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Citrics’ Marinated Tuna

My old PC broke!!!! And I wanted to have a party in my blog on Friday… some of the things I need are in the PC and don’t know if it will be fixed before Friday… Imagine snakes, skulls and pigs coming out of my mouth! I’ll try to come up with a solution… I hope!
You all know by now that I’m getting kind of fried here! The weather is humit and hot and I just cannot find enough ways to avoid the heat. The kitchen is Red Inferno these days and I only feel comfortable when I open the fridge!

So, it feels great to “cook” something without using the stove and thanks to this months’ Joust ingredients here you have a F.R.E.S.H. dish in capital letters!

Flavourful, Raw, Eadible any time, Simple and Healthy. Mr. Kalofagas has chosen the best ingredients for me this month! Thank you darling Peter :D. Eventhough, this is my first time with sesame and coriander there’s been no problem at all in using them and I’m thinking of adding these two new condiments to my dishes :D.

This is one of the reasons why I Do Love the LeftoverQueen’s Joust: I always learn something new and it’s such a wonderful challenge! All entries are top level… Hey, I mean it! Please get over there and check! This month, I know that I have nothing to do there… just take a look at Eating Club’s and More than a burn toast’s recipes, to mention a couple of recipes that left my mouth open for more than 10 seconds ;-)

But I keep on trying every month and hoping that one day I will get that Joust’s apron. If you like my dish, please get in the Forum and vote for me… I’ll be forever grateful :D

Now, this dish might look a bit Asian, but I got inspired in a Spanish Cooking Magazine… well it must be globalization… anyway, it’s so fresh and easy that you should all try it!

Ingredients for 4 servings: 600 grs of SuperFresh Tuna, 1 fresh lime, 1 fresh lemon, 1 fresh orange, some toasted sesame seeds, 4 extra virgin olive oil tablespoons, thick sea salt, 2 tablespoons of soya sauce, some fresh coriander springs, black ground pepper.

  • To avoid fresh fish parasits, first freeze the tuna!
  • Defroze inside the fridge.
  • Ask your fishmonger to clean and cut the tuna in dices and take away the fat and skin. When you get home, wash under tap water and place over kitchen paper to leave there all its blood.
  • Meanwhile, get the citrics juice. Strain and reserve.
  • Cut half the skin of the fruits in long strips and take away their white part because that could turn the dish bitter (the lime was really hard… I did what I could).
  • Place the tuna dices in a big bowl and pour the citrics juice on top. Take half of the citrics skin’s strips and pour inside the bowl too.
  • Add some salt and pepper and reserve in the fridge for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed turn the tuna so that it gets the citrics marination all over.
  • Wash and dry the coriander springs. Reserve.
  • Prepare a vinagrette with the olive oil and soya sauce, some coriander leaves, a bit of salt and pepper. Stir and add the other half of citric’s skin. Let it cool down in the fridge.

And now there’s two ways to eat this dish:

1st.- Strain the tuna dices and place in a long dish, sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and dress with the vinagrette sauce. Decorate with some citrics skin and coriander leaves.

2nd.- Strain the tuna dices and place in a new bowl. Mix half the citrics juice with the vinagrette, stir and pour on top of the tuna. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds and decorate with citrics skin and coriander leaves.

Have it cold with a fresh and young fruity wine… that would be my choice! Cheers :D


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07/30/2008 · 13:37 h by Peter G

Nuria this is excellent! I love how you have applied the Joust ingredients…the tuna looks so fresh and full of “summer”…bravo and buena suerte.

07/30/2008 · 14:37 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow! Nuria! This looks like it could be a winner this time! :) I just love how fresh and beautiful this dish looks! Such great stuff! :)

Sorry about your PC – hope all works out! I was looking forward to your party!

07/30/2008 · 15:32 h by Ivy

Yummy Nuria. Great dish.

07/30/2008 · 15:48 h by Krysta

this would be so good, it’s so hot around here and i don’t want anything heavy.

07/30/2008 · 17:19 h by Núria

Ai Peter! I wish the foodie God hears you ;-)Thanks darling! I had a great time preparing it… and eating it!!! lol

Hola Jenn, I stole my daugther’s computer for a while because she is watching her favourite tv serie. I’m working on that Friday Party… I had so much fun thinking about it! I only hope I get all things together and manage to post it by Friday!!!! Thanks so much sweetie :D

Ai Ivy, I know I haven’t gone to your blog for a while… please don’t be mad at me… I can’t catch your rythm! I’ll be there in no time sweetheart! And also, I remember every day about the musical meme… I just couldn’t do it :(

Then Krysta… this is your dish :D

07/30/2008 · 18:07 h by Laurie Constantino

Your dish looks yummy Nuria – a very worthy entry for the joust. As for your computer, I just had the same thing happen. We eventually were able to extract the data (thank God) but the computer was shot and I had to buy a new one. Computer problems are so very frustrating! Sending good thoughts your way…

07/30/2008 · 18:13 h by Ben

Nuria, you got my vote :) That tuna dish looks just to die for. Even though I am not a big fan of uncooked fish :)

07/30/2008 · 19:29 h by Peter M

Nuria, I can relate to how hot the kitchen gets…it’s the same in Greece.

I’m glad you met the challenge of the 3 ingredients I chose for the Joust. You dish is a celebration of tuna and the three ingredients…you are a diverse cook!

07/30/2008 · 20:47 h by Núria

You are so sweet Laurie! I can feel your good thoughts already getting here :D. I hope I can get my data back!!!! It’s part of my life!

Hola Ben :D. Muchas gracias Amigo!!! You are sooooo amable ;-)

Hola Peter :D. Thanks boy! I feel flattered!
Thank God, air conditioning has been invented ;-)

07/31/2008 · 0:39 h by Bellini Valli

Thank you for the mention Nuria but I must say there are some extraordinary dishes in the Joust Nuria…including yours which make it a tough decision. It is just so much fun to particpate and come up with something!!!!

07/31/2008 · 1:20 h by We Are Never Full

oh nuria, i am totally with you on cooking in the heat. in fact, only about an hour ago I had a breakdown in my kitchen! I was making pasta and i didn’t have enough hot water and i was sweating so bad from the heat that i got so mad and flustered i started screaming at the pasta and had to go outside to ‘cool down’ for a few moments!

I think you’ve got a great chance to win the joust with this one! and you can’t get any simpler with a recipe!! great job.

07/31/2008 · 7:07 h by katiez

I’d happily send you some of our cool weather… too bad about your PC… Mine is having problems, too… I’m hoping it hangs in for awhile longer.
Lovely tuna… and the Ajo Blanco…. Yum!!!! Can I have them together, please?

07/31/2008 · 9:30 h by Núria

You are so right Val! Participating is wonderful… but winning must be toooooooo much!!!!
I’m very competitive ;-)

Amy, your describtion of one of your brightest moments… made me laugh, I could nearly see you :D. I bet that the heat you get in N.Y. and the one here are very similar.
Thanks for your encouraging words, sweetheart!

Please Katie, send a couple of big clouds and some cool breeze ;-)
You can have ración doble, darling!

08/01/2008 · 11:15 h by kittie

This is such a beautiful dish Núria!! Perfect for a summer day…

08/08/2008 · 19:27 h by toontz

Congrats, Nuria, on placing in the Joust!

08/08/2008 · 20:46 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Oh, Nuria, this looks absolutely fantastic!

I was out of town when you posted – so sorry to be late. I hope your pc situation is solved soon!

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