired, creative and super elegant! i’m so jealous of your foie smuggling. foie would be part of my ‘death row’ meal… only in America, right, Nuria? No where else would people talk about their death row meal!

12/06/2008 · 3:35 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

This is such a fantastic dish, Nuria! I can imagine it being greeted with oohs and aahs when served. I love it!

12/06/2008 · 7:43 h by Laurie Constantino

What an appealing and gorgeous dish – it includes 3 of my favorite foods. So simple, yet luxurious in every way. I can just imagine dipping a few of those outside artichoke leaves in the egg yolk. I want it NOW, please!!!!!!!

12/06/2008 · 8:32 h by Maryann

Very creative, Nuria :)

12/06/2008 · 13:54 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

Muy elegante, Nuria. Your daughter is getting some culinary education! So where are you off to next?

12/06/2008 · 17:47 h by Mallory Elise

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i miss foie gras!!! whaaaaaaaaaaa!

12/06/2008 · 21:10 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Soooooo beautiful, Nuria! What a simple, yet elegant, idea.

Oh, and it looks so delicious, too.

12/06/2008 · 21:47 h by

Nice photography! I wonder if there is an internet source to find Quail eggs?

12/07/2008 · 1:09 h by giz

How absolutely gorgeous does that look Nuria. Unbelievable – simple yet elegant .. oh my. Thank you so much for such a lovely entry.

In case you haven’t had one in a couple of days, there’s an award waiting for you on our blog :)

12/07/2008 · 2:52 h by gaga

What a pretty presentation. Very creative and delicious!

12/07/2008 · 22:14 h by ley

Those are so beautiful! You are so creative. I don’t even like liver, and you made me want to eat one of these. lol. You make some serious food porn, lady! ;)

12/09/2008 · 3:49 h by elly

Any dish that combines quail egg and fois has my vote :) This looks so delicious, Nuria, and the presentation is so pretty!

12/09/2008 · 8:32 h by Núria

Hola Ivy :D. France is the place to buy foie, no doubt. This might look gourmet… but it’s so simple!

Hola Val! Thanks girl!

I agree with you, Peter… if I am Satanás, then you are the Diablo ;D, let’s dip into the egg’s yolk!!!!

Thanks so much Peter!

Amy or Jonny or both, Yeah… if I had to be in the “death row” meal, foie would also be a choice ;D… I don’t plan to be there though ;D

Thanks Eating Club! It will be one of the Xmas days chosen meals :D

Síiiiiii Laurie, simple and luxurious at the same time :D. Come on and try it… it’s as good as you imagine ;D

Thanks MaryAnn!

Hola Joan :D. Thanks girl! My daughter is such a great fan of my kitchen… she encourages me with new dishes all the time :D

I bet you do Mallory… as I said France is nº 1 Foie’s productor!!!

It was Super Jen!!! Really :D

Hi Foodphotoblog and welcome to Spanish Recipes! Glad you like my blog… I don’t know if there’s a place in INternet to buy quail eggs, I can find my in the supermarket, but I know it can be hard depending on where you live. Here in Spain Quails are raised in farms too and that’s why we can get their eggs easily.

Thanks so much for your kind words Giz and you are too nice concerning awards… he, he nope, I didn’t recieve any in the last 2 days ;D. I’ll rush to your place darling.

Thanks so much Gaga and welcome to Spanish Recipes :D.

Thanks so much Ley! Foie is not a “normal” liver… if you haven’t try it yet… girl you are missing something great :D. Give it a try and let’s talk about it :D :D

Thanks so much Elly! Now…you made me think about your Event… Aaaaahhhhh have to come up with something!!!!!

12/09/2008 · 13:02 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

What an elegant and simple dish Nuria. I absolutely love this!!!

12/09/2008 · 22:21 h by Lori Lynn

What a unique and tasty sounding recipe. I have to try this. I make artichokes often, never thought to put the egg, and always always love foie!

12/10/2008 · 19:31 h by glamah16

Thats a womderful and elegant dish. Love the foie!

12/11/2008 · 8:48 h by Núria

Thanks Judy! Artichokes are one of my weaknesses ;D

Hola Lori Lynn! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. Thanks for your comment and hope you try the dish and enjoy it as much as I do :D

Thanks Courtney :D… Foie is one of my faves too!

12/13/2008 · 17:23 h by StickyGooeyCreamyChewy

Truly gourmet, Nuria! I love this dish! It is so creative and elegant, with ingredients that I adore. Beautiful work!

12/13/2008 · 19:09 h by Núria

Thanks so much Susan! I truly adore it too :D. It melts in your mouth!

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