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Summer Salad with Duck’s Ham


There’s a saying here in Spain that goes: ¿Querías caldo? ¡Toma 2 tazas! The literal translation would be: Did you want a broth? Here you have 2 cups! It means that you were wishing for something and all of a sudden you are getting that “something” everyday or very often.

Here we wanted rain… and we DID HAVE RAIN!!!! See the difference between the pictures? This amount of water has been achieved during the month of May. So, pleaseeeee we have had enough water, could we have a little bit of sun now? I want to start eating salads!!!

Salads are one of my favourite dishes during hot summer days. Easy to prepare, no heat involved, fresh and healthy ingredients… in summary a great starter or a wonderful side dish, as you prefer!

You will have this salad fixed in no time and your guests will love it! The cured duck’s ham will give it a nice twist.

Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 orange, different types of lettuce (you can use the ones you like better), 100 grs of duck’s cured ham, some walnuts, 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, salt and black ground pepper.

  • Get all ingredients clean and peeled: peel the orange, wash the lettuce and dry it, get the walnuts out of their shells and open the ducks’ package.
  • Prepare the dressing: in a small bowl, pour the vinegar, the salt, the olive and pepper and whisk until all ingredients get mixed. Reserve.
  • Serve the salad in a bowl: first place the lettuce leaves, the orange cut in pieces, and the ducks’ ham (I “showed” my ham to a hot sauce pan for some seconds, but you can have it as it comes too). Add the dressing on top. Mix carefully and add the walnuts.

Today the day started with a beautiful sun entering my kitchen’s window :D


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06/18/2008 · 13:35 h by Dharm

That looks just superb Nuria! I’ve never heard of Duck Ham before and this dish is making me hungry – even though I just ate about 2 hours ago….

06/18/2008 · 13:38 h by Peter M

We’ve getting alot of rain too..too much!

I love this duck ham…it looks like bacon and duck has enough fat for it..yum!

06/18/2008 · 14:24 h by Núria

Hey Dharm!!! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D, I’m so happy you finally decided to leave a comment here :D.
Thanks for your nice words! Ducks’ ham is very tasty and easy to find here… you are welcome to my table!

Ah Peter… but you live in Canada and you are supposed to get lots of rain to have that wonderful landscapes… but this is Spain… we are supposed to be fried already!!! and our forests are full of autum mushrooms!!!! Amazing! I love duck’s ham too!

06/18/2008 · 14:25 h by Bellini Valli

I just love salads in the summer…I live on them daily so am always searching out new recipes. It has been sunny and hot all week (so fra) but rain once again by the weekend. Here comes the sun…………………..

06/18/2008 · 16:56 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That is an absolutely GORGEOUS salad Nuria! All the beautiful colors just SCREAM summer. It has been gray and raining like crazy here too! But I am still loving my salads! :) Hope sun comes to you soon!

06/18/2008 · 17:23 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Hmmm. Duck Ham??? How could that not be good?

I feel your pain on the rain. We were so dry but now when ever it rains (about 3 times a day!) it floods!

06/18/2008 · 17:53 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

This looks absolutely delicious, Nuria! As you know, I love my salads!

06/18/2008 · 18:49 h by Meeta

Oh Nuria! Now that does look gorgeous. I love the colorful salad and the ham is so exquisite.

06/18/2008 · 18:56 h by Núria

Hola Chicas :D

Val, if your salad has potatoes in it, then you are the happier person on earth! Isn’t that true? ;-)

Thanks so much sweet Jenn :D The weather forecast is announcing very high temperatures for the weekend and no more rain! Yuuuujjjjjjjuuuuuuu!

Judy, I have to look for my doggy’s picture in the pool and send it over to you… or even better, this weekend we are off and will do some shootings sesions ;-)

Thanks so much Jen :D. My man thinks that salads are cows’ food ;-) But this one he enjoyed!

06/18/2008 · 21:06 h by Ann

As soon as I saw this I rushed off to google “Duck’s Ham” and now I am desperate to taste it! What a beautiful salad you have made!

06/19/2008 · 0:41 h by Familia Cazorla Wood

Wow, Nuria, that looks delicious! Can I try it with prosciutto or coppa?

06/19/2008 · 6:50 h by Núria

Hola Meeta :D. Reading your words makes me think that you have already tasted duck’s ham… I had it vacuum packed since Xmas, waiting for its moment ;-)

He, he… Ann: hope you find it… it’s really good :D

Hola familia! I had to look for Coppa in internet… first time I hear about it! Yes, I think it could go well with either prosciutto or coppa, even Iberian acorn ham! Enjoy it :D

06/19/2008 · 20:42 h by Familia Cazorla Wood

coppa is like an italian version of canha de lomo. we really only get good italian charcuteria here, not spanish. cheers!

06/20/2008 · 7:56 h by Núria

Thanks Familia! I looked up the meaning of coppa in internet and found the meaning… but thanks so much for telling me, that’s so kind of you :D

It’s a pity you don’t get spanish charcuteria, maybe in a near future the rules change ;-). Have a nice weekend darling!

06/21/2008 · 6:27 h by We Are Never Full

whoa. we had duck jamon in madrid in january and we’re still talking about it. drool.

06/22/2008 · 10:34 h by Núria

Hey… next package could have some duck’s ham too ;-)

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