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Just for Fun!!! ☺☺☺

Girls and Boys… I’m happy to introduce you to Mr. CyberPotato!!! Run to your kitchen, ask your mom or dad to help you and do your own!

There’s few ingredients involved and this could turn a boring rainy afternoon into a funny game!

It all started when I went to Emiline’s blog and saw that she participated at the Domestic Violence Awareness Event at Diary of a fanatic Foodie. I wanted to participate in this one so badly… I gave for granted that it would last until the end of October (that’s what happens when you give things for granted… you miss them!). You can see here the round up, it was last Monday!!!! Sorry Heather, maybe next time

Anyways, it was a great scape for my creativity and that is why nearly everything involved in this post is purple.
During my youth, I had an experience I want to forget that drove me to spread the word… Not that anybody beated me… it was more of a psychological miss treatment… I won’t talk about it. Isn’t it nicer to love and be loved?
So, the ingredients for this Warm Purple Potato Salad are the following: 3 medium purple potatoes, 4 medium monalisa potatoes, some lettuce, some carrots strings, some black olives, thick sea salt and extra virgin olive oil (feel free to dress it the way you like it better).

  • Prepare your purple potatoes puree with some butter, chicken stock, olive oil and salt (or the way you usually prepare it)
  • Boil the monalisa potatoes, and when they cool down cut them in thick slices. Chop the olives. Clean and wash the lettuce and carrots.
  • Present your dish with the potato layers and the salad in front :D

Girls, women, chicas… if you suffer from a Violence situation, please, ask for help and scape from it! Don’t put up with an abuser! Things will get better :D


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10/24/2008 · 17:31 h by StickyGooeyCreamyChewy

How adorable! This would be a perfect recipe to make with the kids!

10/24/2008 · 18:57 h by Ivy

Your cyber-potato is so cute. Another lovely event to bring awareness and people who are abused in any way should find the courage to report it.

10/24/2008 · 22:37 h by Peter G

I love your creativity chica! This is really cute.

10/25/2008 · 2:56 h by Emiline

Oh man! It’s too bad you didn’t get it in on time. I have trouble keeping up with the events. I hardly participate.

This is lovely and so very purple!

10/25/2008 · 8:53 h by Núria

Hola Susan! Those of us who have kids, know about it, don’t we? ;D Thanks, dear.

He, he! HOla Ivy :D Don’t know who had best time here… I think I did ;D

Thanks Peter :D

Hola Emiline! Yes it’s pretty hard to be everywhere! But I want to contribute… I like it :D. Thanks for your words, sweetie.

10/25/2008 · 14:49 h by Bellini Valli

I am sorry that I missed this event too Nuria. Love is what makes the world a better place and it should always be that way.

10/25/2008 · 17:22 h by Elly

A beautiful and fun dish! I adore purple potatoes.

10/26/2008 · 14:34 h by maybelle's mom

indeed, domestic violence is a global problem. I think this is a sweet way to think about the other kind of family lives, those that are caring.

10/26/2008 · 20:03 h by ley

I love your little slideshow of faces for this!! It’s so cute!!

I’m sorry I missed this one, too! I found out about it on the last day. :( I’ve done a couple papers on domestic violence, and I think it’s absolutely horrible. Violence of any kind is deplorable, but especially when it’s among people you trust.

10/26/2008 · 20:07 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Such an important notice and a wonderful way to turn things around. I love the purple… I kept wondering, “purple?” “What does she have that’s purple?”

Purple potatoes is a great solution!

10/27/2008 · 3:54 h by Mallory Elise

this is very dorky Nuria, and very sad at the same time. i would make my little potato plate a :(

say hi to my sister for me!!!!!!

10/27/2008 · 5:53 h by Nazarina A

I have just discovered your blog and may I just say that I soooo wish I could eat your black rice dish right now!
Domestic violence is a global concern and we definitely should all be proactive in silencing this abuse!

10/27/2008 · 8:23 h by Núria

Si señora, Val! Love makes the world go round!!!!

Hola Elly, It was my first time eating them and won’t be the last :D

Thanks for your sweet words Mybelle’s mom!

Hola Ley! I think you still keep that little girl inside ;D. Thanks honey!

Hola Jen! Should we all go back to the peace and flowers hippy ages?

Mallory I’m seeing her in 1 hour :D. Yes, I will say hi from you ;D

Thanks so much Nazarina and welcome to Spanish Recipes! I would gladly share my black rice with you :D :D

10/28/2008 · 19:39 h by glamah16

Very crative. Before you know it youll be working for Fernan Adria.

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