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Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches | Eggs

Vol Au Vents for the Royal Foodie Joust

As I said in my last post, the Royal Foodie Joust is back!!!! That's great news because is one of my favourite events in the blogosphere :D. This month of May, the 3 ingredients are: greens, eggs and cheese. Jenn from the Leftover Queen is planning to move the ...


Eggs | Rice & pasta

Construction and Deconstruction of a Rice Flan

Now you have it, now you don't! This is one of my daughter's favourite meals ever!!! Try it with your kids, they will love it♥. Assembling the flan is always fun, but demolishing it is great ;D. I'm using ...


Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Piquillos Stuffed with Cod Brandade over Parsley sauce

Colours are so important to me. Green gives me freshness, Red gives me energy and White gives me peace of mind. Perfection on a plate ;D. Did you know that depending on the colours you use to decorate your home you can drive your emotions one way or the other?...


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3 Ingredients, 3 dishes… this is the Royal Joust!

This coming Royal Joust will be my number 9... and nine is my favourite lucky number ever! Also the predominant colours are green and orange... again, my favourites! You don't have to be Merlin to guess who is going to win this month ;DWhen Susan from ...


Meat & poultry | Others | Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Fried Frog Legs with Green Sauce dip

Special dressing today: The Dance of the Hours. (please turn player on) Yes, I must be a bit insane... who else would think about putting a ballerina costume to some frog legs? ...


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Citrics’ Marinated Tuna

My old PC broke!!!! And I wanted to have a party in my blog on Friday... some of the things I need are in the PC and don't know if it will be fixed before Friday... Imagine snakes, skulls and pigs coming out of my mouth! I'll try to come ...


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Duck’s Breast Dressed in Nuts and Herbs with Raspberries’ Sauce

Time for the LeftOverQueen Joust again!!! You still have some days left to enter into this FANTABULOUS Foodie Event! Easy rules, great entries, big expectation, wonderful recipes... what else can you ask for? The Joust is served! For those of you who still ...


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Love Potion # 10! – Event. Week’s diet recipes

Spring is hereand your love is near...take this #10 potionand get yourself in motion!!!Poetry is not one of my hidden qualities, he he :D. But maybe I should mention that I prepared the potion this weekend and both my husband and I liked a lot... the ...


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Look for The Bare Necessities – Event

Special dressing: Mr. Baloo (turn player on)This is not a Spanish Recipe. In fact, I couldn't find anything Spanish with these 3 ingredients, that's one of the reasons why I love The Monthly Joust at The Leftover Queen! I could think of many recipes containing ...


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Alimentaria 2008 – Events – Artichokes

First of all, I want to appologize because I'm being late to all your blogs! Sorry, I've had a very busy week. I'll try to get in the track again. But it won't be next week because I'm going to assist to ALIMENTARIA 2008.This is like ...

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