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Look for The Bare Necessities – Event

Special dressing: Mr. Baloo (turn player on)

This is not a Spanish Recipe. In fact, I couldn’t find anything Spanish with these 3 ingredients, that’s one of the reasons why I love The Monthly Joust at The Leftover Queen! I could think of many recipes containing Lemon and Seafood, but couldn’t imagine having coconut in the same dish. Val from More than a Burnt Toast chose these three ingredients for this month’s Joust because she won the last Event with a delicious Baby Ribs dish. Take your time to visit both blogs if you still don’t know Val or Jenn… You won’t regret it!!! They are great bloggers, great people♥
and excellent cooks!

I made a search in the internet and found one recipe I liked which I could adapt to my own way of cooking. It had no tittle and that’s why I want to call it The Bare Necessities: Coconut, Seafood and Lemon; simple food you could find in the jungle where Baloo and Mowgli lived… just grab the ingredients, follow the recipe and take it easy as Baloo preaches!

I had some problems with the coconuts (two of them were rotten inside) and had to throw them away. The month was getting to an end and I didn’t have my recipe posted for the Royal Joust… I was luckier with the next two cocos and the recipe turn out to be delicious! Thanks Val for choosing such exotic ingredients!


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03/30/2008 · 18:01 h by Ryan

Wow, nice recipe. How do you do the photo slide show? That looks really impressive!

03/30/2008 · 19:10 h by Ivy

Good job Nuria. Sounds like a great recipe.

03/30/2008 · 20:12 h by Heather

I really like the coconut bowl! I have never tried monkfish, but I always want to – if I can ever find it! That looks really tasty, Núria!

03/30/2008 · 20:16 h by Ben

Hola Nuria! you made it on time :D That is a nice and simple recipe that I’d love to try sometime. Good luck on the Joust this month :D

03/30/2008 · 22:52 h by Bellini Valli

I never doubted you could do it Nuria and come up with something delicious with these 3 ingredients. Coconut is very predominent in Thai and Asian cooking. You hit the mark with this dish:D

03/30/2008 · 23:01 h by Peter G

Very nice Nuria! The simplest things are often the tastiest and the best. I like this a lot! Good luck.

03/31/2008 · 1:15 h by Peter M

See, it’s fun cooking out of your comfort zone, eh Chica? Rica….Suave!!!!!!!!

03/31/2008 · 6:18 h by Pixie

Well done Nuria, you came up with a fabulous dish for the joust! Way to go!

03/31/2008 · 9:50 h by Núria

Hi Ryan and welcome!!!
Thanks for your kind words! Concerning the slide show, first you have to do a power point and upload it at and then embed in your post.

Thanks darling Ivy!

Hola Heather! Monkfish is one of my favourite fishes, the meat is exquisite!!!

Thanks querido Ben!

Thanks darling Peter!

Thanks for the confidence Val! My family enjoyed the dish!!!

Hola Peter! Yes, it’s been fun to try a different dish!

Thanks so much Pixie!

03/31/2008 · 14:34 h by Allen

Good job with your Joust entry — it sounds fantastic!

03/31/2008 · 16:14 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Great job on your entry. Loved the presentation! I was lucky with my coconut…it wasn’t rotten!

Good Luck in the joust!

03/31/2008 · 18:12 h by Núria

Thank you Allen and Judy! Best wishes for you too in the Joust!!!

04/01/2008 · 13:58 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Great job Nuria! This dish sounds so yummy! Despite all the trials you went through with your coconuts, this one turned out great! Best of luck! :)

04/01/2008 · 19:20 h by Núria

Thanks a lot Jenn! Yes I should have call it: adventures and disadventures of two coconuts in a Spanish kitchen!!! je, je

04/02/2008 · 9:03 h by Emiline

It’s so tropical! I love it. Great entry. Good luck to ya!

09/20/2008 · 3:31 h by Nathan

Hello it’s me again haha, surfing through your blog archives again I just enjoy reading them sometimes.

I make a realy good “Seafood” and “Coconut” type dish that is Filipino.

It is called “Ginataang Hipon” (translates to Shrimp in Coconut Milk) the sauce is strongly flavored with ginger and some garlic as a base. Very delicous I recommend it if you enjoy this combination.

It can be done with any type of seafood (clams, mussels, etc. Whatever you like just make sure it’s well cleaned, if using fish, you need to cut the fish in segments and salt, pepper and lightly fry it (kind of pan-fried or deep-fried) That way it doesn’t dissintegrate into the sauce.

Here in American (well where I live) we don’t have the type of quality seafood available in Spain most of the time so sometimes a pack of mixed frozen seafood is great in it to.

Here is the link:

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