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Marinated Sardines – The "poor’s" Sushi

Susan from Food Blogga is having a wonderful event going on in her blog: Beautiful Bones… It’s all about Osteoporosis, how to prevent and fight against it. Please go to her blog for good info on this subject… She does know what she talks about!

Looking for information about Calcium in Internet and also in my nutrition books, I found this risk list.

* Being white
* Being a female
* Having irregular menstrual cycles
* None or a few exercise
* Few consume of calcium in the diet
* Weight under normal expectations
* Family members having osteoporosis
* Alcohol and cigarettes consume

As you all probably know by now, in my family, we are not big milk/cheese consumers and this bad habbit doesn’t help at all to fight against the Osteoporosis. The higher content in calcium is in the milk and cheese products, but for those of us who are not great lovers of its taste, here you have a list of other food with some calcium content:

* Canned fish preserved in olive oil (with fish bones): Sardines, Anxovies, Salmon.
* Dryed fruits: Almonds, Hazelnuts, Sunflower seeds.
* Fruits: Figs or dryed figs.
* Green veggies: Parsley, Spinachs, Swiss Chard, Fennel.
* Legumes: Lentils, cooked Soybean, garbanzos
* Eggs

Combining a big glass of milk and some of the previous food we could achieve what we (women) need per day: 800 mg.
Big glass of milk (200 grs) ———–> 260 mg
50 grs. of almonds ——————-> 125 mg
100 grs. of canned oil sardines ——-> 400 mg (the fish bone is important to eat too!)

So, if you want your bones to be beautiful, here you have my recipe for that! My sardines are fresh and not canned but the final result gets compensated with the parsley (Each 100grs of parsley has 200 mg of calcium). Also I took the bone off, but you can leave it there and eat it. If you do so, make sure your sardines are the smallest possible and let them marinate more than 24 hours.

Ingredients for 4 servings: 450 cleaned and washed fresh sardines, half a lemon’s juice, 1 minced garlic clove, 1 spoon table of dill or parsley, 1 tea spoon of smashed red chili pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt and ground black pepper. 1 big red roasted pepper. Some bread.

* Wash the fish scale away, take the head and guts off and clean under tap water. Once cleaned, place the sardines in a plate with the skin touching the bottom and pour the juice of half lemon on top. Let it rest outside the fridge for 30 minutes.
* Rinse the sardines from the lemon juice, sprinkle the minced garlic on top, the dill (or parsley) and the smashed red chili pepper. Add salt and black ground pepper and pour the olive oil until covered. Protect with transparent film and have in the fridge for 24 hours.
* The day you eat them, leave outside the fridge for a while until you see the olive oil gets back to its normal texture. Have a slice of bread ready, place a piece of red roasted pepper and the sardine using a toothpick on top.

The sardines’ flavour will surprise you!!! You can have them this way contrasting with the roasted red pepper or just alone on the piece of bread. It’s a very cheap and easy way to fight against Osteoporosis!!! Come join us! You can still present your dish until the end of this month :D

Don’t forget to eat your Sardine’s Sushi while reading a good book in your terrace with a glass of good red wine and the sun warming your skin. Having a sunbath helps to fix the Calcium on your bones!


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05/05/2008 · 11:07 h by Peter M

Ahh Nuria…Viva sardine! Us Greeks marinate sardine and anchovy as well and it’s a delightful appetizer.

You win a whole block of cheese!

05/05/2008 · 11:12 h by Peter G

delicious tapas snack Nuria…and perfect for this event

05/05/2008 · 11:38 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Hi Nuria,

I’m so glad you posted on sardines. They are super high in calcium! And how the heck did you get a sardine to look so attractive in the first shot? ;)

Thank you so much for all of the superb osteoporosis information as well. You’ve given your readers so many healthy alternatives to dairy.


05/05/2008 · 12:19 h by Núria

Lol Peter! You made me laugh :D! I still want to post about Boquerones en vinagre… that’s Anxovies in vinegar, would be interesting to see differences between the Greek and Spanish procedure.

Muchas gracias Chico!

Thank you sweet Susan! It’s been a pleasure and soooo informative… I’ve learnt some things I didn’t know with the research :D So it’s good!!!

05/05/2008 · 12:46 h by Pixie

Ahh Nuria, this really sounds wonderful; I’m bookmarking it and hoping not to forget about it either. thanks for sharing

05/05/2008 · 15:49 h by Pixie

Nuria there is a chart on simple bakes for substitutes for ingredients. It’s worth printing and holding onto. If you need further help please do let me know.

05/06/2008 · 3:35 h by Heather

Nuria, I would eat this beautiful tapa any day, even though my bones are already strong! :D

05/06/2008 · 8:00 h by Núria

Hola Pixie! Thanks darling :D I’ll take a look at that chart.

I bet you are strong everywhere Heather :D

05/06/2008 · 14:27 h by Ivy

Nuria, we do think alike. On my post of Friday you will see that I mentioned gavros and it’s anchovies in Greek and this is the best month to make marinated anchovies. I marinated them in vinegar and garlic, however, I did not find the time to post about it yet. I must try the sardines as well.

05/06/2008 · 16:04 h by Núria

Hey Ivy! I will post about anxovies marinated in vinegar… loveeeeeee them! And we can see the differences between the Greek and Spanish :D

05/06/2008 · 16:45 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I love sardines – wonderful recipe and perfect post for the event! Lovely!

05/07/2008 · 1:10 h by We Are Never Full

since i haven’t been to greece (and although i DO love peter), i have to say that the spanish (and Nuria!) do sardines like no one else! this looks sooooo good.

05/07/2008 · 6:53 h by Núria

He, he, Thanks girls! :D The sardines were gone so fast that I’ll have to fetch some more… or maybe anxovies this time.

05/07/2008 · 15:35 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

I wish I could find fresh sardines! We are tired of the canned ones – whenever we eat them we call Roberto a cannibal – a Sardinian eating sardines! LOL!

05/07/2008 · 15:58 h by Bellini Valli

We made marinated sardines at the cooking school on Kea. Fresh fish is the key and they were fantastic!!! I can’t find the recipe so thanks for the heads up Nuria!!

05/07/2008 · 18:18 h by Núria

Lol Jenn :D! I would love to visit Sardenya… my husband and I are thinking about the possibility of doing a little Italian tour… Florencia, Roma, Napoles and the islands… what a dream!

Thank you darling Val! A pleasure to be of help :D. You are soooo right, they must be super-fresh!

05/08/2008 · 7:14 h by canarygirl

Núria! Cosa mas ricaaaa! I normally don’t care too much for sardines…I prefer anchovies? I think anchovies is the right translation? (boquerones) But your marinated sardines look simply delicious! :)

05/08/2008 · 7:51 h by Núria

Hey Chica de Canarias! Como va todo? Ahhh, I said anxovies! You are right! I make so many mistakes!!!! Yes in Spanish they are boquerones and the way to marinate them is different. Recipe coming soon!

05/10/2008 · 4:02 h by by MAG

Hey Núria! Thanks for the recipe, I love sardines! The last fresh ones I had were in Monterey few months ago and I really miss that :(
Thank you also for the information about osteoporosis, I think I have a tendency to have it because I stopped drinking milk at the age of 1 or so :( but I like dairy products in general but I keep skipping my calcium pills :(

05/10/2008 · 8:07 h by Núria

Hey Mag! Thanks for dropping by!!! So glad that the recipe is of your interest. Hope you enjoy them!!!

Susan, at food blogga, has lots of tips and good advise for Osteoporosis, maybe you should visit her :D
Have a great weekend!

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