This is not a story about the Titanic… but it could be! Not that I sinked at the end… just sooo exciting.

This is not a story about the Love Boat… but it could be! If only we had left the port behind… one never knows!
This is not a story about the Nautillus… I didn’t meet a mysterious Captain Nemo… just a blue eyed young Captain!
This is my story about how I ended up in a Luxury Boat teaching how to make Spanish Paella and some Garlicky Snails to the Yacht’s Chef!!! Want to know all about it?
A month ago, Victoria, my personal Fairy Godmother ;D, got in touch with me through my blog to know if I would agree on teaching her my tricks and tips about Paella. Who says no to Fairies? I said yes of course! I got sooooooo excited with the project :D!!!!! We chose a day and we thought it would be great to cook some garlicky snails and a Paella for 8 people… the Yacht crew. Victoria Allman is the Cocoa Bean’s Chef and she also runs a blog: Following my stomach, please pay her a visit, she’s got such an exciting life and recipes from around the world :D.
So, we went to la Boqueria and bought some fresh fish, seafood, veggies and rice and drove our way to Barcelona’s Harbour (take a look at the video).
The Yacht is so impressive and beautiful. It’s a 43 meters Boat with capability for 9 Crew and 12 Guests. The kitchen is not called a kitchen, it’s a galley! I love learning new things :D. And it has 2 ovens, 6 stove tops, 3 huge fridges and 2 freezers!!!! Once it has all provisions on board it can be autonomous for one week. The Yacht also owns a power generator and a water maker.

Victoria is in charge of all menus: breakfast, lunch and dinner; the provisioning; baking the bread; desserts… She does a fantastic job in her tidy galley and has the best windows’ views ever!
The paella came out beautifully and the Crew was delighted with this typical Spanish dish! I followed my Seafood Paella recipe and also made the Garlicky Snails as a starter. Follow the links to get detailed recipes with pictures.

It felt great to share experiences in the Boat’s galley with Victoria. Please check her blog and meet the sweetest Chef on Board ;D. Thank you Victoria!!!! She is posting a twin post tomorrow… don’t miss it :D.


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06/19/2009 · 14:32 h by Joan Nova

Loved the video and the music! I felt like I was back in Barcelona. I am going to check Victoria’s blog and I’m happy you had such a wonderful experience. The dinner looks great.

06/19/2009 · 14:38 h by La cuina vermella

reina meva, a veure si ens veiem un dia!! quines ganes tenim de coneixer-te!! Muac.

06/19/2009 · 15:07 h by Juju

That’s amazing! What an honor!

06/19/2009 · 16:39 h by Familia

what a beautiful yacht! and an even more beautiful paella!

06/19/2009 · 16:41 h by 5 Star Foodie

How fun! And the paella looks wonderful!

06/19/2009 · 17:11 h by KennyT

I would love to try those snails. Garlicky snails and paella are my favourite! ^^

06/19/2009 · 17:57 h by katiez

Lucky, lucky you!!!!
How fun and what a great experience.

06/19/2009 · 18:24 h by Nathan

Beautiful and lucky you! I dream to someday travel to Spain and visit “La Boqueria” :D

06/19/2009 · 19:29 h by Cynthia

Please take me along the next time! :)

06/19/2009 · 21:10 h by redkathy

Nice recipes but a really great fairy tale. How exciting!! You are so lucky [and obviously talented] I am jealous LOL

06/19/2009 · 23:01 h by Bren

mi’ja! that paella looks amazing, y eso que yo no como mariscos… felicidaded en haber cocinado para los del yacht! que vida rica!

06/20/2009 · 6:18 h by Yaelian

Nuria, what a wonderful posting about a wonderful experience!Mmmm, paella….I bought a real paella pan in Spain years ago.

06/20/2009 · 12:17 h by Núria

Yes I’m really grateful!!! Life also has a bright side! Thank you all!

06/20/2009 · 23:05 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

What an incredible experience! It must have been such fun to be on that yacht.

06/21/2009 · 0:46 h by Bellini Valli

What a wonderful experience Nuria!!! Words cannot express how much fun that would have been:D

06/21/2009 · 19:37 h by Ivy

Lovely video and music and surely an unforgettable experience. Your paella looks so good.

06/22/2009 · 15:40 h by Marta

Que maravilla de experiencia Nuria!!!!
Que bueno que la tuviste y que ladisfrutaste! tu talento y carisma son irresistibles, asi que eso te hace la primera opcion para cualquier persona que tenga la suerte de encontrarse cerca tuyo y que necesite iluminacion culinaria! Enhorabuena!

06/22/2009 · 21:23 h by Maria Jose

Uauuu quin luxe!!! un iot expectacular i de la teva paella no em parlem…quina vida més interessant la Victoria no? m´ha encantat la teva entrada!!! petonets

06/22/2009 · 21:51 h by Mercè

Núria, quin luxe!! Això no passa massa sovint, eh? ;)

06/23/2009 · 0:07 h by Maria

What an amazing experience! You are making me very jealous and I would love to visit Barcelona some time soon. Congratulations on getting to perform that demonstration!

06/23/2009 · 18:51 h by Miriam

Jopelines! Qué suerte! Bueno, no es cierto, la suerte se la hace uno, así que te lo habrás ganado. Pues una paella en un barco como ese debe saber a gloria…

06/28/2009 · 19:56 h by Lori Lynn

Oh how fun for you. I’m off to visit Victoria’s blog now. What a neat experience!

06/29/2009 · 0:41 h by Dragon

Love the video! Looks like so much fun. :)

06/29/2009 · 20:30 h by Juliana

Great pictures…and the paella looks just so yummie!

06/29/2009 · 22:01 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

Sounds like a fabulous day and that paella looks delicious. Those prawns are enormous!

06/30/2009 · 15:13 h by ://: Heni ://:

WOW the pictures are wonderful Nuria. Paella looks so inviting – just need to get my fork and dig in!

07/02/2009 · 18:58 h by Susan from Food Blogga

What a fabulous experience, Nuria! Thanks for sharing it with us.

07/14/2009 · 0:49 h by Nathan

Hola Nuria,
I left you an award on my blog, you can pick it up if you’d like :)

07/15/2009 · 10:04 h by Navita (Gupta) Hakim

Nuria..lucky u! Great recipes and oh what a lovely experience…i am yet to cook in a ‘galley’…:)

07/18/2009 · 8:52 h by IDania

I’m glad to read you had such a fantastic time and such a great experience!!!
I will check Victoria’s blog out.
Un besin,

07/21/2009 · 0:09 h by maybelles mom

Oh I this sounds like such an amazing time. Great video and I am a particular fan of the snails.

07/27/2009 · 15:50 h by we are never full

we miss you nuria!

08/11/2009 · 17:08 h by zorra

guapa! Now I’m a bit jelous! ;-)

08/12/2009 · 2:56 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow, Nuria, this is amazing! Miss you lots and lots! *big hugs*

08/12/2009 · 20:44 h by Janet @Gourmet Traveller 88

Hi Nuria, what a special experience you have there.

08/20/2009 · 16:09 h by pityenlacocina

bien hecho nuria, a ver si entre todos hacemos algo por enseñar a comer al resto de la humanidad, vivo en londres, y a veces, es dificil la convivencia culinaria…

keep up the good work!


09/09/2009 · 21:26 h by glamah16

How lucky for you. Wish I was there.

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