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A glamorous Classic: Fried egg & Chips… with Foie and Truffle!

Does this dish need a description? Wouldn't you just run for the bread? Is there any other dish as popular as Fried eggs with chips? I bet every country in the world has its version. Raise your hand if ...


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Artichokes Nest with Foie & Quail egg

This is my last post on Budapest and there will be some Goose liver involved... a delish! I should have bought more cans!!! Budapest was a beautiful city to visit and I had great fun discovering its food, the market, the streets, buildings and parks; but ...


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Budapest’s Central Market

Budapest's Central Market is located at the end of a pedestrian touristic street called Váci Utca. It's a beautiful walk parallel to the river, full of restaurants and souvenirs' shops.The Market's building is so impressive, lightful and not very noisy. It's divided in three levels: downstairs ...


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Figs and Foie… Something to die for

Only 3 ingredients and some bread and you'll become the Magician Superstar of your kitchen, house, neighbourhood, village, town... get the idea? Just say the magic words: Abra Ka Dabra, or Hockus Pockus or Alakazaaaam! and make sure to have the ingredients, if you don't, the ...


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Special dressing: The Scorpions (turn player on).My husband and I have been together for 16 years now... wow, time flyes! We met in a mutual friend's barbaque Fiesta, on a Summer day with good wine, meat, charcoal and smoke. Up on a 10th flat floor's terrace, ...


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Figgs’ Carpaccio

•Ingredients for 4 persons:•8 figs, 16 slices of iberian acorn ham, some different lettuce leaves, 100 grs. of foie micuit, salty sunflower seeds, balsamic vinegar, honey, olive oil and kitchen salt.Get the PowerPoint recipeGet the WebAlbum pictures•First of all place the figs in the freezer ...

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Charcuterie | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Foie Toast with Iberian Acorn Ham

This extraordinary and Special Ham deserves its own space. The Iberian Acorn Ham it's exclusive from Spain. Iberian hogs are born, fed and raised in the south and northwest of Spain. These facts, among others, like the environmental and the acorn diet, make ...

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