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Spicy Snails with herbs

Remember when you were a child and you had one of those wonderful weekends outside the city when your parents took you to the forest, near a creek or by a poppy field; and you had no game boy nor a cell phone and just played with the things that ...


Meat & poultry | Others | Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Snails with Bacon and Mushrooms. A Fall’s tapa!

Can you imagine these special fall flavours all combined in a Tapa? Mmmmm, Snails are absolutely delicious cooked this way. Eating snails also has a special Bonus... you can eat them with your fingers! It's one of those special foods where using the fingers ...




This is not a story about the Titanic... but it could be! Not that I sinked at the end... just sooo exciting. This is not a story about the Love Boat... but it could be! If only we had left the port behind... one never knows!...


Meat & poultry | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Cargols & Conill i Romesco – Snails & Rabbit and Romesco sauce

In my house, a casserole dish always means healthy and comfort food. It also means slow cooking food, steamy windows, and the thing I like the most: Mom, is there anything left in the casserole? The answer should always be... Yes darling, go help yourself ...


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Rice with Snails and veggies

This is one of my favourite dishes ever! Earthy ingredients for a magical result! Whenever a dish contains snails, rice and artichokes in it, be sure I will cook it in my kitchen.In my family, we are all great snails predators... if ...


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Pork Feet and Snails with Hot Sauce

There's some Spanish words which have gone further than expected... as for example: pata negra, I'm sure you all know what it means. Pata is foot and negra means black, the colour of our Iberian hoogs, a sign of quality! The best ham you can ...


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Cargol treu Banya – Snail show me your Horns

These are the snails we ate at my moms' birthday lunch party last January 14th. All our family LOVES Snails cooked any way! This recipe is soo easy that if you like snails, please have no doubt go ahead and cook it!Snails have a small ...


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Licked Snails

•Ingredients for 4 persons: 1 Kg. of snails, 150 grs. Slices of bacon, 150 of pork sausage, 100 grs. of cured ham, 2 onions, 5 tomatoes, 4 garlic cloves, olive oil, 20 grs. of flour, a bit of sugar, black pepper and salt.Get PowerPoint recipeGet ...


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Ahhhh Snails... Mmmmm so yummy! I can understand that you think: Awwggghhh I'm not having that near my mouth... no way!You are mistaken! I tell you, this little ones are so good, they just combine perfectly well with many things as ...

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