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Tarantas recipe contest



Tarantas Recipe Contest and trip to Spain

Yes dear friends!!! You have the opportunity to come to Spain for free now!!! This post is about the awesome Tarantas Recipe Contest and trip to Spain for the winner!!! So, if you are a food and wine lover, if you like cooking, if you live in America (any of ...



SpanishRecipesbyNuria on El Punt Avui TV

The Catalan TV, El Punt Avuí interviewed me a month ago because they were interested in my blog, isn't that awesome? They have a great section called L'Hora d'Anglès (the English Hour) where Marcela Topor interviews people who live in Catalonia and speaks English such as Artists, Designers, and Food ...




Fine Art Igualada

From February 28th to March 16th, Igualada is the city to go to if you are a Photographer, if you'd like to become one, if you enjoy Photography… or if you feel like wandering around and watching the expositions and buying some pictures to make your walls happier. Come see ...



EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA: Best Restaurant in the World!!!

Congratulations to the Roca Family Team! According to Restaurant Magazine, El Celler de Can Roca is the BEST Restaurant in the World. My admiration from this humble blog for the good job and their enthusiastic dedication. They are a wonderful source of inspiration. Catalan Cuisine Forever!!! ...



Decorated Cakes at Dolç Maremagnum, Barcelona

Last weekend it was one of those perfect weekends... Sunny day, spring scents in the air, bright green coloured trees, smiles on people's faces, swallows' cries announcing t-shirts and shorts time is here... :D. On top of that, I found out that ...



Reserva Iberica: the new shop in Barcelona! Get your Ham here!

Reserva Ibérica has opened a new shop in Barcelona! Right in the corner of Rambla de Catalunya and Aragó: one of the best spots of the city, right in the heart :D. Those of you who know me, may have an idea of how much I like ham... ...


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Pork Loin in Salt and Herbs. And a Spanish Transport Strike!

There's a big transport strike here in Spain since Monday and everything is getting directly affected; there's nearly no fish left in the big markets, the meat's shelves at supermarkets are starting to get empty, fresh fruits and veggies are hard to find... Can you imagine?The ...

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