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One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Pasta Nest with Quail Eggs

Special dressing: Over the cuckoo’s nest

Wasn’t it a BIG movie? I read the book and watch the movie and both were fantastic. Jack Nicholson is one of my favorite actors ever! I wouldn’t mind to share a Paella with him!!!

I saw this multicolored Pasta nests and inmediately came to my mind the idea of the dish. But it couldn’t be a cuckoo’s nest because they don’t build them. When the cuckoo’s female has to “give birth” to the egg (please excuse my english, couldn’t find the proper way to say that), looks for another birds’ nest and leaves there her egg. When the tiny birdies are born the cuckoo throws its “brothers in law” out of the nest! Cuckoos don’t know much about gratefulness, do they?

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•Ingredients for 4 servings: 60 grs of cured ham, 1 big onion, 2 garlic cloves, 4 ripe tomatoes, Pasta for 4 (aprox 100grs each), duck foie, 12 quail eggs, olive oil, salt and parsley.

•Start a sofrito with the ham, when starts smelling great, add the onion and garlic and when the onion is transparent, add the tomatoe sauce (made out of the ripe tomatoes).
•Be patient and stir and stir until you get the sofrito done. Low heat and wait until the tomatoe seems to dissapear and it gets oily. Add a pinch of salt. The sofrito should look caramelized when finished.
•Keep it warm while you boil the pasta (follow package instructions) Rinse and drop some oil on top so that it doesn’t get sticky.
•Boil the quail eggs for 1 minute, peel and reserve.

•Place the pasta in a plate and try to make a nest with it. In the middle hole place the sofrito. Reserve the oily part.
•Add small pieces of duck foie grass on top of the sofrito.

•Place the tiny eggs on top. Sprinkle with some parsley. Add a pinch of salt and drop a bit of the sofrito’s oil on top of the eggs and pasta.

My daughter knows much about gratefulness… she still saying how good the Pasta was!!!

Buen Provecho!!!


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01/10/2008 · 10:10 h by Peter M

Nuria, the dish is gorgeous! You should post the resulting dish as part of the blog entry, to entice us cuckoos, of course!

01/10/2008 · 10:18 h by Emiline

I LOVE pasta! With ham? Yes!
I’ve never had quail eggs. I don’t think I can buy them here. Maybe I’ll go hunting for some in the woods…

I’ve never seen that movie, but it’s on my list. I liked him in About Schmidt, which I saw recently.

01/10/2008 · 11:27 h by Bellini Valli

Your daughter has reason to be grateful. This sounds exceptional Nuria. Quail are very abundant in the wild here in the valley, but, I am not aware of anyone who raises them so that I could buy quail eggs. When I lived in Eastern Canada there was a supplier there.The quail are so cute in the Spring with their tiny babies frolicking behind them.

01/10/2008 · 13:33 h by Núria

Thanks a lot Peter! he he he, I like the simil!

We buy quail eggs at the supermarket, Emiline. But it’s true that they only have them around holiday days! Maybe you finally have to for a hunt!!!

Thanks Val! Yes she is very grateful and she has a no-bottom stomach (do you have this expresion?).
The only time I’ve seen Mom and baby quails in the woods has been in a Disney movie!!! Plus woods are far away from my house… too bad! I love to spend a spring day in the forest :D

01/10/2008 · 23:41 h by ley

Goodness…cuckoos are mean! I don’t feel bad about eating their eggs, then. Yum!!

01/11/2008 · 1:34 h by Heather

Nuria – I had no idea you are Spanish! This month for the Royal Foodie Joust I am making a Spanish-inspired dish. I just made my chorizo today, as a matter of fact! I’m sure my sofrito doesn’t even come close to yours, though. :P

I also love quail eggs – I can get them at Asian grocery stores, but I usually soft-boil them, coat them in panko and fry them for some yakitori. :)

01/11/2008 · 8:12 h by Núria

Hi Ley! Are you back? I’m gonna check your blog!!!

Hola Heather! Are you really making a Spanish inspired dish? Wow, I’ll see what you come up with! It’s beeing really hard for me to combine these three ingredients!
It seems that everybody knows what chorizo is!!! Great you can use it!
Thanks for leaving a comment!

12/01/2009 · 2:45 h by tasteofbeirut

Just discovered your blog. Great photos and tantilizing recipes like this one. My brother lives in Europe and claims that Barcelona is the best city in which to live!

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