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Chicken Jerez-Style

The secret of this dish is in the wine, Jerez, we use to simmer the chicken. It’s a typical wine from Andalusia (south of Spain region). There’s different kinds of Jerez: fino, amontillado, manzanilla and oloroso. In this case, I used dry oloroso which has a dark colour and a strong smell of walnut. It’s a wine with 18 to 20º of alcohol. If you make up your mind and cook your chicken this way, you will get a row of neighbours in your front door asking for a small taste… the aroma that will come from your kitchen is bewitching!!!

These are the ingredients you need to succeed in your neighbourhood!!! :D

For 4 servings: 1 chicken (or the equivalent in chicken legs or breasts), 4 garlic cloves, 2 medium red onions, 200 grs of carrots, 1/2 liter of Jerez, 400 grs. of mushrooms, 9 table spoons of olive oil, salt and black pepper.

* Clean and wash the chicken. Dry it and cut in pieces. Sprinkle the salt and black ground pepper on top. Mince the garlics and rub them over the chicken.
* Pour the olive oil in a casserole and turn the heat high. Roast the chicken in the olive oil. Be careful it’s not too high or the garlic will get burned. Once brown, add the sliced onions and turn the heat to medium/low.
* Peel the carrots and cut in thin slices, add to the casserole and stir for 3 to 4 minutes. When the onion gets transparent, pour the Jerez. Stir and let cook for 8 minutes, after that time, cover the casserole and simmer in low heat for 45 minutes or until the chicken softens.
* Clean the mushrooms and add to the casserole 5 minutes before the chicken is done.
* Taste and add more salt if you consider it necessary.

Jerez de la Frontera (Andalusia’s city) is where the wine is born, as well as the Flamencology: the study, investigation, and conservation of Flamenco a typical signing and dancing from this part of Spain. Nowadays it’s spread all over the country and it has gone even further… Japanesse people seem to like it a lot among other cultures.

Today the special dressing is , Antonio Carmona a singer that played Fusion Flamenco some years ago and now he signs alone… Vengo Venenoso is one of his lasts hits… Turn player on and tell me if you like it!!!

Enjoy the dish and the song!!!


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05/02/2008 · 9:48 h by Peter G

Que gusto la music y el pollo! Ok..enough of my bad Spanish! Wonderful chicken dish. There are some lovely wines from Espana and I especially enjoy the sherries! Another wonderful and informative post amiga Nuria!

05/02/2008 · 14:15 h by We Are Never Full

very similar to a chicken i make with white wine. but i’m sure the jerez kicks it up about 10 notches. this looks so good.

05/02/2008 · 17:03 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Hablas español muy bien y además es divertido :D Don’t be shy!

Amy, the flavour and aroma of Jerez makes a difference!!!! So good, beauty!

05/02/2008 · 17:20 h by Bellini Valli

This chicken dish is out of this world Nuria. I hope you had it with a nice glass of wine…wink…wink…Also I have offered you the Arte y Pico award for all that you share with us each day:D

05/02/2008 · 17:35 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

What a great recipe Nuria! Love the picture and the presentation!

05/02/2008 · 18:49 h by Meeta

oh this looks so good Nuria. I love th wonderful combinations

05/02/2008 · 19:04 h by giz

I would love to try this chicken recipe. The neighbours at my door – not so much :). I wonder if they export any of these wines to Canada – I’m going to check our local liquor store – 18-20% alcohol – whoa baby!!!

05/02/2008 · 19:11 h by Ivy

Lovely recipe, is this a diet recipe?
Ha, ha, Val beat me to this. I have also awarded you with the Arte y Pico Award. Congratz.

05/03/2008 · 6:17 h by Emiline

It looks delicious; I love chicken, garlic and wine.
The legs look nice and meaty.

05/03/2008 · 7:27 h by Pixie

A gorgeous dish Nuria. Thanks for sharing it with us.

05/03/2008 · 9:17 h by Peter M

Ahhh, this must be the famous Spanish sherry you’re using…the aroma must have been heavenly!

05/03/2008 · 15:17 h by Núria

Hola Val! I think I had enough wine the other day ;-).
THANKS so much for the award Beauty! Today I’m in a place with nearly no internet connection… will check tomorrow :D Thanks so fuch for thinking about me!!!

Thanks so much Judy! Really easy to perform! :D

Hi Meeta! Thanks darling! I think that you really like chicken… if you add sherry… then you are in heaven!

whoaaaaa! Giz, hope you find it… and close your windows to avoid non-desired neighbours!!! ;-)

THANKS so much Ivy for the Award!!!!! How could you notice these are not diet recipes? It’s just beeing too hard to follow a diet :(

Hola Emiline! You should give this a try it’s sooooo easy and tasty!

My pleasure Pixie :-)

Yes darling Peter :D, it was sherry and all of a sudden flop, flop, flop… I’ve got wings in my back :D

05/05/2008 · 4:55 h by Heather

Gimme a big bowl of that and a loaf of crusty bread and I’m a happy girl. Brava, Nuria!

05/05/2008 · 7:02 h by Núria

Hola Heather… anytime you feel like eating Pollo al Jerez, there’s a chair for you in my table… with a good loaf of bread!!!

12/27/2008 · 15:39 h by Tracey

Hola Nuría! Mí novio es español y vivimos en España, pero a mí soy un poco delicada con la comida española.(Sorry!) I made your recipe for pollo al jerez and it was delicious. Will definitely be making it again!

01/08/2009 · 12:05 h by Núria

Hola Tracey! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. So glad you enjoyed the recipe!!!! I’m sorry I’m answering so late, but this Xmas I took it life soooooo easy ;D.
Hope that you find more recipes that fit your taste :D

01/14/2009 · 13:15 h by Tracey

Thanks,Nuria! I took Xmas pretty easy too! I will definitely be trying out some more of your recipes!

01/16/2009 · 3:14 h by Jennifer M

Hi Nuria,

After the success with the tongue, I suggested to my husband (who rarely cooks and is nervous about it) that he try this chicken in sherry recipe for the night when he had promised to make us dinner. It was excellent–we mopped up every bit of the sauce with bread, off our plates and out of the pan! He was also impressed by how easy it turned out to be.

I had never heard of dry oloroso, by the way. I thought all oloroso was sweet. But no doubt you can get things in Spain that will never be imported here! We used an amontillado, and the sauce had a little touch of sweetness (nice with the carrots).

Anyway, we are cooking our way through your blog, and I’ll keep you posted!

09/13/2010 · 8:04 h by Sandy

Wow its great, this will be very tasty to take with jerez sherry. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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