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It’s All About the "E"

my friEnd bEn from what’s cooking, thE bEst mExican food blog in thE blogosphErE has sEnt mE this award!!! bEn is such “buEna gEntE” as wE say hErE, it mEans hE is such a good pErson… I kEEp on finding good pEoplE among all of you foodiEs!!! :D. I’m rEally happy and proud to bE part of this bEautiful comunitty!!!

if you havEn’t visitEd bEn’s blog yEt, plEase do and you will gEt rEal mExican dishEs and nicE and kind words always!!! Thanks so much amigo bEn!

spEcial drEEsing: quEEn (turn playEr on)

i think wE all dEsErvE this award, at lEast all foodiE bloggErs i’vE mEt up to day! wE all put so much Effort in our blogs’ dEsign, dishEs, picturEs, posts, words, commEnts… i won’t chEck this timE who has thE award and who hasn’t, i’vE just sEEn somE of you who uploadEd it last wEEk, but i want to givE it to all of the following, no mattEr you havE it alrEady or not. this is my rEcognition to your ExcEllEnt blog :D

jEnn from lEftovErquEEn – shE obviously has the “E
pEtEr from kalofagas – hE‘s got it too!!!
ivy from kopiastE, to grEEk hospitality - morEEs” for hEr
lEy from cilantro and limE - also thEE” shows
hEathEr from Gild the Voodoolily - shE‘s got it too!
lauriE from mEditErranEan cooking in alaska - frEEzing “Es”
bEllini valli from morE than a burnt toast - canadian swEEt “Es”
pEtEr from souvlaki for thE soul - gEt thEE” upsidE down and thErE you havE it!
EmilinE from sugar plum - sEE thE swEEtEst “Es”
mallory EllisE from thE salty cod - with a frEnch touch
katiE from thymE for cooking - shE has a good bunch
amy from wE arE nEvEr full - lots of “Es” thErE!!!
bEn from what’s cooking - back to you quErido!
pixiE from you say tomatoE i say tomatoE - thrEE in a row!!
bEE and Jai from jugalbandiExcEllEnt picturEs
mEEta from what’s for lunch honEy - thE bEauty and no bEast ;-)

and a gEnEral E to all foodiEs for thE good work!!! kEEp it up :D





02/25/2008 · 13:45 h by Bellini Valli

I am the first one at the gate to comment Nuria. Thank you so much for this award. This award has made the rounds and it is hard to keep track of who has received it and who hasn’t. I’m with you and there are so many bloggers that deserve this award. I thank you from the bottom of my heart…you are such a sweetie…and my name real name has 2 E’s in it..ValEriE :D…very creative :D

02/25/2008 · 15:56 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Whoa… that is one intEnsE post, ms. Nuria! But I have to agree it is well deserved on your part!

02/25/2008 · 16:19 h by ley

Awww, you’re so sweet!! Thank you! I agree that so many food bloggers are EXCELLENT- they put so much thought into their posts and their recipes! Thank you!

02/25/2008 · 18:59 h by Núria

Thank youuuuu ValEriE!!!♥

Yeah, it’s hard to read, ugh? Thanks Jenn. You also deserve it♥

Ley hope this mEdicinE helps you to get better soon!!!♥

02/25/2008 · 19:26 h by Ivy

Nuria I like what you’vE donE. VEry crEativE and difficult to writE. Thanks so much you dEsErvEd it.

02/25/2008 · 22:07 h by oreneta

Núria! I am sorry for the delay, I just realised that you came and visited my out the kitchen window post…thanks for coming by…I am definately looking forward to reading your check out BCN from my outsider’s eyes, and I’ll check out Spanish cooking with your insiders, m’kay?

02/26/2008 · 3:41 h by Ben

Wow, the post was a lot of fun to read. Did you know that the letter E is the most common letter in English? I bet you found that out when writing this post :D
I also believe it is the same for Spanish. I am not sure :/

And thank you querida amiga for giving it back to me :D We are all Excellent bloggers!

02/26/2008 · 5:21 h by Emiline

Wow, I’m dizzy! That looks like a foreign language to me.

Congrats to you!
And thank you so much!

02/26/2008 · 6:53 h by Pixie

mE EyEy arE spinning! haha…congrats on your well deserved award and thank you, you are so kind to spread the E to all your friends; i shall add you with thanks under my E ;)

p.s. artichoke recipe is up and ready!

02/26/2008 · 8:06 h by Núria

Hola Ivy!!! Thanks it was fun! You too deserve it!!! :D

Hola oreneta! Don’t worry :D I haven’t gone back to your block yet and I want to do that… I`ll see you again this week :D

Wow Ben! I didn’t know that the E was omniprEsEnt!!! I don’t know about Spanish… it could be.
Un abrazo, dear :D

Isn’t it hard to read Emiline? Thank you darling♥

Great news Pixie! I will go to your blog hopefully this afternoon and check the artichoke recipe!!!!

02/26/2008 · 10:51 h by vegeyum


(no E in that)

02/26/2008 · 11:16 h by Mallory Elise

ohhhh c’Est trop gEntil!!! merci mon amie!

02/26/2008 · 12:48 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Wow! That must havE takEn a whilE to typE. I just madE about 5 Errors typing this notE. WEll donE, Nuria! :)

02/26/2008 · 16:01 h by Núria

Thank you!!! (no E in that EithEr… ups!!!) Nice to see you here :D, Vegeyum!

Hola Mallory, he, he, so glad you likE it!!! Hasta la vista mon amie!!!

Hi there Susan! Yes it took a while. Thanks for coming over!!! I’ll go and see what you are up to :D

02/27/2008 · 6:11 h by Heather

You are such a pájara divertida, Núria! I think you are excellent, too, Suavecita. I have so much fun trying to learn new things to call you in Spanish – I hope it’s not lost in the translation! :P

02/27/2008 · 7:48 h by Núria

Heather, I love your spanish expresions… they are nearly spanish… they have this funny american touch!!! Muchas gracias chica picante♥ :D
Nothing gets lost in translation… you are so much fun!!!

03/01/2008 · 10:47 h by katiez

I think I’m dizzy….
Pero, muchas gracias… (I must get out my Catalan dictionary…)
That was vEry swEEt of you!
And you so dEsErvE it!!!!!

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