Catalan Cuisine will be taught in CIA


The Culinary Institute of America will set up an educational program on Catalan cuisine. Catalonia will be the first European region which will own this type of study in this world wide known New York Institution.

The agreement provides for a scholarship program for students and teachers at the CIA, which aims to promote exchanges between the U.S. and Catalonia, it will let Americans know about Catalan gastronomy and products.

The CIA, Prodeca and Alicia Foundation, all of them involved in this agreement will collaborate also in an ongoing series of educational programs that include Catalan cuisine tastings, demonstrations and classes on the CIA campus in NY and Napa Valley, California.

The first phase of the fellowship program will begin during the autumn of 2009. Some CIA teachers and students will stay in Catalonia for a different period of time. The first will stay for 7 to 10 days and students for 3 months.

Today the Culinary Institute of America delivers the prize Cook of the Year to Ferrán Adrià, Chairman of the advisory board of the Alicia Foundation
(source: La Vanguardia)

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And here is my special CATALAN MENU for you today! Just click on the pictures to get the recipes.

And this is only a small taste of the dishes you can find in my blog! I do hope you enjoy it :D


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03/26/2009 · 13:39 h by Joan Nova

Orgullosa, verdad? The cuisine now reigns supreme. Very exciting.

03/26/2009 · 13:57 h by Bellini Valli

Very interesting Nuria. I also enjoy browsing through your recipes this morning my girl:D

03/26/2009 · 14:42 h by Miriam

Good initiative on the CIA! What a coincidence, I was recently considering to cook a “trinxat”, one of the last recipes on Heidi’s blog 101 Cookbooks reminded me of it (funny enough a japanese recipe with cabbage!).
And also… I have a blog in English now besides the Spanish, will I end up developing 2 personalities? ;-)

03/26/2009 · 17:38 h by Mercè

Ho acabo de llegir!! Que bé!
Hauré de tornar al restaurant del CIA a Santa Helena, CA per menjar un bon plat català als USA! ;)

03/26/2009 · 21:46 h by Peter G

This is very interesting news Nuria! I think it’s fantastic that Catalan cuisine will be taught at asuch a professional level.

03/27/2009 · 22:32 h by Mallory Elise

i guess i need to hurry up and submit my application then!! hehe

03/28/2009 · 15:45 h by giz

What a wonderful thing. I’m just waiting to hear from you that they’ve offered you the position of head Catalan chef :)

03/30/2009 · 2:37 h by Cynthia

This is EXCELLENT news!

03/30/2009 · 3:21 h by Joanne Mitchell

I can’t wait to taste this! Great recipe by the way!

04/03/2009 · 11:11 h by Joanne Mitchell

Hi! I noticed that my website isn’t appearing well just in case you want to read what I think about food being the food buff that I also am. Cheers!

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