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I just came back from Dublin, Ireland. And I just fell in love with their people, their streets, their pubs, their guinness beer, their irish coffees, their good mood, their food, their music, their proudness… What a lovely country!
I spend four days in Dublin, my husband went there for work and I went for vacation. I met two other “girls” whom also accompanied their husbands: Núria and Aitana. We didn’t know each other and we immediately connected! The first day we visited the city and had such a good time! Aitana had been living there for 4 years and she knew the right places to go. It was magic!

The rain was an excelent excuse to adopt their tradition: Pubs, guinness, celtic music and irish coffee… the best way to keep warm inside. We had such good laughs.
In Dublin there’s two big factories: the Guinness and the Jameson: Guinness, as you surely know is a dark and intense beer, it’s part of their culture, they even have a contest every 4 years to award the best Guinness’ barman’s pouring. It’s a great honour for the barman and the pub to become winners of the contest. Jameson is a wiskey’s (that’s the way they write it) factory and there is nothing better in the world than a Irish coffee done with Jameson! First pour the wiskey, then the coffee, after the cream and on top a bit of cinnamon or chocolate.
We went to some pubs to have a quick bite and to some restaurants to have a better taste of their food: this is what I had – Soups of the day, mushrooms soup, fish soup, – Irish stew – Suckling pig with potatoes – Seabass with white sauce – Monkfish with prawns and all kinds of beers. I really enjoy their food!

Suckling pig and Seabass with white sauce

Irish Stew and one of the beers

Monkfish with prawns

A message to misslionheart: We could not get a table at Trocadero!!! Full all time!!! We have a good excuse to go back to Ireland now.


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11/19/2007 · 12:21 h by Aitaneta

I can’t believe your web side had been published by ¨La Vanguardia¨!!!
1000 visits in 3 days it’s a very good statistic, congratulations!
You should charge some amount and afterwards when you get the enough money,
then you could organize a new trip to Dublin!!!
I can come with you if you like….. ji, ji, ji….. (only joking…)

I have to say that I’m very happy because you did understand ¨the Irish¨,
they have got a different culture, but if you are able to understand it, then you just love it,
and you did so….. I’m happy about that….

Did Núria send you the vegetable cake recipe?
I’m not sure abut the PIG but I’d like to do the cake for XMas.
If you have it, please, can you send it to me?

Ok girl, keep in touch and remember ME when you get rich with your web side!!!

Big kiss to you and a hug to Mr. Jose Luís alias Mr. Jameson!!!


11/19/2007 · 15:25 h by Núria

Hola Aitaneta!!!!
I’m soooo happy to hear from you!!! Thanks for the good wishes and the good ideas… concerning a new trip to Dublin, I would love to!!!
Núria did not send the pigglet recipe, but I think I’ve seen something very similar done by Isma Prados… I will investigate, ok? She didn’t send the veggie cake recipe neither… I think she is very busy… why don’t you ask her?

Ok, sweetie, big kiss for you and Jose.
Thanks so much for leaving a comment!!!! I love them!!!!

11/20/2007 · 8:38 h by Anonymous

Hi ya!

Ok, I’ll ask the other Núria about the vegetable cake.
You see, half of my family doesn’t eat Pig so I think I’ll cook
some fish as a main course, that way I’ll make everybody happy
in one go! (clever…)

It was so funny when I saw the suckling pig picture the other day!
Looks the same that when we eat it in Dublin!!!
Does this one taste better??? (joking)

Ok gorgeous, take care and talk to you soon….

11/20/2007 · 9:24 h by Núria

Hola anonymous… I know who you are ;-)
Thanks again for your comments! I will look for núria’s pig’s recipe anyway and try to upload it. Will you please pass me over the veggies recipe when you have it?
The suckling piglet picture is the one I had in Dublin… I didn’t try to perform that one at home… I think it’s a bit difficult!!!
Love you sweety!
Always welcome to my kitchen and table!!!!!

11/20/2007 · 23:25 h by Misslionheart♥

So glad you had a great time. My trip to Spain is ‘on hold’

My brother isn’t well, I’m going over to England to see him….

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