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The Rabbit and the chocolate (not a fairy tale)

Special dressing: Ebony Jackson (turn player on)

This month’s Joust at Jenn DiaPiazza’s is about Chocolate, chili, and grains (any kind). You will find this Event organized at the Leftoverqueen every month. I must say I have a great time thinking/performing/eating/participating/sharing in the Joust. Last month was my firs time and this will be my entry for December’s. Jenn is the best hostess ever, just enter her place and you will feel like home!

Rabbit and Prawns with chocolate sauce. Sounds a bit funny? I must say this is the first time I perform a salty recipe with chocolate as an ingredient. And the result has been Wonderful!!! Please try it, it’s delicious! It seems that there’s a long tradition in Catalan recipes to use chocolate… now that I’m reading all these cookbooks I’m finding out this about my own cooking tradition… I knew there were some recipes, but I never dared!

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•Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 Kg of Rabbit cut in pieces, ½ Kg. of red prawns, 2 onions, 2 garlic cloves, 3 ripe tomatoes, a spurt of good brandy, wheat flour, salt, 1 teaspoon of hot red chili powder, 1 bay leaf, 1 teaspoon of oregano, olive oil.
•For the final dressing: 1 garlic clove, 25 grs of black chocolate (at least 75% cacao) a spring of parsley.

•In a saucer pan with some olive oil add the rabbit previously cleaned, cut, salted and with some black pepper.
•When roasted, take away from the saucer pan.
•Clean the fresh red prawns from their long whiskers, let them dry, add salt to them and coat in wheat flour.
•Fry them in the saucepan in the same oil we roasted the rabbit, after 1 minute maximum, take them away and reserve.

•Now, add the chopped onions and the garlic and start a sofrito.
•Once the onion is transparent, add the tomatoes which have been previously converted into sauce, add a pynch of salt and stir for a while at medium/low fire until you get this oily and darker texture (see pictures in power point).

•Meanwhile prepare the dressing with the garlic, some salt, the spring of parsley, the chocolate and smash it all together until you get an homogeneous texture.

•Add the rabbit back to the casserole and stir so that all ingredients get mixed. Drop a spurt of good brandy on top, stir and after 5 minutes add 1 ½ glass of water, the red hot chily powder, the oregano, the bay leaf, and a pynch of salt. Let it boil (gentle boil) for a while until the rabbit meat is tender.

•When the meat is tender is time to add the chocolate dressing, use some of the stock of the saucepan to dilute the chocolate and add it to the rabbit. The heat should be low. The colour of the saucepan stock will change into a beautiful brown. Add the prawns back to the casserole and let it cook at low fire for 10 minutes, stirring now and then.

•Serve hot.
I can not give credit of how marvellous this dish turned out to be… I just love the taste!!!
If you are not much into eating rabbits, you can try the same recipe with any poultry or wild hunted birds.


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11/27/2007 · 10:34 h by Peter M

Nuria, the rabbit looks delicioso and you’re very daring to use chocolate but I’ve heard chilli and chocolate complement each other.

11/27/2007 · 10:54 h by Núria

Hola Peter, thanks… it was amazing!!! Concerning your question about chilli, what I used exactly was hot red paprika powder, isn’t that the same as chilli’s powder?

11/27/2007 · 11:10 h by Núria

Ups I’m getting all mixed up when I try to read fast!! I didn’t get your comment at first reading… sorry.
I never heard before about chilli and chocolate together! Nice to learn new things!!!

11/27/2007 · 12:11 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Your recipes are always so creative Nuria. Very very beautiful presentation as well. I love chocolate and chilis together it is one of my favorite combinations but hard to find. That is what I have enjoyed so much about this month’s challenge!

11/27/2007 · 16:29 h by Núria

Thanks Jenn, it’s fantastic to participate in the Joust, it makes me try new things and experiences and it’s very exciting!!!!

11/28/2007 · 13:22 h by ley

YUM! I’m sooo glad that you went with a savoury dish instead of sweet- I figured most non-Latino cooks and bakers would go sweet with this, so I just knew with your Spanish background that you would come up with something fabulous!!

11/28/2007 · 15:26 h by Núria

Thanks so much Ley!!! The dish came out soooo good… thanks to you, otherwise, I don’t know if I would have performed it :D

11/28/2007 · 21:04 h by Mallory Elise

Gracias beaucoup for the link! I will put you on mine too. It’s a sweet title– “foodie blogger to have coffee with” Hey maybe we should! I’m coming down to Barcelona in February!

Take care!

11/28/2007 · 22:23 h by MyKitchenInHalfCups

Nuria this looks like a wonderful Spanish recipe. I’ve just been thinking about rabbit from my childhood.
Very nice site.

11/29/2007 · 8:23 h by Núria

Hi Mallory! Thanks for linking me too!!! Please, if you come to Barcelona, let me know! Yes… I would love to share a coffee with you!

Hi Mykitcheninhalfcups! Thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoy the recipes. More rabbit recipes will come soon.
Thanks again!

08/03/2010 · 7:39 h by Sisy

wow it seem nice recipe. I try. Thank you.

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