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Love Potion # 10! – Event. Week’s diet recipes

Spring is hereand your love is near...take this #10 potionand get yourself in motion!!!Poetry is not one of my hidden qualities, he he :D. But maybe I should mention that I prepared the potion this weekend and both my husband and I liked a lot... the ...


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Street Market and Season Veggies – Event

Special dressing: Fool's gardenFriday is my street market day. So today is a good day to post about markets and season veggies & fruits.I love to buy fresh products here because fresh, DOES MEAN FRESH! Here in Spain, probably due to the climate (see what a ...


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Aphrodisiac Recipe – Potatoe & Avocado & Salmon Salad

Special dressing: The wonder boy... don't know who's signing, but I fell in love with that voice! (turn player on)This could be a potatoe salad, or an avocado salad or even a salmon salad... but now that Valentine's Day is getting near, I want it to be ...

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