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Fricandó – An Autumn dish in Spring time

The world is upside down!!! That’s why I’m cooking an Autumn dish for Spring.

Finally we are having some rain here!!! In small doses… but at least the land is wet and the water reservoirs will have enough water to serve for another 15 more days until we get into emergency measures again.

Meanwhile politicians fight among them and instead of getting together and finding good solutions to the water problem they even add more discussions and misunderstandings. The two big electric companies here are just looking for more benefits and more produce instead of caring for our security first… one of the nuclear centrals had a “small problem” some weeks ago and there’s radiactive particles in the air… of course they say that there’s not any harm for the human beings living near the nuclear central… I just don’t believe them any more!!! One of our big rivers is just by the central, what about the particles pouring on the river water? What about particles gone with the wind? What about the scholars that went for a visit when the problem had already occurred but they were silent about it?

When politicians get access to power, they change, no matter how good intentions they had before!!! I’m not optimist at all with all these big Egos driving government Audies, eating like pigs in the most expensive country restaurants, wearing the best clothes, bla, bla…with the money they get from our salaries!!!! I’m fed up with them!!!

Thank god, cooking brings me some peace of mind. This is a typical Catalan recipe. Hope you enjoy it :D


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04/18/2008 · 10:30 h by Peter G

I love this veal dish Nuria. Catalan recipes seem very interesting and I love your presentation. I’m very happ to be reading your blog and learning so much.

As for the politics. Politicians are the same everywhere. I had no idea you had a drought there. Must have been pretty dry. Glad you’re enjoying the rain…:)

04/18/2008 · 10:48 h by Núria

You were quick here, Peter! This is a wink to you… Australian-foodie-friend ;-) You surely have good mushrooms down there now!!!!

So glad you enjoy catalan food :D

I despise Politicians!!!

04/18/2008 · 13:36 h by Ben

I’ve also found that cooking brings me some peace of mind. Paying much attention to politics and other problems was affecting me too much, thank god I found the foodie community :)

Besos chica

04/18/2008 · 14:35 h by Pixie

I’m not very good at following politics- it’s too upsetting. Continue enjoying all that cooking in the kitchen, it relaxes me tremendously as well. Have a wonderful weekend Nuria :)

04/18/2008 · 15:08 h by Peter M

Nuria, the only thing about cold, wet days in the Spring & Summer is that you can still enjoy a hearty, falvourful meal like your Fricando.

04/18/2008 · 18:28 h by Núria

Hola Ben :D, yes they get on my nerves!!! It’s just not fair! Let’s cook more :D

Hola Pixie :D, it’s not that I follow them… they get in my life!!!!!! I just want them to be coherent!
Have a great weekend you t♥♥

Completely right Señor Peter :D. Plus, in my kitchen, I do what I want!!!!! No politician will tell me what to do there ;-)

04/18/2008 · 20:01 h by Laurie Constantino

Politics, it affects us all so much, yet it is so distasteful to watch. And after the last 7.5 years in this country, it has been particularly discouraging. Writing my blog has been very therapeutic in terms of keeping me away from political sites. It’s so much more satisfying to read about food. I’m with Peter, I’m becoming increasingly interested in Catalan food – the flavors are just so appealing. Youe stew sounds wonderful.

04/19/2008 · 2:40 h by Cynthia

Nevermind, we love it anyway :)

04/19/2008 · 6:43 h by Núria

Thanks Laurie! Yes, let’s focus in our meals and blogs… this DOES give us some Satisfaction and peace in mind!!!!

Ok, If you like catalan food…. I’ve got tones of recipes for you guys!!!!

Thanks Cynthia♥

04/19/2008 · 19:28 h by Ivy

Hi Nuria,
I also despise politics as well. I’ve stopped watching T.V. and just hear the headline news on the radio. About the nuclear power station, in Greece we have a lot of people suffering from thyroid problems especially the younger generation and they attribute this due to Chernobil.
How is the diet going?
Your dish sounds wonderful.

04/19/2008 · 19:29 h by giz

If politicians spent more time cooking and less time trying to move their own careers forward they would learn the real meaning of putting love into what you do. Your dish is a mouth watering delight and I would love it with a good slice of crusty bread. Can you tell I’m hungry when I’m writing this?

04/20/2008 · 14:48 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Hi Nuria, the news and all is so bad that we don’t even follow it anymore short for a quick hit on the internet once a day to find out what is going on. Politicians involved in anything ruin it. Just look at the sad state of our food policies!

The recipe looks incredible. I love the slide shows!

04/20/2008 · 17:51 h by Núria

Ivy… nuclears scare me too much!!! Chernovil was such a horrible accident :( I’m sorry you are still suffering the consequences.

The diet is going ok. Monday will see how much I lost :D

Giz… You are completely right… let’s have our best cooks governing the countries he he :D Maybe they have another feeling ;-)

Thanks darling Judy!!! :D

04/20/2008 · 22:50 h by Emiline

A fabulous dish like this, doesn’t need to be reserved just for Autumn.
I think it looks comforting.

Sorry about your politicians. I feel the same way.

04/22/2008 · 20:01 h by katiez

I’ve been hearing about your water problems. They’ve been getting snow in Andorra – maybe it will trickle down to you!
I love Catalan food…

03/22/2009 · 0:00 h by Tracey

Hi Nuría! Hice eso el noche anterior, pero no siguió tu receta al pie del letra!Pero incluso me quedó muy rico! Mi novió decía que le recordó de Caldareta…¿puede ser?

03/22/2009 · 8:39 h by Núria

Hola Tracey! Si, tu novio tiene razón… es parecido a la caldereta. Pero en Cataluña se llama Fricandó. Y la caldereta se suele hacer en el resto de España y con la carne que queramos (conejo, ternera, cordero).
Me alegro mucho de que te quedara sabroso :D :D :D

04/01/2009 · 21:31 h by Tracey

Hola Nuria! Siempre estoy confundido y quinzás te puedes ayudarme…es que nunca sé si estoy comprando “veal” o “beef” en España,como lo dos se llama ternera? Hay una manera para saber cuál es cuál o diferenciarlos?

04/02/2009 · 6:35 h by Núria

Dear Tracey,
I think that Veal is ternera (that is a young cow) and Beef is buey (older cow).
Eventhough buey is the male of the cow, here, we also use this name for the older and redder meat.
Hope this helps :D

I would make fricandó with veal and a thick steak of beef on the grill or bbq with a good sauce or with just some sea salt on top… Mmmmmm

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