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Fried Frog Legs with Green Sauce dip

Special dressing today: The Dance of the Hours. (please turn player on)

Yes, I must be a bit insane… who else would think about putting a ballerina costume to some frog legs? I can’t help it, when I see frog legs the Dance of the hours comes to my mind and I imagine them dancing in my plate!

Have you ever tried fried Frog legs? It’s quite a new thing for me… I tasted them for the first time only 3 years ago. Saw them in a restaurant and I just had to try them! The meat is so tender and tasty! And if you fry them, the different textures make them even more attractive.

The place where I go to spend my summer holidays it’s surrounded by rice fields: a green sea in the summer… but if you step in a rice field you will feel your feet a bit humit down there :D. It’s frog’s land. This dish is very typical from this area but I made some minor changes to the original recipe so that I could meet Peter’s ingredients proposal.
There’s a shop in the village where I always go to buy the seafood and they also sell frozen frog legs. What a surprise I had when I saw that they are imported from Vietnam!!!! Again, here is an example of globalization. Amazing!

Anyway, no matter from where they are, if you follow these simple steps you will be able to enjoy an original and fantastic lunch/dinner! This is my entry for The Queen of the Leftovers: Jenn DiPiazza and her Royal Foodie Joust. There’s still time to get in there and show your cuisine abilities to the world! Come and join us :D


Ingredients for 4 servings: 16 frog legs (if you feel that's not enough feel free to add some more), 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds, 1 glass of milk, half glass of beer, some salt, some ground black pepper, all purpose flour, 2 garlic cloves, olive oil and some springs of fresh parsley.

  • The day before defroze the frog's legs and marinate them with: the milk, beer, fennel seeds and some salt to fit your taste. Leave them inside the fridge overnight. Next day you can either cook them for lunch or dinner. They will absorb better the marinate the longer they stay in there.Prepare the green sauce with: a bunch of fresh parsley springs, the garlic cloves, salt and some olive oil to get the texture you want. Have all ingredients in a food processor and mix well.

    Strain the frog legs and coat them in flour. Fry in hot olive oil and reserve on kitchen paper. Add some extra salt on them.
    Prepare the dish with the dancing frog legs and the green sauce. Hope you enjoy it!


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09/17/2008 · 11:35 h by janetching

Hi Nuria, good luck to your submission to Joust. The first picture you have there is very cute. I thought only French or Chinese eats frogs. I don’t think I can get them in Switzerland. We can buy them directly fresh in the market in Hong Kong and prepare as a steam fish or cook on top of rice as a Chinese risotto.

09/17/2008 · 12:13 h by Dharm

Great Entry Nuria! I enjoy Frogs Legs and I like how you dressed them up!! Well Done!

09/17/2008 · 12:37 h by Núria

Hola Janet! I would love to know other recipes!!! I have a lot of them in my freezer :D Maybe you have a different one in your blog? I’ll go and check. Thanks for the information!

Hola Dharm! Thanks so much :D. Would love to know how you cook them. I’ll go to your place to see if I find a recipe there ;D

09/17/2008 · 12:44 h by FOODalogue: Meandering Meals and Travels

Adventurous dish…and thanks for answering my question before I asked as to where one buys frog legs. Loved the photos in this post. Good luck in contest!

09/17/2008 · 12:59 h by Peter G

Oh my Nuria! This is impressive! You def have my vote for that apron…I love how creative you were with this…good luck chica!

09/17/2008 · 13:07 h by Núria

Hola Joan :D. Thanks so much darling! I would love to get that apron. Are you participating too?

Thanks so much Peter :D. Really? Are you voting for me? Aaaahhh que bien♥ So glad you liked the dish!

09/17/2008 · 13:17 h by Ivy

Now Peter, this is not fair. You have not seen our entries yet (lol). Just kidding, I never wear an apron anyway. Hope to send my entry soon. Nuria, I never ate frog legs before just because they are exported so they never arrive at Athens. My husband has eaten them in Northern Greece and says that they told him that he was eating chicken and he didn’t know the difference.

09/17/2008 · 13:18 h by Ivy

P.S. I’ll vote for you as well. I want you to get that Apron chica.
Let’s all vote for Nuria.

09/17/2008 · 13:18 h by Janet Ching

Hi Nuria, sorry I had a typo, I meant steamed dish. I don’t have a recipe of frog legs in my blog as I have not seen them available in CH. I do have a chinese risotto recipe in my blog. The simplest way would be marinate the defrosted frog legs as in the normal chinese way, i.e. with a bit of sugar, chinese cooking wine or mirin or even other spirits, soy sauce, pitches of pepper and the most important thing to add is grated ginger (you will need about 5cm x 5cm), and then let it marinate for half an hour or so. The ginger very good for your health and the cooking wine can help killing the germs in the frog legs. Also add some hydrated shiitake mushrooms or chinese mushrooms to the marinate will make your rice more tasty. Hope this helps.

09/17/2008 · 13:23 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Oh, Nuria, I love frogs legs, and even more in tutus!!! Wonderful recipe.

BTW… in response to your comment about chicken – it’s just a whole, normal chicken. I cut the skin off and cut it in pieces. Don’t they have those in Spain, or did I misunderstand?

09/17/2008 · 16:30 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

WOW! That is SOME entry! I agree with Peter, you may be taking home the apron this time! Those pictures are just too funny!

09/17/2008 · 16:40 h by Núria

Hola Ivy :D You are too cute!!!! Thanks so so very much. I would love to get that apron! Back to the frog’s legs, they can remind you as being similar to chicken, but for me, they are better… plus the size tells you all about it ;D

Janet, your recipe sounds delightfull! Plus, I do love Rice :D… it’s perfect for me. Thanks a lot♥

Hola Jen :D I didn’t know you call them tutus too! It’s a funny word, isn’t it.

Don’t know what you mean here… there must have been some missunderstanding (on my side, sure) I have to read always twice in english!!!! I’ll go back and check. Of course we have this chickens but there’s no shop near my house that sells them without antibiotics in their system and “wildly” raised. That’s what I meant :D

09/17/2008 · 18:04 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Oh, Nuria… that’s such a shame! I get these from our local farmers market, but I think it’s quite easy to get “natural” chickens as well as organic chicken many places in the U.S. now. I feel very lucky both from an ecological/humane standpoint and also from a taste standpoint.

09/17/2008 · 19:15 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

Hee. Those frog legs are too cute. Look at them all muscular like that, with the hopping and all.

I love fried legs and kudos to you for featuring it as your Joust entry! And oh, I can eat more than 16 in one sitting. ;)

09/17/2008 · 20:56 h by jdbauer

I remember the first time I had frog legs in Chinatown (NYC). You’ve rekindled my desire for the little hoppers. I don’t know where I can find them around here, but I saw one once in my backyard.

I love what you did with the ballerina dresses. And the food looks great too!

09/17/2008 · 21:06 h by maybelle's mom

Great entry. I love frog legs, and these sound tasty.

09/18/2008 · 0:48 h by RecipeGirl

I had frog legs when in France… but I’ve never thought to try making them myself! Brave you!!

09/18/2008 · 2:12 h by Nathan

I would try it but I don’t think there is any way I can convince anyone I know in person to consume it.

09/18/2008 · 5:02 h by Heather

Americans in the South like the frog legs, too! I bet they’d be delicious in jambalaya.

I love your photos – the legs look so cute!

09/18/2008 · 10:44 h by Sylvia

I never try to taste , but I heard that frog legs are delicious. People said that the flavor remainds chicken meat

09/18/2008 · 13:33 h by Núria

Hola Jen! Thanks for coming back to clarify it :D. To get “natural” or organic chickens I have to go far away from home. Surely I find them in the city, but not in my weekly farmer’s market. Thanks again :D

Hola EatingClub! I thought everybody would say Puafff here… and to my surprise… you all seem to like frog’s legs! 16 is a lot!!!!! You do like them :D

Hola jdBauer :D If you saw that one in your backyard some time ago… maybe is now big enough to have just one for lunch ;D

Hola Maybelle’s mom! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. So glad you share my taste for frog legs!!!

Hola Recipe Girl. Hey, go ahead and cook some. It’s so easy!!!!

Nathan, you made me laugh here!!!! I would feel the same with grasshopers ;D

HOla Heather! I’m still shocked to know that everybody seems to like frog legs… I would have never said that. It’s great to know that they are consumed in the States (south) too!!!

Hola Sylvia! Yes, they slightly remind you of chicken meat, but with the marinade the flavours were amazing :D

09/18/2008 · 15:26 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Great entry Nuria. We love frog’s legs here!

09/18/2008 · 15:56 h by Peter M

Nuria, frogs legs are a delicacy in the Ioannina area of Greece and I’m intrigued to try them.

I got a good laugh from the Swan Lake performance by the frogs! lol

You are adventurous in the kitchen, instatiable appetite for good food which makes you my kinda’gal!

09/18/2008 · 16:59 h by Núria

Hi Judy :D. As I said before I would have never guessed that, but thinking it twice, it makes sense to it frogs down in wet Florida :D

Darling Peter, I knew they were a delicacy in France and now in Greece too!!!! This dish is giving me lots of surprises :D

Chico… stop that… you’ll make me blush :D

09/19/2008 · 13:15 h by kittie

I love this – what a great entry!!

I only tried frogs legs for the first time a few months ago – in a Viet restaurant! I loved them, but haven’t been able to find them for sale in Brighton… I will continue my search…!

09/19/2008 · 13:45 h by Núria

He, he, so glad you like it Kittie! Maybe you can find them in a store where they sell frozen food?

09/21/2008 · 20:19 h by Maria

Hello! This is my first time visiting your site and I must say I was quite entertained! Your recipes look great … and the frog legs are intriguing. I have to admit though, they look a bit funny! Never had the chance to taste frog legs yet, but I am sure if I had your dish before me I would!

09/22/2008 · 10:52 h by Núria

Hola Maria! Welcome to Spanish Recipes and thanks for your kind words!
Yes, they are a bit funny :D, but so worth to try!

09/24/2008 · 18:16 h by bee

i’ve eaten them and i liked them way more than chicken legs.

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