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Special dressing today: All you need is LOVE from The Beatles. (turn player on and get in the mood for love :)

Sweetheart Ivy from Kopiaste has sent me this cute award!!!

I’m kind of childish and I Love its design but most of all Love its meaning♥!!! The award is self-explanatory and I want to: first say THANK YOU IVY!!! I love you this much t♥♥ and secondly I’m sending it to 5 more people whom probably have a bunch of them, because surely everybody loves them, but I don’t care… I just want to send them my love and a big hug!!!

They are the following:

  1. The LeftoverQueen
  2. Kalofagas
  3. More than a Burnt Toast
  4. What’s Cooking
  5. Souvlaki for the Soul

One of the best foodie decks you could have :D

Of course I love all of you who come over my blog and leave nice words of encouragement and jokes and smart observations! I even love those of you who are shy and never say a word… if you weren’t there, this blog would have no meaning! So THANK YOU readers, bloggers, accidental readers… I LOVE YOU ALL! SMUACK ♥♥

Here you have some FLOWERS from my terrace for you all! I liked Heather’s idea… she has a beautiful garden, go and check!!! Find some PEACE inspiration here :D

My favourite: Passiflora or Flor de la Pasion.

Fragant jasmin.

Vibrant Rhododendron.

A young tomatoe plant… Yes, I’ll be harvesting my own tomatoes this summer :D

A purple Clematis.

I don’t remember the name for this one. It’s a bulb one.

Enjoy life, enjoy cooking and enjoy blogging!!!
Happy weekend Everybody :D

P.S. Peteeeeeer, Susaaaaaan, Jeeeeeeenn… and all figs’ lovers… I bought the first ones this season!!!!! Soon the most sinful recipes will be on your screens ;-)


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05/23/2008 · 14:45 h by Bellini Valli

Thank you so much for this award Nuria. I love you this much as well. I just love to visit your site …can you see the ear to ear smile on my face. The last flower picture is an amarylis. They are very popular to grow indoors here at Christmas time:D Thaks for the tour of your garden…another BIG smile on my face:D

05/23/2008 · 15:21 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Beautiful Nuria! I love the photos! Jasmine is my favorite! It is all a bloom here in Saint Augustine! It smells divine!

Thank you so much for the award too Nuria! I have never had this one, and it could not have come from a better person! Bug Hugs to you sweetie! Have a fantabulous weekend! Kiss that puppy for me, will ya? :)

Love you!

05/23/2008 · 17:07 h by Peter G

Oh Nuria! What can I say! That is so sweet! i too want to hug you and say a big GRACIAS!!!!! You have made me feel very special my dear!

And these are certainly very nice pictures of your garden…lucky you!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

05/23/2008 · 17:56 h by glamah16

Beautiful person, beutiful flowers!

05/23/2008 · 21:48 h by Susan from Food Blogga

I loved your deck of cards–what an adorable idea! BTW-I noticed your comment on my pudding. If you do make it, I just added a line about when to add the chips. I had forgotten it earlier. Oops. Have a lovely weekend, Nuria! :)

05/24/2008 · 8:40 h by Núria

Hola Valli! I love to make you smile :D. Thanks for the name of the flower darling!!!

I’m so happy I’m the first one giving you the award, Jenn!!!! Jasmin’s smell at night is tremendous here too :D.
I’ll be hugging and kissing my doggie from your behalf sweetie ;-)

He, he, a BIG DE NADA for you darling Peter :D

Thanks so much Courtney :D

Thanks Susan! The cards didn’t come out as good as expected, but yes, I thought it was funny… :D
I’ll check the pudding back, thanks!

05/24/2008 · 12:42 h by Peter M

MWAH & Muchos Gracias, Nuria. You’re too kind, you always write with care, verve and your dishes warm our appetites.


05/24/2008 · 15:01 h by giz

What great pictures Nuria. The passion flower is absolutely my favourite – look at how detailed and gorgeous it is and the purple colour – oh dear. Unfortunately I’ve never had very good luck growing them.

05/24/2008 · 16:08 h by Núria

De nada, guapo!!!! You deserve it! Ole :D

Thanks Giz! MIne is oriented south and our weather here helps a lot :D

05/25/2008 · 7:18 h by canarygirl

Beautiful flowers, Núria! And many congrats on your award! :D

05/25/2008 · 8:14 h by Laurie Constantino

Wow, Nuria, figs already! You are a very lucky woman. Your flower pictures are gorgeous!

05/25/2008 · 10:03 h by Núria

Thanks so much Canarygirl :D

Hola Laurie! Yes we are lucky… next week the figs’ recipe is comming… MMmmmm I love figs :D

05/26/2008 · 18:05 h by Ivy

You are very lucky Nuria to have a house with a garden and trees. I am telling my husband to sell our flat in Athens and go and live in the countryside. My favourite recipe with figs is to make it a spoon sweet when they are green and not ripe. Delicious.

05/26/2008 · 18:33 h by Núria

That’s what we did, Ivy. We left Barcelona behind, but we are still near :D

Hope you show us the spoon sweet with the figs… don’t know what it is and would love to see :D

05/27/2008 · 16:38 h by Ben

My lovely Nuria, you are the best of the best on the blogosphere. Thanks a lot for this award and for your kind words. Mi amor es reciproco :) I will write about this award on my blog today.

Have a great day!

05/28/2008 · 10:34 h by Núria

Love to make you happy, Ben! :D

01/24/2011 · 3:27 h by singapore florist

i just knew there’s a flower like Passiflora or Flor de la Pasion. it’s so beautiful just like its name. love love love.

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