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Monkfish in green sauce and Clams

Tuesday 13th is supposed to be a bad day here, bad luck might be striking you… or that is what some superstitious people think. Other countries believe that bad luck comes always on Friday 13th. I will not defend neither Tuesdays nor Fridays… I’m not superstitious.
2 months ago, my daughter convinced me to take her to the Simple Plan concert here in Barcelona and when the day was getting closer I noticed that it was on Tuesday 13th. I parked my car 10 meters away from the concert hall door, we got a great place to see/listen the group, I met knew people and it was so much fun, Simple Plan were great, amusing and professional; my daughter had a wonderful time with her friends… I love bad luck!

The only ones with bad luck in this post have been: the poor monkfish that was caught in a net and the clams which also had a horrible death… poor things… I always ask them to forgive me… maybe one day I will become vegan.
So, to make it even rounder, I got the monkfish cut in 13 pieces!

This might be a simple and delicious plan for your dinner. Have a try!!!
If you prepare the dish 2 hours ahead, the sauce will become whiter and more consistent and the dish will have a greater flavour and taste.


Ingredients for 4 servings: 12 to 13 monkfish's slices, a good bunch of clams, some flour, 3 big garlic cloves, a bunch of fresh parsley, 400 grs of fishstock/water, 30 grs of Marcona almonds, olive oil and salt.

  • Wash and dry the fish. Coat in flour and fry in a sauce pan with enough olive oil. Just 2 minutes per side and not too high. Reserve on kitchen paper to leave the oil there.
  • Place the almonds, the garlic and the parsley in a blender, blend and reserve.
  • In a bigger pan, pour some of the oil letf in the sauce pan. When hot, pour the mixture of the blender and stir so that it doesn't burn. When the almonds get a bit toasted, add the fish and enough stock/water to nearly cover it. Simmer for 10 minutes while shaking the pan.
  • Add the clams and simmer for 5 more minutes with the lid on. When the clams open, take the lid off. Taste and add salt if necessary.
  •  Turn heat off too and let it rest for 5 more minutes before you serve it.


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03/16/2012 · 8:00 h by Nathan

So simple and delicious, if I ever get to preparing this I’ll let you know how it turns out, although knowing my mother she’ll probably force me to use cilantro in place of parsley.

03/16/2012 · 9:06 h by Núria

It was like you said ;D. I think cilantro would be great here too.

03/16/2012 · 12:36 h by Platanos, Mangoes and Me!

I can see myself devouring this dish and then taking a good piece of bread a sopping up all those juices. By the way, Ilistened to the band and I started my day dancing….Your pictures are perfect.

03/16/2012 · 13:25 h by Anazar

Looks delicious!!

03/16/2012 · 22:14 h by FOODalogue

I love a fish dish like this. I also like that you added almonds to the salsa verde.

03/17/2012 · 0:07 h by Peter M

I like that you left the bone on the fillets…makes for a more flavourful broth. Monkfish is awesome!

03/17/2012 · 5:30 h by Ivy

I don’t think we have monkfish in Greece but it sure looks delicious.

03/18/2012 · 14:35 h by Ben

LOL I love bad luck too! Great looking dish my friend.

03/21/2012 · 23:51 h by Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul

A beautiful seafood dish Nuria…I don’t see any bad luck here! LOL!

08/08/2018 · 23:13 h by Mark

I just made this for my family and everyone loved it! Thanks for the great recipe

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