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Red Mullet stuffed with Trumpets of Death and wraped in Ham… on a bed of Romesco and Potatoes.

Have you ever thought: After this experience, I’m ready to die! It has happened to me a few times in my life… : Fleetwood Mac on the car radio, my beloved driving through the bends of Costa Brava, the scent of the pines and the sea… Aaaahhh. The birth of my daughter and her warm first touch… fragility and humanity in one small tiny creature. Dolphins swimming and jumping by the boat that’s taking me to the island and the sun rising…

Today one of these moments has enlightened my life :D. A palate sensorial experience!!!
Special dressing today: Fleetwood Mac and their beautiful song: Storms (turn player on)

See that drop falling from the Iberian Acorn Ham wrap? It’s one of the esential LIFE’s oils!!! I took this picture while stuffing the red mullets with the mushrooms and wrapping them with the Ham… the smell was already killing me!!!

I’ve been searching for red mullets for months now and finally I found some at my fishmonger. These were big ones (15 cms each aprox.). Their taste and flavour makes them really special.

I made a new romesco sauce, I had some Iberian Acorn Ham and since it’s finally Autumn… I used some Trumpets of Death (a mushroom: Craterellus cornucopioides). Don’t you worry at all if you cannot find these ingredients, the ham could be replaced for some bacon slices (although we all know it won’t be the same ;D) and the trumpets for your seasonal mushrooms.

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Here in Catalonia we love mushrooms-hunting! If the end of the summer and begining of Autumn is rainy, our forests become smurfs land ;D. There’s lots of mushrooms to be hunted, and people loves to get up really early in the morning, take 1 or 2 basquets, jump inside their cars and drive off to the mountains. I used to do that with my parents when we were kids but as an adult, I rather go to La Boqueria :D

Now to the recipe!

Ingredients for 4 servings: 8 fresh red mullets, 5 to 6 medium potatoes, 100 grs of mushrooms, 100 grs of Iberian acorn ham, 1 garlic clove, some fresh parsley leaves, romesco sauce, olive oil and salt.

  • Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut in thin slices. Pour some olive oil in an oven tray, place the potatoes and sprinkle some salt and a bit more of oil over them. Heat the oven to 200 ºC and when hot, place the tray in the middle rack. They will be backed in 20 to 30 minutes aprox.
  • Meanwhile, have some olive oil in a sauce pan, cut the garlic in fine slices or dices and sautee, when fragant add the cleaned mushrooms. Stir for 1 or 2 minutes at medium heat and drop the minced parsley on top. Stir once or twice and reserve.
  • Clean the red mullets under tap water. If your fish monger has already cut them in two and taken the bone, head and guts away, better for you! Make sure there’s no flakies left. Sprinkle some salt on them.
  • Take two fillets, place some of the sautee mushrooms over one (on the white side) and use the other to cover the mushrooms. Take one or two Ham slices and use them to wrap the fish.
  • When you have all ready, and the potatoes are backed, place the fish over the potates inside the oven for 8 minutes aprox.
  • Prepare the plate with some potatoes on the bottom, pour some romesco sauce over them and place the stuffed fish on top… As I said… a palate experience!!!

See how to prepare a good Romesco here. As you might know, this sauce is now world famous but it’s original from down south Catalonia. Follow this recipe and enjoy the difference!!!!


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09/23/2008 · 18:06 h by Peter G

Nice combination Nuria! Those mushrooms look interesting! Quite an earthy, homely dish. And let’s not forget that jamon!

09/23/2008 · 18:35 h by Peter M

Yay…you finally found some red mullet!

I love your marriage of earth & sea with jamon, fish and mushrooms.

Sex on the plate, Nuria… on a plate!

09/23/2008 · 21:46 h by glamah16

OH WOW. Thats a sensational dish you created .I love all the varities of mushrooms. This is my favorite season to cook.

09/23/2008 · 21:57 h by Darius T. Williams

Thanks for the link on the Romesco – but this finished dish looks great!


09/24/2008 · 1:07 h by Antonio Tahhan

Uy!! Sabes cuanto me fascina el jamón ibérico!! Everything in this dish is top notch, Núria!! Te felicito, pero ahora voy a tener q irme a cama antojado, jaja!

09/24/2008 · 2:05 h by Dee

Beautiful post, Nuria! Brought back all kinds of warm memories – always a great way to spend a gloomy Wednesday morning. And I LOVE Fleetwood Mac :)

I love how you stuffed the fish – I’ve wrapped prawns in prosciutto but never given fish its due.

09/24/2008 · 9:13 h by Emiline

Is that you to the left? You’re pretty smokin’ Núria!

Your dish sounds great. I’m a little nervous about those Trumpets of Death shrooms though…heh heh heh. They sound awful scary. I don’t think I want to eat them.

09/24/2008 · 11:24 h by FoodJunkie

How can you even think about substituting acorn ham with bacon!!!? I mean this is crazy! Don’t listen to her people, try and find some jamon, ok? Anyway, I love this recipe. I will track the mushrooms down at my lux deli.

09/24/2008 · 12:55 h by Ivy

Red mullet is quite an expensive fish here in Greece but it’s worth it as it’s so delicious. Love all those mushrooms you’ve added.

09/24/2008 · 13:15 h by Passionate About Baking

Ooooh I love Fleetwood mac too Nuria…& this post is so alive, so full of emotions, so warm & BEAUTIFUL!! It’s got a bit of everything to make it perfecto!! Hugs to you…you spread sunshine!! xoxox Deeba

09/24/2008 · 16:59 h by Núria

Hola Peter G. I never ever forget the Jamón… Mmmmm Want to have some sent over to Australia?

He, he Peter Minakis… You are so smart, chico! I agree with you :D… it was worth waiting for the red mullets!

Hola Courtney! So you use mushrooms in your cooking now? I love to use them too :D

Hola Darius! Welcome to Spanish Recipes and thanks for your kind words :D. I will visit your blog in short! Hasta la vista :D

Hola Antonio! Don’t you have a good shop where you could buy some precious Ham before going to bed? Aaaahhh estás invitado a una tapa cuando estés por aquí cerca ;D

Thanks Dee! Fleetwood Mac are the best ;D Wrapped shrimps are a fantastic choice too :D

Hola Emiline! Yeap, it’s me :D. Too old to behave so silly… but I can’t help it ;D

Hola Food Junkie… from your words, I guess you can find good ham near your house :D That is always my first choice too ;D

Thanks so much Ivy :D Fall is the best time for mushrooms, let’s go hunting ;D

Deeba, you not only spread sunshine… you spread warm summer nights by the sea :D :D :D Thanks so much darling♥

09/25/2008 · 1:22 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Nuria, I’m teaching The Song of Roland, Dante’s Inferno and Don Quixote this semester (Much Ado About Nothing, too). Trumpets of Death sound just like something that might be served or experienced in one of these novels. I LOVED the name for your dish, and the description sounds even better.

09/25/2008 · 3:20 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

I don’t think I’ve ever had red mullet yet, but you have made me yearn for it. . .looks fabulous!

09/25/2008 · 8:23 h by kittie

This is a wonderful recipe – what great flavours… and acorn ham? Ummmm…

Ps. I love the title too ;)

09/25/2008 · 12:32 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Wow Nuria, Wow. That is such and incredible looking dish!!! I would love to be able to try that one. AI would never though think of using bacon…now how to get my hands on acorn ham, hmmmmm?

09/26/2008 · 5:31 h by giz

I haven’t had red mullet for ages and ages and now I want some with several varieties of mushrooms to go with them. Fabulous dish.

09/26/2008 · 16:13 h by Ivy

I have an award waiting for you on my blog:)

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