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Seafood is soooooo healthy and here by the Mediterranean it becomes a daily dish! It can be expensive if you buy it fresh but there’s always the season fishes and seafood for you to choose a cheaper menu. I like to buy it all fresh and just the portion we need on a daily basis. Even though there’s some fishes and seafood that accept well being frozen, there’s others that completely loose their texture and natural flavour. So my advise is: buy fresh and if you cannot do that daily then do it just once or twice a week.

Trout Navarra Style

Tiny Octopuses in Red wine reduction

Seafood in a coconut

School Shark Sailor-style

Salmon in aromatic pickle

Piquillo peppers stuffed with Codfish

Octopus Galician-style

Monkfish with Romesco

Meatballs with Squid


Marinated Sardines

Ham flavoured Sardines in a red strawberry sea

Locos – Abalone

Lobster veggies salad

Steamed Cider Mussels

Hake Galician-style


Cuttlefish with potatoes

Codfish Pil Pil style

Codfish gratine with allioli

Codfish with potatoes


Clams’ Rice

Beans and Clams

Anchovies in vinegar

Seafood Paella

Stuffed Squids in Ink sauce


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