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One of the cereals I love the most is…. how could you guess? Rice! It’s so versatile, you can cook so many recipes with it! All cuisines have special dishes with rice… it’s such a basic and important cereal. There’s different kinds of rice, with different qualities but the one I use the most is Bahia and Bomba… these are great for the dishes I like to cook: Paella or rice with (whatever I have) in a casserole.

Hope you enjoy these recipes!

Paella (the traditional one)

Rice with Snails and Veggies

Black Rice with Cuttlefish

Rice Mint Balls with Shrimps and Pistacchios

Lobster Rice

Duck’s wings’ Rice

Clam’s Rice

Black Rice

Seafood Paella: a tutorial

Arros al Forn – Oven’s Rice – Arroz al Horno


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