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•Ingredients for 4 persons: 1 big onion, 4 garlic cloves, 1 big red pepper, 1 big green pepper,1/2 kg. ripe tomatoes, 1 small red hot pepper, black pepper, salt, 2 teaspoons of sweet red paprika, ½ kg. of potatoes, ¼ liter of dry white wine, 600 grs. of fresh Tuna fish, half a lemon juice and olive oil. The earthenware dish is very suitable for this course.

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•Chop the onion in small pieces and let cook at medium fire.
•When it starts getting transparent, add the peppers previously sliced in long strips.
•Smash the garlics and add to the casserole. Heat for 5 minutes at medium fire.
•Add half a glass of water and stir. Wash and add the small red hot peper cut in small slices taking the seeds away. Add some salt and black pepper and add the sweet paprika. Slow down the fire to minimum and have it for 8 minutes covered.

•Add the tomatoes (peeled and without seeds). Cover the casserole and have for other 10 minutes at low fire.
•Add the wine and the potatoes. Have it cooking for 30 minutes at low/medium fire.

•While the potatoes are cooking, prepare the tuna fish, wash it with fresh water and cut in dices. Dry it and pour the half lemon juice on top. Add the salt and black pepper to it and drop it in the casserole.
•Cook for only 5 more minutes with the cover on.

•I wish you could smell it! It’s a delicius recipe from the Basque country.


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09/28/2007 · 18:14 h by Blue State Cowgirl

The recipes sound great. I’m going to try some this coming week. If you want to find the three column template I used for my Left Coast Cowboy blog, scroll down the right hand column of my site. At the bottom of the column is an area that says “Theme Designed by”. Click on the name “Template Panic”. They have numerous free templates you can use.

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