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Is Little Red Ridding Hood lost in the WOODS? Click it!

Fairy tales are such a wonderful inspiration source. The Little Red Ridding Hood was one of my favorites back to my childhood and the moral of the story is still so true. I’m tired to see on the TV all these girls in her early 15s or 16s found dead by the river side or in the woods… I can’t help it… I see my daughter full of innocence and I shiver! Will we ever be save of that?
So, be careful little girls and young women, there’s wolves hiding behind the WOODS!!! I’m really serious about it!
This post is my entry to Click, one of my favourite events hosted by Jugalbandi. The theme this month is WOOD and this is what I came out with: Stuffed Red Tomatoes. A different way to eat a salad :D.

There’s nearly no cooking involved, you just have to boil the eggs and that’s it… done in no time!

Spring is in the corner… get your salads updated!

Want to know what a Mediterranean salad is about?
Want to surprise everyone with a new ingredient in your salad? Try this one with Duck’s ham!
Want to know what a Spanish Russian Salad is about? Sounds funny, doesn’t it?


Ingredients for 4 servings: 4 red tomatoes, 1 can of tuna fish (in olive oil), 1 medium green onion, 2 eggs, extra virgin olive oil, 4 fresh basil leaves, salt and black ground pepper. Feel free to add some olives too.

Cut the tomatoe's head, empty it and reserve its meat in a bowl. Boil the eggs and when done and cold cut in small dices and put in the bowl. Throw the tuna can in, the green onion chopped in small dices, the minced basil leaves, some extra virgin olive oil, salt and black ground pepper. Stir and get the flavours mixed together and fill the tomatoes with the mixture.
Have it cold with some lettuce or with some mayonnaise or allioli.



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03/09/2009 · 17:44 h by Happy cook

They look so cute and beautiful.

03/09/2009 · 17:51 h by bee

your CLICK entries always make me smile. very clever. :)

03/09/2009 · 18:36 h by Joan Nova

Your photos told the whole story of Little Red Riding Hood. Great job! Bravo!

03/09/2009 · 22:01 h by janetching

This is so creative, very nice Nuria and thanks for sharing your story!

03/09/2009 · 22:56 h by Peter G

You always very creative Nuria! The wooden setting depicts the story very well. Que Bueno!

03/10/2009 · 1:12 h by we are never full

you crack me up – very creative. are you sure you’re not smoking the wacky tobacco (if you know what i mean)?? kidding!! you’re just this crazy, in a good way! that’s why we love ya.

03/10/2009 · 1:44 h by Passionate About Baking

Those stories scare me too Nuria…send a shiver down my spine. One can never be too careful these days. Love love love your woody click & the salad. Simple & like a style statement. Hello Spring…xoxoxo

03/10/2009 · 4:26 h by Ning

I love your creation! Very creative Nuria! :)

03/10/2009 · 12:06 h by Ivy

You’re so creative Nuria and so good with children’s stories. Have you ever thought of writing a cookbook with recipes mums would like to cook for their children and with a fairy tale to go with it?

03/10/2009 · 12:50 h by wynsters the tigress

i can’t tell from your pics, are those cherry tomatoes, or medium sized tomatoes?

03/10/2009 · 14:12 h by Peter M

Nuria, it’s better to be open, honest and not shelter children. They must know that it’s a wonderful world but there are dangers too. Think of the ocean…at times calm, serene, reflective…other times angry, turbulent and cruel.

Such is life.

03/10/2009 · 18:02 h by Núria

Thanks so much Happy Cook :D

Bee: ♫ When you smile, I can see you were born, born for me♪ la la la lara lara la la…

Thanks so much darling Joan :D

Gracias Janet and Peter!

Amy, I quitted the wacky tobacco many many years ago… just some side effects, if you know what I mean ;D. So glad you liked it!

Hola Sweet Deeba! I would love to go through my daughters’ teen years in a month!!!!! Will gladly accepts some suggestions ;D
xoxoxo to you too!

Thanks so much Ning :D

Aaaaahhhh Ivy!!!! I love your idea♥♥♥. Really do!!!!! Wrote it down in my ideas note book… maybe one day :D will see the light! THANKS!

They are medium sized tomatoes Wynsters the tigress. Welcome to my blog :D.

Hola Peter! Thanks for the advise, but chico eventhough I know you are right, I cannot help it… I guess one has to be a mother to feel that way.

03/10/2009 · 20:41 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Hey Nuria! I love love love these fabulous photos! It really brings everything to life!

I know having kids can be tough…I only have stepdaughters, but they do wind up in some troubles every once in a while. …

03/11/2009 · 3:49 h by MsGourmet

Your photos are wonderful and Ortiz is my favourite tuna!

03/11/2009 · 12:04 h by Miriam

Hola, Núria:

Hace poco tiempo que sigo tu blog y me gusta mucho, gran idea hacerlo en inglés. Por cierto, saladísima la escenografía del tomate perdido en el bosque, jajaja. Visita mi blog, también hablo de recetas, aunque en plan de andar por casa.


03/12/2009 · 4:12 h by veggie belly

I love the fork trees..very well executed! you are creative!

03/17/2009 · 1:30 h by Ben

Nuria, I really wish there were more moms like you. Your advice to young girls is very serious, but at the same time you seem to capture the attention of the young.
Anyway, great pictures! I am also participating in that event and I wish you the best of lucks :D

03/30/2009 · 6:06 h by Rajee

Great and brilliant ideas.

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