Strawberries and Chocolate

What a couple!!! They match so well :D. Chocolate and strawberries… Mmmmm. It smells like Spring, there’s wonderful local strawberries in the market place and I need some tryptophan in my system :D. The easiest of the easiest… get a fondue with chocolate and dip the red fruits inside.
If you wonder how chocolate and strawberries can benefit you, you’ll be surprised to know that the former, through its tryptophan, helps your body to form its own proteins, is essential for the pineal gland to secrete serotonin, promotes sleep and many other fabulous functions; in other words: it makes you feel good. And the later is a good source for C vitamin and potassium and its fibber also helps intestinal transit, so… it makes you feel good too!

Do you need more reasons? Your kids will be happy with your wise decision ;D. Buy a good bunch for tomorrow’s afternoon snack break (or what we call merienda) and surprise them. If they belong to the kind of kid which are reluctant to eat fruits in general, this can be a wonderful way to introduce them in a healthy habit.



Ingredients: seasonal strawberries, 70% cocoa dip chocolate.
Clean the fruits under tap water, dry them and dip into the hot chocolate. This is the shortest recipe ever :D.


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03/06/2012 · 21:33 h by FOODalogue

Beautiful photos, Nuria. I’m pinning one of them. You know about pinterest, don’t you?

03/07/2012 · 16:02 h by Peter M

I’ll have a bowl please…classic combo.

03/07/2012 · 16:49 h by Jenn @leftoverqueen

So decadent and delicious!

03/07/2012 · 22:41 h by Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul

Definitely the best couple! Strawberries and chocolate live happily ever after!

03/08/2012 · 0:51 h by Ben

It is the perfect couple. Beautiful pictures!

03/12/2012 · 18:47 h by Platanos, Mangoes and Me!

I love these and when I make them then I inject them with a liquore..

03/13/2012 · 16:36 h by Ivy

Love this combo. I wanted to make my daughter a chocolate and strawberry birthday cake but as she didn’t want chocolate, I’ll be making it for my birthday.

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