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Calçots in Tempura

These are our famous sweet early onions called Calçots that we eat dipped in salsa romesco after they are cooked on the grill in special outdoor grills. If the weekend is sunny and you have a piece of land where you can set a grill, then get some wine, cava or sangria; prepare a good romesco sauce and spend the day in nature harmony… if you go too far with the sangria… careful with the harmony you will feel inside, yes, that warm feeling where your friends are your best friends and your enemies become your friends… sangria might be dangerous for your mental health ;D.
If you don’t have a space under the pines nor any friend with a country house, don’t worry at all, there’s other ways to enjoy your calçots! Try to make these Calçots in Tempura and tell me about it :D

This is what I did at home without the grill, the pines, the birds and the sangria ;D. I peeled and cleaned the onions, prepared a tempura and fried them until golden.
For the dip, since I didn’t have the ingredients in my pantry, instead of a romesco sauce I prepared allioli ( not so bad). However, if you have the chance, prepare the romesco… it’s worth it!



Ingredients for 4 to 6 servings: A good bunch of calçots. Olive oil 4º. For the tempura: 300 grs of tempura flour, 1/2 liter of cold sparkling water, some salt and two egg yolks. For the allioli: follow the link. For the romesco sauce: follow the link.


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02/28/2012 · 14:04 h by Platanos, Mangoes and Me!

I had so many spring onions in the fridge that I prepared them almost the same as you just did last night. No Sangria though… Great minds think alike.

02/28/2012 · 14:46 h by FOODalogue

I saw a documentary on TV about the celebration of the Calcots season and it was just as you described. Sadly, I never tasted them but they look a lot like what we call scallions or green onions.

02/28/2012 · 16:16 h by Jenn @leftoverqueen

That sounds so good! What an excellent idea!

03/02/2012 · 6:23 h by Ivy

They look delicious. Are they the same as spring onions or is it a different variety?

03/02/2012 · 7:15 h by Núria

It’s a different variety, Ivy. They are sweeter and delicious :D

03/03/2012 · 14:53 h by bellini

On “No Reservations” just yesterday I watched Anthony Bourdain eat these onions roasted over a fire and dipped in Romesco sauce.

11/15/2013 · 18:11 h by Dina

Oh, Nuria, these look so delicious. I can’t wait to taste them in Barcelona.

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