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Aphrodisiac Recipe – Potatoe & Avocado & Salmon Salad

Special dressing: The wonder boy… don’t know who’s signing, but I fell in love with that voice! (turn player on)

This could be a potatoe salad, or an avocado salad or even a salmon salad… but now that Valentine’s Day is getting near, I want it to be an Aphrodisiac Salad! Maybe there’s still a chance for us this February 14th! he, he, he.
I’m taking part in the Event Cucina d’Amore at Mele Cotte and I chose this ingredients because they are supposed “to get you high” sensualy and sexualy speaking!

Eve tried it with an apple and I will try it with this salad. Your man or your woman will follow his/her basic instincs when trying it because: first you will have something really really nice on, second there will be no kids around the house, third your favourite music will be playing, fourth you will have it ready in the fridge and the table will be set with candles and a good Rioja red wine and fifth (now comes the scientific and boring part) you’ll be eating Omega3, a good bunch of vitamines (E and D among them), proteins and minerals… what else do you need, ugh?

I’ve read, although I never heard this before, that it is said that all aphrodisiac properties are concentrated in the avocado seed and that men eat it to improve their viril power… just in case anyone is interested, first the seed has to be immersed in milk to soften.

Ok, here you have the ingredients and procedure… soooooo easy! Servings for 2, of course

1 big potatoe
1 package of smoked salmon
1 avocado
1 small red onion
1 small tomatoe salad
some parsley
a good spurt of extra virgin olive oil
thick sea salt
black pepper

Boil the potatoe, when tender cool it down and when cold cut in thick slices. Place in the plate. Add some salmon on top of the potatoe and some avocado small dices on top of the salmon.
With the minced onion and tomatoe and another cut slice of salmon prepare a guacamole. Once you have all these ingredients in a bowl, add a good spurt of oil and some salt and pepper. Stir and reserve in the fridge.
Cut the rest of the avocado in small pieces and add to the bowl. Place in a heart’s tin and add it to the plate.
Drop some oil on top of everything and the sea salt, decorate with some parsley and colored peppers.

HAVE FUN!!! And boys don’t forget to chew the seed… it’s too big to swallow it ;-)


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02/08/2008 · 17:48 h by Heather

My Funny Valentine is a great old Chet Baker song, and this sounds like a live version of him singing. He is so dreamy!

Your food looks too pretty to eat. It would definitely get me in the mood, Suavecita!

02/08/2008 · 18:17 h by Núria

Hola Guapa! Never heard of Chet Baker, but I will look for him… I discovered the song when I saw Michelle Pfeifer over that piano at the Fabulous Baker boys: Beautiful, clever, great actress and on top she sings well!

Let’s get in the mood then ;-)

02/08/2008 · 19:11 h by Peter M

The Doodoolily is right, it’s Chet Baker.

As for your salad, I’m now like a Torro seeing red! lol

02/08/2008 · 20:05 h by Ivy

Ole, Peter.
Nuria, Fantastic salad. Let’s talk again on the 15th and exchange views!
I didn’t know you were at Group Recipes. Just saw your widget. Shall go and check out your recipes there as well.
I posted my aphrodisiac there today.

02/08/2008 · 23:29 h by Peter G

Sensual, sexy and succulent. You’ve covered these all with this recipe of “love” Nuria. Bravo chica!

02/09/2008 · 1:22 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Hi Nuria,
As I was leaving comments today, I say your great, tall chef’s hat and clicked on it. I’m so glad I did; you have a delicious blog here, and I’m looking forward to visiting again. -Cheers, Susan

02/09/2008 · 10:05 h by Núria

Hola smart Peter! I like your analogy! But I wouldn’t like to be nearby ;-)

Kalimera Ivy! Yes I’m in group recipes, but lately I’m not visiting it… seriously, I don’t have enough time. Is it the same with you? I spend hours in front of the computer and still there’s all these things I want to do…

Gracias Peter! I feel so flattered! I guess that the salad goes better with your hemisphere temperatures (body and weather)!!! ;-)

Hi Susan! You are so welcome, thanks for your kind words! I’m going to your place to have a smell of your kitchen too! :D

02/09/2008 · 13:47 h by Ben

Oh wow! Such sexy music and food! I want to try something special this Valentine’s so this recipe is definitely in my list :D

02/09/2008 · 19:07 h by Bellini Valli

Deje el buen rodillo de las épocas…I think that is how it is said Nuria. “let the good times roll” :D

02/10/2008 · 3:47 h by Chris

Wonderful! Thanks for participating. Its a wonderful recipe that will stand out in the round up, for sure.

02/10/2008 · 11:08 h by Emiline

Wow….is it getting hot in here?
This salad is definitely romantic!
Thanks for all of the info…
The pictures are beautiful.

02/10/2008 · 13:20 h by Núria

Hola Ben! Yeah, let’s increase world’s population on Valentine’s night!!! ;-)

Ha, ha, ha! Val this is hilarious!!!! Please, don’t get me wrong, but it’s what happens when you (me, whoever) tries to literally translate a sentence… so funny!!!! What you said is: Leave the good season rolling pin… ;-)
How would I say, let the good times roll? Something like… Deja que el buen rollo te lleve or Deja que el buen rollo dirija tu vida… it’s hard!!!! I got it!!! Déjate llevar por el buen rollo!

Thanks Chris for hosting the event… it’s such a great beautiful subject! :D

Emiline, I left my computer today for a while… 13:00 just before lunch, I went to my terrace with a Big glass of fresh beer and layed in the sun for 1 hour… is there anything better in the world? … well maybe one of your cakes… just maybe!

02/10/2008 · 18:26 h by Pixie

This looks like a wonderful salad to have and an aphrodisiac one is even better. :)

I’m really enjoying your lovely recipes nuria! am glad I found you through Heather’s blog.

I’ve left a comment for your paella (not sure if it went through or not) Looks amazing and we will def. try it next time we make ours!

02/10/2008 · 20:15 h by katiez

We could eat very well together, Nuria…. very well indeed!

02/11/2008 · 8:09 h by Núria

Hola Pixie! Thanks so much!!! I enjoy your blog too! Concerning Paella I commented a few tips in that post… if you want to take a look.

Hola Katie! I’m sure we’d have a great time eating together!!!! You are not that far away… if you plan to come over to Barcelona, please tell me and the lunch is on me!

02/11/2008 · 16:09 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

That is very beautiful Nuria and sure to win the heart of anyone!

02/11/2008 · 18:58 h by Núria

Thanks Jenn! Buen provecho Cara!

02/12/2008 · 14:03 h by Ann

Beautiful salad for a romatic meal!

02/12/2008 · 14:51 h by Núria

Thanks Ann!

02/12/2008 · 15:02 h by Andrea

Oh, I do love avocado and will have to give this one a try. Lovely!

02/12/2008 · 16:20 h by Angel

Wow your salad looks so amazing. It has a fresh look, that definitely I could see inspiring romance. Fabulous Salad!!!

02/12/2008 · 16:32 h by Núria

Hi Andrea! Thanks, so glad you like it. I’m checking your place right now and will see what you came up with… fun!

Thank you Angel! I’ll be back with you to let you know if it “functioned” he, he!

02/12/2008 · 16:40 h by SweetDesigns

WOW!! amazing pics, Your salad looks wonderful, almost Art!

02/12/2008 · 18:51 h by Núria

Hola sweetdesigns! Thanks for the compliment… the truth is that it also tasted great. I’m going to your place to see what you came up with :D

02/12/2008 · 19:08 h by Mary

What a beautiful and elegant salad! I really must try it.

02/13/2008 · 4:31 h by bee

aren’t avocado seeds kinda bitter? nice salad.

02/13/2008 · 11:08 h by Núria

Thanks Mary!

Hola Bee, I don’t know, I never tasted it… I rather eat the meat he he he!

02/17/2008 · 5:27 h by Ally

Oh yum! I love avacado, especially with salmon! I just discovered your blog, and I have bookmarked it!

02/17/2008 · 9:09 h by Núria

Thanks Ally, hope you enjoy it!

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