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Stuffed PotatO with Allioli Gratin & I’m the winner of the O FOODS Contest!!!!

Wooooooweeeeeee!!! Hey everybody! I won! I won! I won the O Foods Event :D :D! I feel like a balloon right now… I’m floating and flying to the moon… pull that string down or I will just dissappear :D.

You don’t know what I’m talking about? Really? Remember my Octopus in a Stew recipe? That was my entry for the O Foods Event –September has been the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of Gina DePalma, author of Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen and Executive Pastry Chef of Babbo Ristorante in NYC, who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Sara of Ms Adventures in Italy, Jenn of The Leftover Queen, and Michelle of Bleeding Espresso have been hosting this event.

From here, my support and positive energy to all women going through this tough experience… You can make it, girls!

If you want to help, please donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Thanks Jenn, Michelle and Sara for hosting the Event and thanks for choosing my recipe among all fantastic entries! Please take a look to the succulent round up at Michelle’s blog.

This PotatO recipe is my particular way to show you my gratitude!!!

To make this recipe we will need some potatoes, of course, and also some Butifarras. Butifarra is a pork sausage typical from Catalonia. There’s many of them and this will try to be a guide for you in the “butifarras’ world” ;D. Peter, hope you find this post of interest and helps you saciate your curiosity on this catalan sausage :D.

Here you will see just a few of them. Ok, first on your bottom right side there’s the Basic
* Butifarra: raw shoulder meat, bacon viad and black ground pepper and salt wrapped in pork tripe’s skin.
* Butifarra blanca means white butifarra and it’s done with: copper pluck and hearts, and when they are cooked is mixed along with the tips of the remaining tummy and a little bacon fat. Dressed with salt and pepper and stuffed into tripe or pork thin skin.
* Butifarra negra means black butifarra and it’s done with: meat from the pig’s head, feet, kidneys, hearts, pluck, chin and blood and, sometimes, to thicken the mixture bread is added. Stuffed into tripe or pork skin and cooked. It is a very tasty sausage.
* Bisbe or Bull has also blood as an ingredient, along with fatty cuts of the head and offal.
* There’s many other catalan Butifarras/Sausages such as: Butifarra catalana, butifarra d’ou (egg), Butifarra de perol (from the casserole), Butifarra dolça (sweet)… and many more that will be shown in another day’s post.

You can find my recipe for allioli here. See how thick it is? You will love it this way :D. If you want to find this typical catalan mortar, click here and buy it online.

Now to the recipe! Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 big potatoes, 1 big onion, 1 leek, 2 Butifarras (400 grs aprox), 1 butifarra negra (black sausage – 100 grs aprox), 2 carrots, salt, olive oil and parsley. Plus allioli ingredients.

  • Place the cleaned potatoes in a big pot (don’t peel them). Cover with cold salty water and bring to a boil. Cook until they are done. To know when, insert a toothpick. If it gets in and out easily then they are cooked.
  • In a big sauce pan pour some olive oil (enough to cover the surface), open the butifarras and cook the meat inside, when done, add the carrots cut in small dices, stir and after 1 minute add the chopped onion and the leek, when tender and transparent, add the black sausage (butifarra negra) until it dissolves. Sprinkle with the minced parsley. Turn heat off and reserve.
  • When the potatoes are cooked, strain and let cool down.
  • When cold, cut in half, carefully empty them and place in the sauce pan with the butifarras mixture. Stir until it becomes a paste and use it to stuff the empty potatoes. Taste and add salt if you wish.
  • Prepare allioli and pour on top.
  • Gratin in the oven until it changes the allioli colour.

This has been an authentic Delish!!!! Soooo good :D. You can buy butifarras on line here, or use similar local ingredients :D
You can have them gratin or not… what do you prefer?

Enjoy this dish and enjoy life!!!


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10/06/2008 · 12:00 h by Bellini Valli

The prize couldn’t have gone to a better person Nuria. Let us know what you find for yourself on Amazon. Congratulations!!!!!! The potato dish is excellent too:D

10/06/2008 · 12:50 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Congrats Nuria! I agree with Valli! :) I think Peperoncino must have a secret crush on Boleta ;)

Thanks again so much for all of your work. I will be getting the details to you about the gift certificate today! :)

10/06/2008 · 13:27 h by Peter G

Si! Congratulations mi amiga! Very well deserved. Now, that potato dish looks so rich and flavoursome. I love the aioli on top Nuria! Yum!

10/06/2008 · 15:16 h by Candy

Congrats! And this recipe looks so tasty!

10/06/2008 · 15:27 h by Mallory Elise

damn those look so bloody good….

hahahaha no no youre computer is right—i did make a post—but i only left it up for 1 day because i felt like a git having “hey everyone look at me i won!! woo im so good!” bla bla up, and i figured new people might go to my blog—so i didnt want that to be the first post for them to see. my cinnamon rolls are much prettier. hehe.

yes! i told her she has a hook up in barcelona! i told her to take much adavantage of you because ONE she speaks no spanish (like me) two she is gluten intolerant (like me) and three—i dont know if she is like this as i am, but i said, THIS BARCELONIAN KNOWS HAM!!! AND THIS IS THE BEST HAM IN THE WORLD!! hehe.


10/06/2008 · 15:42 h by Maryann

Congrats girly! You deserve it! xox

10/06/2008 · 16:15 h by Dee

Congrats Nuria! The octopus was a brilliant choice!
Now, I gotta get me some Butifarras, too :)

By the way, I properly linked to you in my fish recipe. It tasted great – thanks for the inspiration.

10/06/2008 · 16:26 h by Chocolate Shavings

Congratulations on winning!

10/06/2008 · 18:08 h by Teresa Cordero Cordell

Congratulations Nuria! The award is well deserved! Your recipe is priceless. Congratulations to everyone on spreading the word about Ovarian Cancer. MUST BE WIPED OUT!!!

10/06/2008 · 18:16 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Congrats on the big win Nuria!!!

10/06/2008 · 18:30 h by Núria

Thanks Valli! The potatO dish could be one of your favourites if you’d try it :D

Hola Jenn! I got the gift!!!! Aaaahhh too excited to use it right now… Have to think it twice and do not go too fast on this… what will I pick? :D :D :D

Thanks Peter! This potatO dish has surprised me! SOOO GOOOOOD :D and yeah, the allioli makes the difference :D

Thanks so much Candy!

He, he, Mallory! I’m just doing everything you said you didn’t do… don’t feel shy about it… it’s great! More than great!!! that you won the two Click prizes!!!! You should SHOUT about it… it’s good news!!!! And yes, you are sooooo gooooood :D :D

If your sister gets in touch, I’m taking her for an Iberian Acorn Ham tapa to that shop you went… he, he, you should have done the same, darling :D…. Maybe next year ;D

Thanks so much Maryann!!! I’m loving it♥

Thanks Dee!!! So happy you enjoy it :D.
Thank you for linking me, I appreciate that darling :D. That fish of yours looked incredible :D

Welcome to Spanish Recipes Chocolate Shavings!!! And thanks so much :D

Muchas gracias Teresa! It was such an easy recipe… so glad you liked it :D. Yeap! Lets swip it out!!!!

Thanks s♥ much Judy :D.

10/06/2008 · 19:04 h by Ben

Congratulations my friend! You deserved to win for this delicious dish. Those bufitarras look like Mexican chorizo, we have them in many different colors and flavors. Nice dish altogether :)

10/06/2008 · 22:21 h by Nathan

Wish I had that much variety of Butifarras here in Southern California. I like potatoes any way they are presented period ha ha.

Oh talking about mortars and pestle’s I had a nice one made of marble and well it lasted less than a year I guess I used to much force when mashing things because the pestle broke a huge chunk of it cracked off also my grandmother had a wooden one and one day it just cracked in half when she was making “Mojo de Ajo”

10/06/2008 · 22:41 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Congrats, Nuria! I echo Val and Jenn and the others. Yay!!! SO good to see all your creativity and warmth rewarded.

And what a lovely NEW recipe!

10/07/2008 · 0:40 h by Passionate About Baking

CONGRATS Nuria…YAY YAY YAY!! You really deserved this…what a great great win! Am dancing a jig for you!! BTW, these potatOes are delicious! YUM!!

10/07/2008 · 1:57 h by Elly

Congratulations on your win, Nuria! This stuffed potato looks way too good! I’m drooling.

10/07/2008 · 2:59 h by Darius T. Williams

You should have won – this looks really good!


10/07/2008 · 4:22 h by Bren@ Flanboyant Eats

felicidades, mujer!!

10/07/2008 · 4:28 h by noobcook

Congratulations on your win … it is so deserving … and nice photos too! =)

10/07/2008 · 17:39 h by Heather

Núria, you are so butifarra to me. (Get it?) Those potatoes are beautiful too. :)

10/07/2008 · 17:56 h by Núria

Thank you Ben :D. We also have many different kinds of chorizos but butifarras and chorizos are not similar here at all… very different things.

Ha, ha Nathan! Treat your mortars nicely, chico! As we say here: más vale maña que fuerza ;D Do you know this one?

Hola sweet Jen! Thanks darling :D

Deeba… you are too funny :D… A jig? then I’m dancing cha cha cha ;D

Hola Elly! thanks sweetheart♥. No leftovers from these potatoes ;D

Thanks Darius!

Gracias Bren!!!!

Hola Noobcook! Thanks so much… I’m enjoying food photography so much lately ;D

Heather, I don’t really get it ???? You are a bit of a hieroglyphic to me. You mean I’m so… catalan? long nosed? porky? what????

10/07/2008 · 18:46 h by Emiline

Great-sounding recipe!

Congrats on winning! That’s amazing!

10/08/2008 · 13:38 h by Peter M

Nuria, thank you so much for posting in detail the buttifara sausage and yes, the black one I’ve seen at the market…a blood sausage.

I will buy and try it out in some dishes.

Gracias chica!

10/08/2008 · 15:17 h by Núria

Thanks Emiline!

Aaaahhh Great, Peter! Please let me know what you cook with it!!! I’m expectant :D

10/08/2008 · 21:40 h by Nathan

Nope I haven;t heard that saying but now that I know it I’m gonna use it :)

10/09/2008 · 8:19 h by kittie

Nuria, congratulations on your win – I’m so pleased for you. Highly deserved too!

Interesting post on buttifara – I will investigate the next time I am in the sausage deli (Yes, I have a sausage deli – right near work!!)

10/09/2008 · 12:49 h by Ivy

Hip, hip, hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Brava chica. Congratulations!! I am very happy for you. You so deserve it and I am sorry that I was not well to vote at the Joust as I had promised. Next time.

10/09/2008 · 17:52 h by We Are Never Full

no one is more deserving!

i would love to reach into my computer screen and steal that butifarra blanca!

10/11/2008 · 3:47 h by Psychgrad

Congratulations Nuria! So many exciting events and recipes on your blog. Great job!

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