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Rice & pasta

Pasta in Black and Pasta in White. Black Linguini versus White Spaguetti.

Last week, after lunch and while watching TV, we bumped into the wonderful film: Gone with the Wind. I cannot help it, I must watch it... no matter how many times I cried with it... I have to cry and cry again and wonder how life and people has changed ...


Eggs | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Mushrooms and Artichokes’ Timbal with Poached egg and Piquillos’ Sauce

Using seasonal ingredients will make your cooking easier, cheaper and better! So, let's hunt for some wild and fresh mushrooms (in the market), some beautiful and delicious artichokes, ecological eggs and a can of piquillo's peppers... yes, it's that simple!...


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Artichokes Nest with Foie & Quail egg

This is my last post on Budapest and there will be some Goose liver involved... a delish! I should have bought more cans!!! Budapest was a beautiful city to visit and I had great fun discovering its food, the market, the streets, buildings and parks; but ...


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Boiled or Roasted Artichokes with Shrimps and Green Sauce

Artichokes are one of my favourite vegetables, when in season, you will always find some in my fridge. I use them for my rices, in a salad, grilled, boiled, in an omelet, roasted, fried... oh, when thinly sliced and fried are amazing... I ...


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Artichokes Greek-Style

Γεια σε όλους! Hi everyone! Isn't google translator a crack? First words mean Hola a todos... Hi everyone in Greek... or that is what I expect them to say!I found this recipe in a Spanish cooking magazine and the tittle immediately caught my attention - Artichokes ...


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Lobster & Veggies Salad

Special dressing: The Honeydrippers (turn player on)Doesn't this look like a Christmas salad? Yeeeeees, it does! It's a bit expensive, but if we don't do it for Xmas, when then?When I was a kid I never ever dreamed of having this kind of lobster salad, ...


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Artichoke’s soup with bacon and iberian acorn ham

Special dressing: some artichoke's music...This is not a Xmas traditional dish, you will notice that at first sight... but, we all agree that during Xmas celebrations, here in Spain, I don't know the rest of the world, we drink quite a lot! And I'm not ...

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