Decorated Cakes at Dolç Maremagnum, Barcelona

Last weekend it was one of those perfect weekends… Sunny day, spring scents in the air, bright green coloured trees, smiles on people’s faces, swallows’ cries announcing t-shirts and shorts time is here… :D.

On top of that, I found out that Maremagnum organised a new fair-market of creative confectionery! The day couldn’t be better!!! Or that’s what I thought before I had lunch at one of our oldest and favourite restaurants :D.

Maremagnum is one of the city malls. It’s located by the port near the Colon statue and it is always open to the public, it offers a wonderful place for leisure, shopping, eating, drinking, and it also has some cinemas with the latest movies’ offer.

The decorated cakes showing at the fair were spectacular!!! Take a look!

My husband asked if they could be eaten!!!! Lol! It’s a pity to destroy such a work of art.

This one looks more like a small Spanish Falla than a cake!

I wish my daughter was 6 again to get this one for her birthday and no birthday ;D.

Maybe I could marry again just to have this one in the celebration…

… or this one…

… or this one…

Maybe one of these?

Oh, what a difficult decision! I love them all :D.

A great day, that’s what I said.

If you are a foreigner in Barcelona and you don’t know where to find the ingredients and materials to elaborate these wonderful and delicious tarts and cakes, follow the link at the beginning of the post to find all the shops and webs that can offer all you need, even workshops and sessions to learn how to do them.

If you are not a foreigner and you want to learn too… ya sabes que tienes que hacer, ¡sigue el link! Segueix el link! I a disfrutar :D.


Be sweet :D.


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04/19/2013 · 13:58 h by bellini

Wouldn’t you just love to take one of these cakes home my friend:D Enjoy the warm Spring weather.

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