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Figs and Foie… Something to die for

Only 3 ingredients and some bread and you’ll become the Magician Superstar of your kitchen, house, neighbourhood, village, town… get the idea? Just say the magic words: Abra Ka Dabra, or Hockus Pockus or Alakazaaaam! and make sure to have the ingredients, if you don’t, the magic won’t work ;-). But, if you have them, get ready to experience a palate sensorial climax!!!

I’m assuming you like contrasts because this is the point of the dish: sweet and salty together in perfect harmony. Make sure you have Foie Micuit, some Figs, Maldon Salt and some crunchy Bread. Spread the foie on top of the bread (be generous), add some maldon salt on it, peel the figs and cut as you see in the picture and place on top. Sprinkle with just a bit more of salt.

You can have 20 like this done in no time!!!! Any parties in sight? This could be one of the appetizers. Your guests will be delighted :D

First time we dared to leave our baby with my parents she was one year and a half and such a good little girl. My man and I escaped to a beautiful XVII – XVIII century Castle in the middle of nowhere but still, near the beach, with amazing suites, rooms, gardens and most of all amazing owners and cook!

This place will be forever in my heart: the food was a symphony to our senses, the suite was soooo beautifully decorated, the surroundings were peaceful and bright… Abra Ka Dabra… Magic! Antonio Ferrer and his wife Teresa Escayola run L’Odissea de L’Empordà with Art!

He is one of the best cooks I ever met: Original, fun, daring… a great experience! When he started with his first restaurant, many of his clients were artists, therefore, didn’t have much money, but they paid with sculptures and paintings. Now the Castle is like an eclectic museum… a wonder!

Some years have passed since that first time (10 1/2) and I still remember a phrase from Antonio. We were talking about food, of course, and he was complaining about the people that would ask for a complete wonderful menu for the adults and ask for macaroni or sausages and chips for the kids… he exclaimed… give foie to the kids, they are not stupid and they will appreciate it, give foie to the kids!!! He was so true! Give foie to your kids, teach their palates and they will be able to appreciate and enjoy all kinds of diverse food.

This is my entry for Eat Healthy – Protein Rich Contest. Sangeeth from Art of Cooking Indian Food has this contest going on until July the 30th, please join in or simply visit her blog!

100 grs. of foie contain 518 calories, 33% of water, 4 to 7% of protein, 10% of Glucids and 42 to 50% of fat. Contrary to what’s been said until now, recent research has proved that the majority of the fats are not saturated (only 28,6% are saturated), the rest are the “good” fat that won’t increase our cholesterol levels. However, this is a very satiating food and eating a lot would do no good.


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07/16/2008 · 18:44 h by Ivy

Nuria what an interesting post. Is it fig season is Spain? It’s still early here for figs but in August shall give this a try. Sounds wonderful.

07/16/2008 · 20:09 h by Sangeeth

a great entry….this dish is very new to me….luved the recipe :)

07/16/2008 · 20:25 h by ben.herrera

I love figs, and I love what you’ve done with them! It reminded me of the fig tree in our little back yard in our house in Mexico City. Oh so delicious. And as always, your stories are as sabrosas as your recipes.

Big hugs!

07/16/2008 · 21:13 h by Peter M

Nuria, I’m ecstatic when I see a decent recipe that uses fresh figs…you’re giving me some ideas for when I’m Greece.

07/16/2008 · 21:25 h by Núria

Hola Ivy! There’s a kind of fig tree (you probably have it in Greece too) that gives figs twice a year: first time in May-June and second during August-September, more or less. I post about it in another figs’ recipe, I cant’ remember now exactly… I’m too tired… bed time.

Hi Sangeeth! Welcome to Spanish Recipes! My pleasure to participate in your event :D

Hola darling Ben! I’m seeing you everywhere again! So glad you are back and in full swing :D

I adore figs, Peter. If you discover new good recipes please, I want to learn them all!

07/16/2008 · 23:56 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I think figs are my very favorite fruit. They taste of summer to me.

07/17/2008 · 7:33 h by Peter G

Oh! How creative Nuria! What a great party dish…I have eaten foie gras a few times and I can see how it can be matched to the natural sweetness of the figs. Beautiful chica!

07/17/2008 · 14:22 h by Bellini Valli

I am still a fresh fig virgin Nuria and have never had them. I certainly agree about our kids eating what we do. We all need to be adventurous and passionate about food!!!!!!!!!

07/17/2008 · 14:28 h by Becky this looks so decadent yet super easy. sweet!

07/17/2008 · 15:36 h by Núria

Totally with you Jen, I can smell fig trees from meters away :D!

Peter, notice that the foie should be micuit, not every foie grass makes it! Well maybe they could make it but we want the best, don’t we?

Ai Val, you made me laugh here! Without knowing… you made a words game… fig in catalan also means something else… (think bad and you will get it)It was fun :D… sorry about that sweetie :D.

You should try figs!!!!! They are the BESTESTESTESTES of the fruits!

07/17/2008 · 15:37 h by Núria

Hola Becky! Welcome to Spanish Recipes! So glad you like it! Yeah, this dish is more than easy :D

07/17/2008 · 15:52 h by glamah16

I love both figs and foie gras! Excellent . I will stealing this!

07/17/2008 · 16:31 h by Ann

That is the sexiest dish EVER!

07/17/2008 · 17:55 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Figs are my favorite thing,I just love love love them – they are the sexiest fruit ever. I have never had foie,but I agree with feeding your kids more sophisticated foods – how else are they supposed to exercise their palates???

07/17/2008 · 19:11 h by Mallory Elise

Ola! Hey I’m at my aunts and we decided o have Paella tonight–and i said i know exactly where to go for a recipe, here!!

07/17/2008 · 20:27 h by Janet Ching

I love Spanish food, tapas, jamon!!! Your blog is awesome, I have to come back from time to time to look up your recipes.

07/18/2008 · 1:09 h by Dragon

Oh how decadent! My mouth is watering just looking at the photos. I wish we had figs that big her in Canada.

07/18/2008 · 8:14 h by Núria

Hey Courtney! It’s a dream for your palate and tummy :D

He, he… I think so too, Ann :D

Hola Jenn! Do you know a second meaning for fig? In catalan also means the female sexual organ… So, yes figs are sexy! (I don’t pretend to be gross or rude here)

My daughter eats absolutely everything… there’s some things she likes more, but at least she has always tried new food :D

Aaaawwwwww… Really? I’m soooo excited Mallory!!!! OOoooh, I hope everything comes out perfect and you ask for a second dish :D. Will you let me know what the result was? Do you have the rice to make it? Good luck girl :D and thanks for trusting my blog and recipes!!!

Hola Janet! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D! So glad you enjoy my blog and recipes!!! I’ll pay a visit to yours in a minute ;-)

Thanks Dragon :D. Simple dishes are the best!!! I thought figs were more or less the same size everywhere… The ones we’ll get in September can be a bit bigger :D

07/19/2008 · 2:54 h by Jude

I’m going to have to agree with Ann: sexiest dish EVER.

07/19/2008 · 2:55 h by giz

These are so perfect for an appetizer night and so love the combinations. Figs on anything works for me.

07/19/2008 · 13:42 h by Lore

Love this gorgeous appetizer for at least 5 reasons:
1. It’s easy and almost no work involved in the preparation
2. I hold a strong belief that simple dishes are the best
3. It’s indeed original
4. I love contrasts in a dish
5.-but not least: they look to die for :D

07/19/2008 · 18:55 h by Núria

Hola Jude! Yeah, I only need a glass of wine and Ricky Martin and I’m done!!! :D

The contrast is delicious Giz, if you like figs… you should try it!

Wooooaaaaweeee Lore! Thanks for your kind words! I couldn’t agree more :D.

07/22/2008 · 4:07 h by Peko Peko

Indeed, indeed. Figs and Foie is to die for. I haven’t had this for a while, want to really eat some now though after seeing your pictures!

Thanks…I think.


07/22/2008 · 8:14 h by Núria

Hola Peko Peko! Is it time for figs in Japan too?
If you try them with Iberian acorn ham then you will die for sure!!!!! ;D

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