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Cherry Tomatoes Salad

This past weekend my daughter in law brought us these garden pearls! These tiny cherry tomatoes are a real treasure! Sooooo sweet and juicy. She has her own garden and never goes to the farmer’s market… I can’t imagine how much money she saves per year!!!! She grows tomatoes, potatoes, beans, swiss chard, broccoli… not to mention her fruit trees: figs, apples, peaches… I was gonna say she is so lucky, but you cannot imagine the hard work this garden implies.

She harvests all the veggies and fruits and preserves/freezes them so that she and her family have cans and jars in their pantry to use during the long winter. I used some of the cherrys to make a colourful salad and each bite was a blast of flavourful juices!She also gave us 3 kilos of ripe huge and meaty tomatoes that I will use to cook a sofrito and preserve in a jar… but this will be another post’s entry.

Meanwhile, and for those of you in the mood for a salad, write down the ingredients: Serves 4. 200 grs of Conchiglioni naif, 1 can of sweet corn, a good bunch of cherry tomatoes and some ruccula leaves. Some salty toasted sunflower seeds would be perfect here, but I didn’t have any. Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and black ground pepper.Boil the pasta following the package instructions, strain and drop some olive oil on top so that it doesn’t get sticky, cool down and reserve. Get the rest of ingredients in a bowl, add the pasta, mix carefully and pour the dressing on top. I normally use Extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper but feel free to add any other dressings… whatever you like best :D

Looking for a second dish to complete the menu? My suggestion here would be a Duck’s Breast dressed in Nuts and Herbs with a Raspberry sauce. Isn’t the title of the dish seducing you already?

I’m sending this pasta salad over to Ruth’s Presto Pasta Nights, hosted this week by… Ruth!!! Please notice that there will be a fantastic roundup with all the participant recipes! A wonderful opportunity to find great pasta dishes :D


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09/11/2008 · 9:06 h by Emiline

Beautiful pictures! I’m jealous of your daughter’s garden, especially the fruit trees.

Your tomato pasta dish looks wonderful.

09/11/2008 · 10:18 h by Peter G

Nuria, you have a bounty of beautiful cherry tomatoes…and the pics are beautiful!…love the pasta salad.

09/11/2008 · 11:04 h by RecipeGirl

This is so beautiful!! I just love the first picture of the little tomato tucked into the pasta :)

09/11/2008 · 11:20 h by Ruth Daniels

I am jealous of people with gardens…especially now that I live in an apartment without even a balcony. I planted tomato seeds and have a sparce “tree” with not a tomato flower in sight.

Your pasta salad looks awesome. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

09/11/2008 · 11:26 h by Peter M

Cherry tomatoes reminds us that they are fruits – not veggies…that’s how sweet the garden ripe ones are.

So colourful, so Nuria!

09/11/2008 · 14:20 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Oh Nuria that salad looks wonderful!!! I have passed another award on to you. You can pick it up on my blog!

09/11/2008 · 14:45 h by Núria

Thanks Emiline! I’m a bit jealous too ;D

Thanks so much Peter… want some to make your own salad?

Hola Recipegirl! Yeah, I love that picture too! :D Thanks!

Hola Ruth! I tried to have my own tomatoes grown in my terrace this year, but only collected a few. So glad you like my salad! Thanks :D

Hola Peter :D. Life is in colours right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, thanks Judy!!!!! How could you guess I love awards????? Thanks darling :D

09/11/2008 · 15:28 h by Sylvia

Nuria, the salad looks beautiful, nice colors as well.Love pasta salad
BTW the first photo is stunning

09/11/2008 · 16:12 h by glamah16

It is a lot of hard work but worth it. CS’s parents have a huge vegetable and fruit garden in Germany. Its back breaking work that needs constant attention. I wished we lived there just for the garden.

09/11/2008 · 17:50 h by Ivy

Nuria. I am all confused. Who is speaking in your post? Is it your mother-in-law talking about you, chica? The dish is outstanding and the picture with the tiny tomato in the pasta is genius.

09/11/2008 · 18:02 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful looking dish, Nuria! Fresh garden tomatoes are one of the best foods on earth!

09/11/2008 · 19:37 h by Laurie Constantino

I do love that first picture. It’s a prize-winning shot. I can just taste how that cherry tomato would explode in the mouth with flavor. You have a wonderful sister!!

09/12/2008 · 0:58 h by Psychgrad

Looks delicious! I am jealous of your daughter. :)

I’m hosting Presto Pasta Nights next week!

09/12/2008 · 2:59 h by Bellini Valli

Those tomatoes have to be the cutest ever…..perhaps they should be called Thumbelina tomatoes:D

09/12/2008 · 3:16 h by Candy

Yum! I love keeping a pasta salad on hand for lunches. Beautiful pictures, too!

09/12/2008 · 7:38 h by Núria

Hola Sylvia! Thanks so much :D. I love that first picture too.

Hola Courtney! Yes she breaks her back there… but her father in law helps her a bit. The taste of the veggies is sooooooo different from the ones at the shop!

Ivy, I don’t understand what you mean. I am writing about my husband’s sister. Wouldn’t she be my sister in law?… I just realized I said daughter in law instead of sister…. Gosh!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jen!

Yeah Laurie! Best Flavour Blast :D

Hola Psychgrad! Hey I will try to be there too, then :D

Ahhhhh Valli! I love Thumbelina and Cornelius. When my daughter was 3 or 4 she fell in love with Cornelius ;D

Hola Candy! Welcome to Spanish Recipes! Yes, me too, there’s always a space in my pantry for pasta :D

09/12/2008 · 15:03 h by kittie

That first photo is great – there is definitely an idea for a party nibble in there somewhere!!

09/12/2008 · 17:02 h by chuck

I love cherry tomatoes in a salad. This is the perfect time of the year for them also. They burst in your mouth. Yum!

09/12/2008 · 21:05 h by We Are NEver Full

i absolutely LOVE that top picture. SO great!

09/13/2008 · 7:59 h by Núria

Hi Kittie. Thanks so much darling! :D

Hola Chuck! Welcome to Spanish Recipes! Thanks for your kind and certain words :D

Thanks so much Amy!

09/13/2008 · 15:19 h by Passionate About Baking

WHOA Nuria…hola to you girl. Great hard-working daughter to a great hard-working Mom. As someone said, the apple never falls far from the tree! What a good salad with tomatoes so fresh & beautiful. I’m ticking off the ingredients as I go down the list…have all except the pretty tomatoes. *sigh*

09/13/2008 · 18:34 h by Antonio Tahhan

Núria, those tomatoes look amazing!! I only wish I had such a bountiful garden, haha! I’ll be going to the farmer’s market tomorrow to stock up on my fruits and veggies. The salad also looks bright and delicious!
pd. Yo debería preservar sofrito para cuando no tenga tantas verduras durante el invierno… q buena idea!

09/13/2008 · 21:04 h by Katie

I adore pasta salad! Especially when it is colorful and includes fresh veggies. What a great meal.

09/14/2008 · 5:47 h by Kitchen Flavours

Wow pasta looks colorful and sounds divine. First time here u have a yum blog with yum recipes.

09/14/2008 · 20:51 h by pixen

oooo… i fell in love with the first pict of the pasta shell with the little shiny, red tomato! Reminds me of the song by Hank Snow – Pearly Shell!

Thank you so much for the recipes and gorgeous picts! 2 Thumbs UP from me!

09/15/2008 · 7:29 h by Núria

Hola Deeba :D. You make me smile :D Is it a good time for cherry tomatoes in India?

Hola Antonio! Si, ahora que hay tantos, hay que hacer conserva :D… como el cuento de la cigarra y la hormiga ;D

Thanks Katie :D

Hola Kitchen Flavours! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D
So glad you like my recipes/blog. Will visit your place in no time ;D

Hola Pixen :D Welcome to Spanish Recipes! Wow, you are so enthusiastic!!! Thanks, I’m so glad you like it :D. Going to your place to see what’s cooking in your kitchen ;D

09/15/2008 · 14:37 h by Dee

What a lovely blog! I love Spanish food, but need reminding that it’s more than tapas and paella ;) Guess I’ll be visiting some more, if you don’t mind.

09/16/2008 · 15:22 h by taste memory

this looks absolutely stunning!

love tomatoes, love sofrito + LOVE Spanish flavors ;-)

Thank you for delightful post + enjoy your sunny photos too….

09/16/2008 · 16:29 h by Núria

Hola Dee! How could I mind? I love it :D
Thanks for visiting. Yes, Spanish cuisine has tones of different recipes!!!!

Hola Taste Memory! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D Thanks for your kind words :D. I’m glad you enjoy it!

09/16/2008 · 16:56 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow, that is one good looking pasta salad! I love the first picture – it is stunning!!!

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