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Time for a Meme and Awards

Is there anything better than eating some Iberian Acorn Ham?That's a difficult question... but I really do enjoy your company ☺... maybe not as much as a tapa of Iberian Acorn Ham but I'm happy I met you all♥I just got tagged by Valli from ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Sardines in a Pickle – Sardinas en Escabeche and an Award

Did you buy far too much Sardines? Did you see their silver skin shinning on the fishmonger's desk and thought... MMmmm I could have them grilled this Saturday and invite the family over... but then the weather turns rainy and stormy and you change ...


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Respect… ♪just a little bit ♫! And some Awards.

I wake up in the morning and Boleta looks at me... we all have breakfast together... I take a shower and get dressed and boleta looks at me... my daughter gets her things, we run to the door and boleta looks at me... with this eyes... ...


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Pork Loin in Salt and Herbs. And a Spanish Transport Strike!

There's a big transport strike here in Spain since Monday and everything is getting directly affected; there's nearly no fish left in the big markets, the meat's shelves at supermarkets are starting to get empty, fresh fruits and veggies are hard to find... Can you imagine?The ...


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Special dressing today: All you need is LOVE from The Beatles. (turn player on and get in the mood for love :)Sweetheart Ivy from Kopiaste has sent me this cute award!!!I'm kind of childish and I Love its design but most of all Love its ...


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Spring in a Jar – Arte y Pico Award

There's some things about Spring time that I LOVE! If I could put them in a jar and have it in my pantry shelf.... during winter cold and dark days I would open the jar and let the smells, sounds and colours fill the room and ...


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I Woooooooooonnnnnnnnnn the Click Concept Award!!!!!! Thank you to all the bloggers that voted and the judges and specially to Bee and Jai, the owners of one of the most beautiful designed blogs I've seen: Jugalbandi!!! :D Thank you guys! I love my new badge, I ...


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It’s All About the "E"

my friEnd bEn from what's cooking, thE bEst mExican food blog in thE blogosphErE has sEnt mE this award!!! bEn is such "buEna gEntE" as wE say hErE, it mEans hE is such a good pErson... I kEEp on finding good pEoplE among all of ...


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Nice Matters Award

Bella Enchanted is Genevieve's blog and this is the first time I hear of her blog. It's not exactly that I heard of her... I looked for the person who designed the Nice Matters Award because... (and here imagine myself jumping and clapping and smiling ...

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