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Banana Ice Cream – The easiest recipe

banana ice creamWas I the only one sighing for the arrival of the Summer? I’ve been missing the umbrella and the sun tan lotion and the towel on the sand… I’ve been missing the lazy hours at the beach Chiringuito’s (bar) shadow, and the calmful sound of the sea. So I’m making my particular spell… I’m sharpening the tools to make this Banana Ice cream which has turned out to be something to lick your fingers, your cup, your spoon and even your husband’s cup. Absolutely delicious, quick and easy; what else can you ask for? Yes, it’s also really cheap :D. It worked out… Summer is here ;D

banana ice creamI don’t know about your family, but mine devoured this 5-6 servings gelato in no time! And we are 3!!! You can call us piglets and you will be right. But, I bet it will happen the same to you ;D. Just give it a try and tell me about it.

According to the Dairy International Association (2012) the ice cream world consume goes like this (litters per year/inhabitant):1 New Zeland (26,3), 2. United States (24,5), 3 Australia (17,8), 4. Switzerland (14,4), 5. Sweden (14,2), 6. Finland (13,9), 7. Chile (10,4), 8. Denmark (9,2), 9. Italy (8,2), 10. Argentina (6,0), 11. France (5,4), 12 Canada (4,0), 13. Germany (3,8), 14. China (1,8).

banana ice cream

Really? Where is Spain? How come countries with hot climate are not in the first places? I mean those near the Ecuador, should be the first in the list, shouldn’t they? Aren’t ice creams a Summer thing? How is it possible that the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th are cold countries? Do they eat their ice creams like crazy during their short Summers? Do they eat it all year long? Really? When it’s freezing cold outside who wants to eat an ice cream?

Know what? If these questions bother you the same they bother me, maybe you should prepare this dessert while you think about the answers, and maybe after you eat it you will solve the mystery or increase your country’s percentage ;D.

banana ice cream

Have a great Summer time and enjoy this Banana Ice cream!!!


Ingredients for 5 to 6 servings:  350 grs. of frozen banana, 150 grs. of whipped light fresh cheese and 4 tablespoons of granulated white sugar.

  • The day before peel the bananas, cut in dices and place inside a kitchen plastic bag and freeze. They should be in the freezer for at least 24 hours.
  • Blend the bananas, the sugar and the cheese until you get a creamy texture.
  • Prepare a recipient and use an ice cream scoop to place your ice cream balls inside. Decorate with some chocolate candy.
  • Serve immediately. It's a really creamy ice cream, if you don't eat it as soon as you prepare it, it will melt away really fast. (See the pictures?)
  • If you do not eat it all, place the leftovers in the freezer and have it another day, it will not be as creamy but it will be equally delicious :D.
  • Enjoy :D


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06/25/2013 · 12:49 h by bellini

I don’t always eat ice cream because it is full of calories but I do eat it all year round, even in the winter. 4.0 in Canada do…wink. In the summer you have to eat it in a bowl or be at the beach ready to dive into the water since it would be dripping down your arm. As for your banana flavoured treat it would not last long winter or summer:D

02/18/2015 · 15:19 h by Yasmin

Are there any particular brands of whipped light fresh cheese you would recommend using?

05/27/2016 · 1:45 h by Lisa

When you say whipped cheese are you talking about cream cheese? If not what kind are you talking about using? Thx

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