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Restaurant Bravo 24 Barcelona

Sometimes my husband still surprises me :D. Guess where we went for lunch? At the W Barcelona Hotel's Restaurant: Bravo 24. An awesome experience... we played the tourist role... admired the City views, tasted the flavours of the sea, had a wonderful lunch! So, I highly ...



EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA: Best Restaurant in the World!!!

Congratulations to the Roca Family Team! According to Restaurant Magazine, El Celler de Can Roca is the BEST Restaurant in the World. My admiration from this humble blog for the good job and their enthusiastic dedication. They are a wonderful source of inspiration. Catalan Cuisine Forever!!! ...


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Figs and Foie… Something to die for

Only 3 ingredients and some bread and you'll become the Magician Superstar of your kitchen, house, neighbourhood, village, town... get the idea? Just say the magic words: Abra Ka Dabra, or Hockus Pockus or Alakazaaaam! and make sure to have the ingredients, if you don't, the ...

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