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Tomorrow is Today: I’m on Diet!!!

Hi all!

You have probably noticed a little badge on my blog’s right column with a path towards the treasure… it’s my new World Wide Weight Foodie Crusade!!!

Beach time, swimming pool time or just summer time is getting nearer (for us in the northern hemisphere) and last summer’s clothes might be a bit tight on us ;-). Winter time is when we accumulate more fat. Cold days demand greasier and heavier dishes: stews, strong broths, red meat with succulent sauces and bacon, tones of bacon! I’m right at this point now… I believe I could loose 5 or 6 kilos before the real heat reaches us; I did it last year and it worked.

I will follow a 2000 calories per day menu until June (if I’m strong enough…). The ticker, which I first saw at Dharm’s blog (thanks for the idea Dharm :)), will help me to see how much I loose, I will update it every Monday. You are all welcome to join me in this Weight Foodie Crusade… the more, the merrier :D!!! Just follow the ticker link and get your own!

This is how this will work: Every Monday I will post the week menu. It will be an open one, with the measures of the ingredients for the week’s lunches and dinners; you will be able to design your own meals, I will only give you a few ideas and post during the week about some diet recipes. This doesn’t mean they will be boring meals… no way! I will keep on posting sauces and grease meals too! he, he… the rest of my family doesn’t want to hear about diets!!!

The diet is based on the one published by the Nutrition and Endocrine department of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona. I’m no doctor and have no studies on nutrition nor endocrinology… just wanted to let you know. I’m saying “is based” because I will make some amendments: weekends are Free-diet! Alcohol will be permitted and also sugar and cola, cookies and sweets, and also bacon, we can get a bit wild during Saturday and Sunday :D

If I see a good reaction and there’s many of you who want to participate in the Weight Foodie Crusade, then I might have a round up by the end of June with your updated lost weight tickers and your favourite diet recipe. I’m also thinking about having a prize sent to the winner (most voted recipe). So, if you are interested, please let me know via comment or email.

This is a Mediterranean Potato salad so that we start getting in the mood for a healthy summer diet:

Ingredients: 350 grs of potatoes, 50 grs. garbanzos, 200 grs. tomato, 40 grs. black olives, some parsley, 2 spoon tables of olive oil (only lunch, if the salad is at dinner time only one) some drops of wine vinegar and salt. This would be the measures proportion for this salad when following the diet. Doesn’t it look tempting? Maybe being on a diet is not that bad… it’s a question of eating variate food only :D


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04/16/2008 · 11:15 h by Gay

Buena suerte a usted! Will look forward to your Monday updates :)

04/16/2008 · 11:54 h by Peter M

Best of luck on the diet Chica and we have to see the final result…you in the bikini!

The salad is elegant, simple and filling. I would grate some cheese on top! lol

04/16/2008 · 12:06 h by Núria

Muchas gracias Gay!!!! I hope I can make it to the end :D

Hola Peter… you made me laugh hard here :D :D :D. Sure you’ll see me in bikini under a coconut, chico lol!
You could have up to 80 grs. of cheese over the salad, boy!!!

04/16/2008 · 12:59 h by Ben

I am terrible at counting calories. I need to lose some weight, too. But I am just going to the gym 2 more days a week and I started to walk everyday. I will consider joining the fun, though. I am looking into it.

Good luck and have fun at the beach :-p

04/16/2008 · 14:38 h by RecipeGirl

Best of luck- I’m kind of in the middle of it all (losing weight and exercise) and hope to look decent in a bathing suit by summer!!

The potato salad looks great- we just had a Mediterranean style dinner party a couple of weeks ago and served a salad similar to this for an appetizer.

04/16/2008 · 15:27 h by Bellini Valli

We could probably all benefit from eating healthier Nuria. I’ll look forward to your healthy meals each week. You go girl!!!!! The nutritionists always say everything in moderation, cut back on sweets and get plenty of excercise!!!!!!!

04/16/2008 · 18:36 h by Núria

Querido Ben, I know that having a food blog is not the best for a diet, but you will see que recetas más apetitosas!!! Thanks for joining :D

Hi Recipegirl and welcome! Thanks for your kind words and keep it up with the exercise and good food!!!

Hola Val! Yes the basics are what you mention, but we can make it funnier, can’t we? Lots of homework during the weekend ;-)

04/16/2008 · 19:57 h by Ivy

I’m seriously thinking about it. Maybe after Easter (ten more days). Good luck with your diet.

04/16/2008 · 22:08 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I am doing the same, Nuria! And I’m also pledging to only provide healthy recipes on my blog from now on. There are so many great ones out there.

04/16/2008 · 23:55 h by Peter G

This is a lovely and healthy ensalada chica. Look forward to your other surprises as well. I agree. I will be starting a more healthy routine as well…but all that food…aaaahhh!

04/17/2008 · 1:54 h by Sylvia

Wow Nuria this salad looks divene, healthy and fresh

04/17/2008 · 13:47 h by Núria

Hi Ivy! C’mon get on board!!!! :D

Hola Jen :D. Eating good… feeling good :D This is my goal with this diet!!!!

Ai Peter… food is so tempting sometimes… it happens to me when I cook paella, don’t have enough with the diet measures :( Maybe I should do it on weekends and have two plates :D

Thanks Sylvia!! Easy and handy ingredients :D

04/17/2008 · 21:23 h by Megan

Good luck with the diet. This salad sure looks healthy.


04/17/2008 · 23:22 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Stay healthy and feel good, Nuria!

04/18/2008 · 9:14 h by Núria

Hi Megan! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D Thanks for your kind words… I already lost 400 grs.!!! Good start!

Hola Susan! Same to you girl ;-)

04/18/2008 · 14:32 h by Pixie

What a wonderfully healthy salad Nuria. I should be joining you but I have an addiction to baking! lol I will follow your gorgeous healthy recipes and will try to make my own personal changes. Umm hopefully, in a few weeks! Good luck but I’m sure you look beautiful now anyways±!

04/18/2008 · 15:23 h by Núria

Ha, ha! I see you have an addiction Pixie, but it’s a lovely one :D
Is eating all those pies that makes you so sweet?????

04/18/2008 · 19:57 h by Laurie Constantino

I do plan on doing the same thing, but not until after Easter, one of the biggest eatfests of the year! You can be my inspiration!

04/18/2008 · 22:30 h by We Are Never Full

Since I’m having a MAJOR fat day today, a salad is called for. It’s so true that higher fat food is so needed when it’s cold out (well

04/19/2008 · 0:12 h by giz

ya, ya, ya…I need to lose some weight too. Weight loss and looking at food blogs every day can make you crazy you know. I love the salad – living on good and healthy salads would work for me.

04/19/2008 · 6:46 h by Núria

Hey Laurie! You are welcome to join after your Easter Big Feast!!!!

Seeing your pictures, nobody would say you need a diet Amy! Go for the FAt!!!! :D

Giz, the neareness of the summer helps… the heat doesn’t inspire me to be near the heat cooking… time for more salads and fresh ingredients as you say!!!

04/22/2008 · 20:00 h by katiez

I hate, hate, hate dieting…
Usually I just exercise more so I don’t have to, but this has been such a wretched spring I may have to resort to eating less…
But I’m not happy about it!

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