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Clams’ Rice – Event

Today the special dressing for this Clams’ Rice will be really special!!! Elly from Elly says Opa! has had this beautiful idea for an original Event… combine a dish with music!!! EAT TO THE BEAT! He, he, he, this is the house specialty! :D

Eventhough, it’s hard to believe… there is a connection between this Clams’ Rice and “Siete novias para siete hermanos” that in english would be “Seven brides for seven brothers”. As I told in a previous post, when I was a kid, my mom used to follow the same pattern for lunches and dinners, and weekends were not different: we usually had Paella! We all loved paella and I could have two plates easily!!! I was lucky to have an incredible metabolism that would burn every single grain of rice.

Sundays were special because my mom wouldn’t rush into our bedroom in the morning shouting: get up, it’s late! Time to go to school!!! Instead, my father would put some Long plays in our old player and we would awake with the sound of Beatles songs, Jimmy Fontana latest hit, Julie Andrews signing the Sound of music, or some Henry Mancinni themes… He had a variated musical taste ;-). One of my favourites was the barn’s sequence of Seven brides for seven brothers, not only the music but also seeing those young dancers and that energic dance in the new barn with the girls’ coloured dresses and the boys’ old fashioned bright shirts… I always wished I was one of the girls!!!

And after a good Paella and a full belly it was time for a movie session with the family. I remember seeing this movie for the first time when I was…. young… I LOVED IT ♥ And I’ve seen it a million times after that day and I’m not tired of it!

Here you have the Barn Scene for those of you who are nostalgic, who enjoy old movies, who wanted to be a dancer when were young, blablabla.

If you want the recipe for Paella follow the link. This Clams’ Rice is not a Paella but it has some things in common and it’s easier. Hope you enjoy both♥

•Ingredients for 4 servings: ½ kilo of big clams, 1 green pepper, 5 garlic cloves, 3 artichokes, 1 glass and a half of bomba rice or bahia, 4 and a half glasses of fish stock, salt, parsley and olive oil.
•For the fish stock: Fish bones you have in the fridge, hake or monkfish heads, some crab legs (if you have), 1 onion, 1 leek, 3 garlic cloves, 1 onion and some salt.
•For the final dressing: smash in a morter 1 garlic clove, 4 springs of fresh parsley, 3 saffron strings and salt.

•First of all, get a pot with 2 litters of water and when it boils add some salt and all the ingredients of the stock. When it boils again, take the white foam away and keep it boiling for 15 to 20 minutes. Reserve.

•Meanwhile, have some olive oil in a big saucepan, when hot, add the artichoke in pieces, when golden add the garlic cloves, when their smell gets to your nose, add the green pepper finely minced and stir until done. Add some salt.

•The clams should be clean and washed in different watters before you add them to the pan. If you have them in water and salt, they will leave the sand they have inside. Have the heat low to medium and throw the clams in.
•Cover them for 3 minutes aprox and when they open

•Take them away. Reserve in a plate. Stir the veggies and add the rice. Have the heat medium/high and stir the rice so that it gets all juices.
•Watch that it doesn’t stick to the pan.

•Add the glasses of boiling fish stock and stir. Taste and add some salt if needed. Stir a bit and let cook at high/medium heat for 15 minutes.
•If you see it gets dry before that time, add some more stock (just a bit) and low down the heat.

•Meanwhile prepare a dressing with 4 springs of fresh parsley, 3 saffron strings, 1 garlic clove and salt.

•Add the clams to the rice and the final dressing. If the morter dressing is too thick use a bit of fish stock to get it into the pan and cook for 5 more minutes. Turn off the heat and cover for another 5 minutes.
•Here you have one delicious meal for a Sunday family celebration!

•Notice that depending on rice type you will need different measures of stock!


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02/27/2008 · 15:51 h by Elly

Núria, this looks really delicious and I just love the story behind it. Thank you so much for such a great entry to the event!

02/27/2008 · 16:05 h by Peter M

Nuria, this clam dish is spectacular…I am slayed!

This movie was on tv here just last week.

02/27/2008 · 17:00 h by Pixie

Sounds wonderful Nuria, what time shall I be over for dinner? Can’t wait to make paella again and follow your recipe for it!

02/27/2008 · 21:25 h by amy

This looks absolutely fabulous. We made your fiduea the other night – I’ll blog about it soon. It was AWESOME and so much better than the old recipe I used to use! Saffron really is worth every penny. Also, Nuria, I’m still going to do my meme! PROMISE! We finally just got our new website up and running, so now we can be back to normal. – amy @

02/27/2008 · 22:02 h by Mallory Elise

oh god, paella. you wrote about paella. i loved the paella. mmmmmmmm. among top 10 favorite edible dishes. (though i dont know what an inedible dish is) i’m the first comment! sweet! it’s because i just posted too. late night posters!

02/28/2008 · 5:39 h by Bellini Valli

Thanks for sharing your stories Nuria :D Sunday mornings are for sleeping in. As a child at our home we would hear we would hear Johnny Cash, Tiny Tim, and Vera Lynn and the Singing Nuns…quite eclectic choice in music as well:D

02/28/2008 · 8:02 h by Núria

Hi Elly! I love food and I love music! Couldn’t think of a better Event :D

Thanks Peter! So glad you like it… now you should try it :D

Hola Pixie! You are welcome anytime: dinner or lunch :D Paella is better at lunch time, we could set that one and for dinner Pa amb tomaquet i Pernil – some iberian acorn ham… Like the menu??? ;-)
So it seems you decided to perform my paella. Perfect, any tips or advise, just ask!

Hola Amy! You did my fideua?????? Oohhhh I’m so happy it turn out good and you enjoyed it!!!!! You know you are the first one performing one of my dishes and comenting/posting about it?
thanks sweetheart!
I’ll be checking to see that post and your new blog ♥

Good morning Starshine! Que tal, Mallory? Isn’t Paella the best culinary invention? I love it too! I’m going to see your late night post now :D

Wow Valli, Signing Nuns… That’s a special way to wake up!!!! :D Seeing the photo of your daddy some posts away, I would have guessed Johnny Cash but not the rest ;-)

02/28/2008 · 11:35 h by Ben

Hola hermosa amiga :D

I love clams and this dish looks spectacular. I love paella, too, so I will make sure to follow that link and make it the authentic way :D

Besos gordos y muchos abrazos!

02/28/2008 · 14:28 h by Núria

Tú sí que eres guapo, Ben! You make me smile with your compliments!!! Thank you querido! If you ever do this paella, pleaseeeee let me know!!!! Que tengas un día maravilloso!!!

02/28/2008 · 19:03 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That picture looks great Nuria! Something so simple is so delicioso! Great post for the event!

02/29/2008 · 7:58 h by Núria

Hola Jenn! Thank you!!! I just wish I could cook one like this for you one day♥

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