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Nice Matters Award

Bella Enchanted is Genevieve’s blog and this is the first time I hear of her blog. It’s not exactly that I heard of her… I looked for the person who designed the Nice Matters Award because… (and here imagine myself jumping and clapping and smiling like a kid) I’ve been nominated!!!! My very first Award!!!! I’m sooooo happy about it… and you might think I’ve gone nuts, but maybe is just that when I get good news my serotonin and endorfin hormones levels overfloow my brain and leave me in an ecstasy state!

Ha, ha, ha, Ok, now I get serious about it. I’ve received the Award from Sweetheart Bellini Valli, who’s always been there, since the very begining with her comfort food and comfort words. Her love for Greece and also her love for Canada show in every post. Also the love for her daughter is always there and gives her blog this very sweet taste. Thanks Val!!!

I’ve also been nominated by BigHearted Ivy!!! I’ve known her for a month or two now and she is also a Wonderful person, always there for you. With delicious recipes that will transport you to Greece and Cyprus. Her wide hystory knowledge will take you to ancient times where greeks still praid to antique gods. Thanks Ivy!!!

As Genevieve said in the very first post back to August 2007 of the Nice Matters Award : This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!

So, eventhough I know some of them have been nominated already, I want to show my gratitude to the following foodie bloggers:

Jenn DiPiazza is like my Godmother in foodieblogger matters. She has been so nice to me (she is nice with everybody), she has helped me, answered my questions and doubts, encouraged me through her wise words and posts… She is a Wonderful and Generous woman! Thanks Jenn for beeing always there, eventhough I know you must be soooooo busy, you always have 5 minutes to comment on my blog. I appreciate that so much!!!

If Jenn is like my godmother, then Peter is like my Godfather! Peter is also a Wonderful person that’s helped me a lot! He has huge knowledge on Greek food and living in Canada didn’t freeze his sweet-charming-hot mediterranean temper! Thank you Peter for your words and good advise. I feel so honored to be among the ones you care for!!!

Katie from Thyme for Cooking is one of my favourites too. I feel so connected to her (maybe because she spent some time in Andorra and has visited Spain and knows us Spaniards a bit). Her sense of humour is hilarious, I always have a good laugh when I visit her blog and she cares so much for bloog relations, always has a kind word or a funny comment. Her recipes are a senses delight! Thanks so much Katie, guapa!!!

Emiline the sweetest Sugarplum on blogosphere. She is so wise and yet so young, so skilled and so daring/darling! She always has a kind word and a sweet treat for everyone. I hope that life treats her well and see her dreams come true… go to N.Y. and get her studies finished on what she likes! You deserve it Emiline and I’m sure you will accomplish it. A big Bravo for you!!!

Heather, the heavyduty spicyfoodblogger, the sharpest mind in the blogosphere, she has this big heart under her strong f&&&&&& words. A hot tempered woman that will show you how to cook great dishes and have a good laugh too! Thanks for being there Heather and adding some hot spices to our “dishes”!!!

Please, all nominees should carry and pass the torch to others if you wish. It’s always nice to receive an award like this because it means that people care for you! Thanks again Val and Ivy!

There’s so many other foodiebloggers I would love to mention here, please don’t think I’m not with you… it’s only that I had to choose 5, but all foodies that show in my “Foodiebloggers I’d share a coffee with” section are considered good friends and you all have something special that makes me go back to your blogs so frequently!


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02/13/2008 · 10:19 h by Ivy

AAAh, Nuria, you’re so kind and considerate, you really deserve more and if I knew I could give more than one to a person I would have given Peter a second one as well.

02/13/2008 · 11:13 h by Peter M

Ahhh Nuria, chica…if I had a sister I’d want her to be like you!

You blog posts give me a smile each and every time. ;)

Muchos Gracias!

02/13/2008 · 11:59 h by Núria

Peter… If you were my brother I’d be having dinner at your house every night! Thank you querido!!!

02/13/2008 · 12:01 h by Núria

Ivy, I didn’t know I could, but I strongly felt I should!!!

I didn’t give one back to you because I already talked about you in the post, but I felt I should too!

02/13/2008 · 15:30 h by Bellini Valli

So glad that you were able to pass on this award Nuria. All of the people chosen, including yourself, deserve this award from you…nice really does matter. I will back up to my blog and put the meaning of the award back in. I think it is significant :D

02/13/2008 · 16:03 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

You and Ivy are so sweet for awarding me with this. It means so much. You are one of the nicest people in this blogosphere and I always make time for people who are such wonderful souls.

02/13/2008 · 16:13 h by Heather

Gosh, Núria, I don’t know what to say! But did you notice I found the button that adds the proper accent mark to your name (hold down alt and type 163 on the num pad, then let go of alt). úúú Easy as pie!

All the family talk makes me feel left out: Núria is like my hip auntie in sunny España. There, I feel better now.

Seriously, I’m the last person who should get a niceness award. :D Thank you for seeing my inner beauty, Núria!

02/13/2008 · 16:32 h by Mansi Desai

Hey Nuria! congrats on the award girl! you totally deserved it:) wish you tonnes of luck ahead!

02/13/2008 · 18:24 h by Emiline

Ohhh, thank you! You’re too sweet. This makes me feel better since I’m sick today.

You definitely deserve this award, and your blog is amazing.

02/13/2008 · 20:14 h by Núria

You are all GREAT!!!! I wish I could send you a plane ticket and invite you for a HUGE FOODIE PARTY, here in my house!!!! That would be fun… wouldn’t it?
:D :D :D :D :D

I’ll be taking a look back at this post whenever I feel depressed… Ahhhh you really get me high!

02/22/2008 · 0:59 h by katiez

I finally have a chance to read a blog or two… and I find this!
Muchas gracias, guapa!
You are sooo sweet!

02/22/2008 · 8:13 h by Núria

Hey Katie! I’m so happy you finally answered… I thought you didn’t like it!
Great, you deserve it!!!! Cheers to you!

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