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Mini Banana and Nutella Bites in Tempura

Those of you with kids at home, now have the perfect excuse to prepare these delicious bites; and those of you without kids, go for the search of one or two... nephews, grand kids, neighbours, they are all welcome ... just go and fetch some shorties to have a good ...


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches | Fish, seafood & shellfish | Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Empanadillas de atún – Tuna patties

There must be something in the tuna... is this an obsession? Two dishes in a row with tuna... do you believe the body is wise and tells us what we need to eat? If so, why does it sometimes tell me to eat a chips' bag?  Whatever the answer is; ...


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♫ Chocolate and Nuts Stave ♪ – Event

Kids are my Achilles' heel... there's something about them that makes me want to hug them, play with them, observe them, make them laugh ( a children's laughter is one of the most valuated sounds on earth for me).This post is about kids, music, chocolate ...

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